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day1 recap the frankfurt majorThe Frankfurt Major Day 1 is now over and things, for the most part, went like they were expected. Although there was only one big surprise, the day held interesting matchups. First, we saw how EG got their revenge from their lost against Vega in ESL New York 2015 by throwing the Russian lineup to the Lower Bracket. The series ended 2-1 with a completely dominated game from the North Americans thanks to PPD’s great drafting.

After this, we saw the amazing team fighting from CDEC against LGD, to which they won 2-0. Even though LGD are showing they are one of the best teams right now, they haven’t been able to win a single game. It might be a little bit of bad luck, as they’ve had amazing games thus far. They will need to keep their moral up for Day 2.

After the Upper Bracket matchups, came the Bo1 Lower Bracket eliminations. We said farewell to Fnatic, Cloud 9, Newbee and Newbee Young. The biggest surprise of this was Unknown beating the former TI champions. This Peruvian team came from the Open Qualifiers and has now earned a good amount of money to take home. After outdrafting Newbee and having better performance, they are showing to the rest of the world what South American Dota is all about. Take a look at our day 2 predictions below of the Frankfurt Major Main Event tournament overview.

Frankfurt Major – Main Event Day 2 Match Predictions

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Day 2 – Match #1:  team secret Team Logo Team Secret vs.  mineski dota2 team logo Mineski

Team Secret won every single game during the Group Stage. They’ve also showed strong game in recent tournaments -without mentioning their recent victory at MLG and Nanyang Championship. They are now used to go to the finals of almost every tournament.

On the other hand, Mineski are somewhat underdogs that are just coming out to the light. They’ve rapidly turned into the best team in the SEA region. However, they have yet to prove themselves against the top teams in the world. This match will represent a big challenge for them.

Prediction: Secret are too strong right now to lose against an emergent team. This has happened before (see CDEC during TI5), but it’s not likely to happen right now. Secret have a lot more experience under Puppey’s command and their players seem to be more individually skilled than Mineski’s.

>> Result Prediction: 2-1 team secret Team Logo Secret

Day 2 – Match #2:  VG Team Logo Vici Gaming vs.  Virtus.Pro Team Logo Virtus Pro

Vici Gaming are considered the top Chinese team right now. Even though there’s been only western domination lately, they are the biggest threat from this region. Now that they have Burning carrying for them, they’ve become one of the scariest lineups to play against. However, they haven’t had an easy time against western squads for the past month. They’ve lost all their games against Secret’s new roster and have only been able to win against Team Liquid.

Virtus Pro are still showing that they’re one of the strongest teams in the world. They are considered the top team from the CIS region, and their aggressive but thoughtful playstyle often puts off Chinese lineups. Between their victims from past tournaments you can find CDEC and Newbee, to which they haven’t lost a single game.

Prediction: If VG haven’t thought carefully about fighting Virtus Pro, they might not be able to keep up. Virtus Pro have shown consistency against Chinese lineups and their only problem is against other western teams. Vici Gaming still have to prove that they’ve learned to win against western teams. The CIS squad has the upper hand here.

>> Result Prediction: 2-1 Virtus.Pro Team Logo Virtus Pro

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Day 2 – Match #3:  LGD gaming Team Logo LGD vs.  team unknown dota2 team logo Unknown

LGD haven’t won a single game in this Main Event. Nevertheless, their games have been the most entertaining thanks to their high-level playing. We also need to remember that they’ve been playing against the top teams in the world. They are coming warmed up and just need to keep their moral up to win some games.

Unknown are the true underdogs coming to this tournament. They’ve managed to go this far despite coming from the Open Qualifier. They managed to kick the former TI4 champions out of the tournament. However, this lineup was not the same that won the biggest Dota 2 competition. It was also a sloppy game from both teams.

Predictions: If Unknown win against LGD now, they will become legends in South America. Sadly, this is not likely to happen seeing their games have not been at the same level than LGD’s. The Chinese squad will have to come demoralized to lose against this new-found lineup.

>> Result Prediction: 2-0 LGD gaming Team Logo LGD


Day 2 – Match #4: Vega Squadron Team Logo Vega Squadron vs. ehom Team Logo EHOME

Vega Squadron have to be considered a tier 1 team. We’ve had our doubts, but after seeing their performance in New York and Frankfurt, they’ve shown to be one of the best teams in the world. Their aggressive game and smart playing will be hard to beat, especially to Chinese teams.

We thought EHOME were capable of getting better results than they’ve had until now. They have barely made it. Nevertheless, there is potential behind this lineup. If they manage to win against Vega, they are ought to finish in the top places in this tournament.

Predictions: Vega’s playing style can be really good against Chinese lineups. EHOME will have to step up their game if they want a chance to win against the CIS squad. It will all depend on a draft to control Vega’s game pace and showing really smart decision making to beat them.

Result Prediction: 2-1Vega Squadron Team Logo Vega Squadron

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