ESL One NY 2015 – Day 1 Recap and Day 2 Predictions

 Day 1 Recap  & Day 2 Predictions

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The first day of ESL One New York 2015 just ended with a really big surprise for everyone: Evil Geniuses lost 2-0 to a Tier 2 team that everyone expected to lose without much hassle. As with any sport team, there are some good days and some bad, but nevertheless this first day of ESL One was truly full of surprisesand really entertaining to watch.

ESL ONE New York Day 1 recapWe first had team Secret willing to put a lot of creativity into their drafts against Fnatic. To everyone’s surprise, the picked Meepo for Game 2 for one of its most recognized players, w33. After this,they picked an unexpected carry Alchemist for Game 3. This was a bold move by Puppey that ended up working out great for them. EternalEnvy managed to farm two Aghanim’s Scepters for his support players just before he managed to get big. The series ended 2-1.

After this interesting match, it was the turn for CDEC to show they are still strong, which they did by securing 2-0 against the American team Fire. Just like Secret did, Fire tried new picks that could work after the last patch, but this time their creativeness went a little bit off; they couldn’t secure a single game and the predictions of CDEC winning without troubles turned to be right.

This game was followed by VP vs IG. Although a lot of people expected VP to win –which is showed by the betting odds- IG, like we predicted, ended up taking the series 2-1. This is not a surprise as IG has been playing a lot with top-tier Chinese teams with their new roster and has done really well.

Finally, the biggest surprise of the night occurred: the TI5 champion team, Evil Geniuses, fell down to the tier 2 team Vega. To make it even more meaningful, they couldn’t even secure one game against the Russian squad. They lost 2-0 just a couple of months after winning the most difficult and rewarding tournament of all. Nevertheless, we have to remember they didn’t play in a tournament with their new roster until now. Also, Vega played like a top-tier team, so it was a well-deserved victory for them.

Even though they won easily, Vega tends to not be consistent with their playing. We hope they can keep up their game when they play against IG tomorrow for a place in the finals.

ESL One NY 2015 Day 2 Match Predictions

Match #1: team secret Team Logo - Dota 2 ESL New York 2015 Team Secret vs. CDEC Team Logo - Dota 2 ESL New York 2015 CDEC

8:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 17:00 CEST / 0:00 KST (Oct 5)  

team secret Team Logo - Dota 2 ESL New York 2015

Team Secret showed they are adapting pretty well to their new roster and the new patch changes. They won against what seems to be the best SEA team. For this day, just like they did on day 1, they might surprise their opponents with some interesting strategies that could throw CDEC off. And not only this, but they’ve also been playing in a way that punishes their opponents by not knowing the exact way to win.

CDEC Team Logo - Dota 2 ESL New York 2015

CDEC will have to give a lot more thinking when drafting against Secret. It seems Puppey has been doing his work about the possibilities of using non-meta heroes after the 6.85 patch. CDEC did manage to win 2-0 against Fire, but it also seems like the American team went too far away with their draft, so it was pretty easy for CDEC to win. The true challenge will come this day when they try to defeat an innovating team Secret that’s performing too well.

Prediction: Secret has proved a lot of innovation this new patch and they seem to play really well together as a new-formed team. This might be really hard for CDEC to handle, as they haven’t played pro matches after TI5 and might get thrown off by Puppey’s drafts and his lineup’s top-playing.Betting Odds Link Button

>> Result Prediction: 2-1 team secret Team Logo - Dota 2 ESL New York 2015 Team Secret


Match #2: Invictus Gaming @ ESL New York IG vs. Team Vega Squadron Logo - Dota 2 ESL New York 2015 Vega

11:00 PDT / 14:00 EDT / 20:00 CEST / 3:00 KST (Oct 5)  

Invictus Gaming @ ESL New York

Although IG was not one of the favorites to come to this tournament (they even came as a replacement for EHOME), they were able to capitalize on some draft and performance mistakes by VP. Some bad plays were turned into real advantages for IG to end up taking the series 2-1 on day 1. Invictus Gaming did not hesitate to punish the early rotations on Bounty Hunter that made the hero totally useless for the rest of the game. IG is without any doubt a scary team that comes from playing a lot of matches in China and winning against one of the best European teams.

Team Vega Squadron Logo - Dota 2 ESL New York 2015

On the other hand, Vega just one 2-0 against the TI5 champions EG. This is something to not forget about. This was a big surprise for everyone and a really bad thing for EG’s fans, as they are starting to get worried about their favorite team’s new roster. However, we must not forget that Vega is not very consistent with their playing. They have won against top-tier teams before just to lose against a tier 3 team the next week.

Prediction: IG comes with a lot of practice and lots of will to win this series to secure their place in the finals. Vega will have to prove that their victory against EG was not due to pure luck or bad playing from the American champions. We believe IG will be able to handle Vega as their new roster is already performing better than they did in T5 and they have a lot of practice together as a tier 1 team.
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>> Result Prediction: 2-1 Invictus Gaming @ ESL New York IG


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