Main Event Day 3 Recap and Day 4 Predictions | Frankfurt Major

After 3 days of tournament, only half of the teams are remaining. The ones that are still alive will take home more than $50,000. This seems already like a victory. However, these guys are aiming for much more.

Today was an interesting day as many important teams fought each other. Although it started with a pretty straight forward 2-0 from OG against Mineski, and followed by another 2-0 from VP against Alliance, the last 2 series were the most entertaining yet from this tournament.

EG showed once more that they know how to handle CDEC. They won 2-0; a big part of it thanks to drafting better. First, we saw tiny mid take over the game after getting a lot of kills and farm early game. Then, we saw an amazing Shadow Fiend that was ahead for more than 5k gold around 12 minutes in. Both were played by Arteezy; this shows that EG wasn’t that wrong when they dropped Aui_2000 to let him in.

After this we saw what many people have named the best game this tournament. The first game between Secret and VG was all about comebacks through its 61 minutes. It included failed Aegis steal attempts and a successful cheese steal from the enemy’s fountain. However, Game 2 and 3 were pretty one-sided and Secret ended up taking the series 2-1-

The Frankfurt Major – Main Event Day 4 Match Predictions

Day 4 – Match #1: Virtus.Pro Team Logo Virtus Pro vs. OG dota2 team logo OG

Virtus Pro lost against VG after a critical mistake they made. However, they showed against Alliance they are not playing around. They won that series 2-0 showing a very convincing performance. However, looking to games before the major, we discover that they lost their last 2 series against OG; they’ve been having a hard time against them lately.

OG went from the Group Stage straight to the Lower Bracket. This was a big surprise for everyone; we all expect them to finish between the top places in this tournament. They haven’t lost a single game since the Main Event started. They also know how to deal with VP and have studied their aggressive play. They are pretty used to play against aggressive European teams in general.

Prediction: OG has not proved themselves against any top team during this Main Event. However, they do know how to play against VP. OG keeps winning against other CIS teams over and over again, and they’re used to win against aggressive European teams. This is why OG seems to have higher odds for a victory.

>> Result Prediction: 2-1 OG dota2 team logo OG

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Day 4 – Match #2: LGD gaming Team Logo LGD vs. ehom Team Logo EHOME

LGD have had a rough time this tournament because they had to fight against strong teams since the Group Stage started. This is why they’ve lost most of their games here. They’ve showed they are a great team, but it seems that they are unable to win against the best teams from any region.

EHOME won the Summit 4 Qualifiers against LGD 3 to 2. They are also considered the top 2 Chinese team thanks to their heavy domination in China after TI5. This is why it was surprising to see them fall to the Lower Bracket so fast. These guys have the potential to make it to at least top 3 in this tournament.

Prediction: This series should go to EHOME. This is because they easily won against a tough aggressive lineup like Vega. Also, we must remember that they have dominated other Chinese teams over the past months (excepting VG)

>> Result Prediction: 2-1 ehom Team Logo EHOME

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