The Frankfurt Major Compendium Announcement

The Frankfurt Major Compendium 2015Valve has released a new compendium for the upcoming Fall Major in Frankfurt. There will be leveling rewards, challenges, wager, a new courier and more item personalization options for buyers. The compendium is already available for $3.99.

The Frankfurt Major Compendium | Features and Rewards:

  • Choose challenges every match to get coins
  • Wager your coins on the results of your own matches; you will win a percentage of the total coins waged based on the amount of your maximum wager.
  • Coins can be redeemed for items, sets or treasures.
  • New courier at level 150.

As always, you can level up your compendium with every 100 points you collect. You will get multiple rewards until you reach level 25. After you hit 30, you will get the new treasure called Tribute of the Piercing Beak every 10 levels. If you reach level 150, you will get the new courier that modifies the design effect of one of Tusk’s abilities.

If you want to speed up the leveling process, you will be able to get a level 25 compendium right away for $9.99.

The Frankfurt Major Compendium LogoThe costs for leveling the compendium are:

  • 5 levels = $2.49
  • 11 levels = $4.99
  • 24 levels = $9.99

This means that if you are going to level up your compendium, it will be more worth it to buy the level 25 compendium straight away for $9.99.

The new treasure, which can be obtained by leveling up, features items that can be upgraded with special ambient effects. For this, you will need to use a Tribute Upgrade Infuser, which can be found in every 5 Tribute treasures; you can also find them randomly inside some Tribute treasures. You can find a more detailed feature list at the official announcement page.

The Frankfurt Major, which will take place from November 16 through the 21st, will be one of the biggest tournaments this year. Every Dota 2 fan can now get more involved in this tournament by buying the compendium, which will be available until November 24.


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