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Day 4 is over and now there are 2 Chinese and 3 Western teams remaining. There are already 3 Western teams in the top 4, which is the first time ever to happen in a Valve tournament. Sadly, tomorrow there will be only one Chinese team since EHOME and VG will play the next Lower Bracket Bo3 against each other. We now know that there are higher chances of a western team winning the tournament.

OG vs VP wasn’t an easy match to predict. Nevertheless, we agreed to give OG the advantage, and we were right about it. VP wasn’t able to win twice against OG. In fact, the game VP won wasn’t easy and it went on for almost 50 minutes, which made it the longest game of the series. OG have still much more to give and they are showing more strategies that work against top teams.

We also saw EHOME proving they’re still a better team than LGD. After a 2-1 series where Tiny shined as EHOME’s main weapon, they showed that they can play aggressive too; both games won by EHOME ended in less than 40 minutes.

Finally, CDEC vs OG was almost a massacre. With a 2-0 we said farewell to TI5’s second place team. OG showed that they excel at playing against Chinese teams. CDEC lacked a way of dealing against Tiny and Meepo. This has been a common problem between Chinese teams, and it’s something they should be worried about for the upcoming matches.

The Frankfurt Major – Main Event Day 5 Match Predictions

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Day 5 – Match #1:  EG Team Logo EG vs.  team secret Team Logo Secret

Evil Geniuses had a rough time in ESL New York 2015, where they couldn’t win a single game and lost against a tier 2 team. This was a wakeup call for them. They later performed better in the MLG World Finals, but they lost against Secret 3-1 and finished in second place. The fact that they couldn’t at least win 2 games in that series showed that they underperformed. Nevertheless, they’ve shown they are stronger in this Frankfurt Major.

Secret haven’t lost a tournament series in more than a month. They finished first in MLG World Finals and Nyanyang Championships. They are in great shape and are ready to beat EG again like they did in the MLG World Finals. They’ve also played much more often than EG since Ti5 ended.

Prediction: This is one of the most waited matched in the entire tournament. These two are considered the best 2 teams in the world. Giving Secret’s momentum and EG having inferior performance in previous tournaments, we must give Secret the upper hand.

>> Result Prediction: 2-1 team secret Team Logo Secret

Day 5 – Match #2:  VG Team Logo VG vs.  ehom Team Logo EHOME

VG have been performed better against other Chinese teams. They’ve only showed problems against Western lineups. They’ve also played 3 series against EHOME in this past month; they’ve won all 3. They’re 7 – 1 against EHOME this month.

Although EHOME entered the Lower Bracket very soon, they are one of the top Chinese teams. After they won 2-0 against Vegas we knew they would go far this tournament. They’re already fighting to be in the top 5. Nevertheless, this is going to be a tough match giving their history against VG.

Prediction: The last 2 Chinese teams remaining will need to fight each other to elimination. VG are not only considered the best Chinese lineup, but most of its members have played together for longer than EHOME’s. This might be the reason why they are performing better. This could go either way, but VG has the highest odds of winning.

> Result Prediction: 2-1 VG

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