Main Event Day 2 Recap and Day 3 Predictions | Frankfurt Major

day2-recap-the-frankfurt-majorToday we said farewell to the remaining teams from two regions: SEA and South America. Mineski and Unknown couldn’t keep fighting against the top European and Chinese teams. This has shown that there is a lot more of work to do for these regions to have a chance at winning a big tournament. Nevertheless, it’s a great start, especially for South America.

This day was all about China. There was only one match with no Chinese team involved: Mineski vs Secret, but it ended pretty quickly. After today’s results we’ve seen how strong the Chinese teams are. They all came out victorious today against western teams.

The most memorable series was between VP and VG. Even though VP have done better against Chinese teams, VG proved to be more consistent. Game 3 resulted in a VP loss because of a bad decision to keep pushing high ground. Chinese teams are especially good at defending their base, so they lured them right into a 4-man wipe that turned the game around.

EHOME vs Vega was also an important match. EHOME finally showed their full potential by winning 2-0 against the ESL New York champions. This proves that this Chinese lineup is another big contender in the Frankfurt Major  tournament.

Main Event Day 3 Match Predictions

Day 3 – Match #1:  Virtus.Pro Team Logo Virtus Pro vs.  alliance dota2 team logo Alliance

Virtus Pro are now in the Lower Bracket, so they’re now feeling the pressure. They’ve been performing well, but a critical mistake pushed them to the edge of being eliminated. They are a team that works well under pressure, so they might play even better now.

However, Alliance is another team that works well under pressure. They showed it when they won TI3 and also when they qualified to the Fall Major. They will give everything they’ve got. Anything could happen until the call GG.

Prediction: VP will have to be really careful not to make the same mistakes against Alliance. If there’s one team that knows about comebacks, it’s Alliance. Nevertheless, the CIS squad has been more consistent and has had a lot of practice against top teams in this tournament. They will probably win this.

Result Prediction: 2-1 Virtus.Pro Team Logo VP

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Day 3 – Match #2:  mineski dota2 team logo Mineski vs.  OG dota2 team logo OG

Everyone was surprised to find out that OG were going straight to the Lower Bracket. They’ve been one of the best teams in the past months, which is why they’ve been directly invited to every major tournament. As long as they can play at their full potential, things will work out for them in this match. They are one of the best European teams right now.

Mineski have just started to go to big tournaments. They’re the new SEA leaders, but they still lack some experience. They’ve not proved being able to handle the top teams in the world. They will need to play really well and capitalize every mistake OG happens to make.

Prediction: Taking into account Mineski’s lack of experience, and OG’s probabilities to finish in the top places of the tournament, we can say that OG has the upper hand.

>> Result Prediction: 2-0 OG dota2 team logo OG

Day 3 – Match #3:  EG Team Logo Evil Geniuses vs.  CDEC Gaming Team Logo CDEC

EG were able to win against CDEC 3-1 during the TI5 finals. Nevertheless, a couple of days before that they lost against them. After TI5, they’ve confronted the Chinese lineup in one more series, which they won. It seems they have figured out how to play against CDEC after beating them in the finals of the most important Dota 2 tournament.

On the other hand, CDEC are playing too good in this tournament. They’ve become stronger after their last match against EG. They won 2-0 against LGD despite their Chinese counterparts showed really solid play. If CDEC comes prepared to outdraft EG, they can certainly win this series.

Predictions: It’s TI5 finals all over again. These teams have some experience fighting each other, and they’ve always been really close. This is one of the toughest results to predict, but bearing in mind their recent performance against each other, EG have higher chances of winning.

>> Result Prediction: 2-1 EG Team Logo EG

Day 3 – Match #4:  team secret Team Logo Secret vs.  Virtus.Pro Team Logo VG

Secret have been winning the most important tournaments lately. Their players seem to be in the best shape they’ve ever been. They are on the top of the ranks, and they’re the most consistent winning team right now; they haven’t lost a single series for more than a month.

VG were really close to lose against VP. If it weren’t for the CIS squad’s mistake, they would be in the Lower Bracket. Nevertheless, they punished that mistake really hard. This shows that you need to play perfectly against this Chinese lineup. Their players are both experienced and high-skilled.

Predictions: Secret confronted VG in the Nyanyang in a Bo3 and a Bo5. The European lineup won both. Nevertheless, VG have certainly studied them, so they could end up winning this series. However, taking into account Secret’s momentum and VG’s struggles against western teams before the Major, we give Secret the highest winning chance.

> Result Prediction: 2-1 team secret Team Logo Secret


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