DotaPit Season4 Main Event Predictions | Day 1

Dota-Pit-Season-4-BannerDotaPit Season 4 features the best 8 teams in the world. This is another tournament that invites half of its participants, while the rest needs to fight their way through a qualification that involves more than 100 teams. It’s interesting that every invited team, (VP, EG, Secret, OG) will have to go against one of the qualified teams (CoL, MVPP, Na’Vi, Empire) in the first round. But still there are good chances that some of these invited teams will make it to the top. After all, they did really well at the Shanghai Major against tough teams
Every series in this tournament will be a Best-of-three played in a single-elimination bracket, so teams that lose one series will be out of the tournament. The finals will be Bo5.

Day 1 – DotaPit Season 4 – Match Betting Odds

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Day 1 – Match #1: Virtus Pro Team Logo Dota 2 Virtus Pro vs. CompLexity Team Logo Dota2 ComPlexity

Virtus Pro is slowly losing ground in the competitive scene, but it’s still arguably the strongest CIS team. They remained with the same roster after Ti5 and just swapped Illidan for Empire’s former carry silent a few months later. This team knows how to play together because they’ve stayed together for more time than most teams. Still, they need to start thinking about what’s wrong because they should be getting better results.

ComPlexity isn’t the most experienced team out there, but it’s now seen as the best lineup from NA after EG, which is really big. They managed to stay alive for many rounds in the Shanghai Major and finished 5-6th.

This match is basically 50/50, but we must go for VP because they are more experienced and are playing close to home. Not having to travel too much gives this team more time to prepare and they will certainly be well-rested for this series. Still, CoL has good chances of taking this game if VP starts making mistakes.

> Result Prediction: 2-1 Virtus Pro


Day 1 – Match #2: OG Team Logo Dota 2 OG vs. MVP Phoenix Team Logo Dota2 MVP Phoenix

Since their incredible demonstration in Frankfurt Major, OG has turned into one of the scariest teams. They all have experienced players that came from another game that was very similar to Dota, but it didn’t take look for them to dominate it. Still, they were eliminated from the Shanghai Major by a team that was considered weaker (Fnatic).

The Korean team MVP Phoenix surprised everyone during the Shanghai Major and for a moment we all thought they were going to take the entire tournament. In the end they were thrown off by Liquid and EG pretty easily, but only because they didn’t show the same game they were showing until that moment. It might have been a moment of insecurity that made them underperform in those series.

Taking all into consideration, this is also a hard match to predict after seeing MVPP’s performance in Shanghai. However, OG has shown more consistency and they’ve beaten worse opponents in tougher scenarios. This is their game to take.

>> Result Prediction: 2-1 OG


Day 1 – Match #3: Team Secret Logo Dota 2 Team Secret vs. Natus Vincere Team Logo Dota-2 Na’Vi

Team Secret went to Shanghai with low expectations after seeing their past matches. However, they didn’t drop from Upper Bracket and ended up dominating the tournament. Captain Puppey understood the Meta for that tournament and managed to command his top tier team to victory without too much trouble. They are now certainly in the spotlight and have their moral up.

Na’Vi has been a struggling for a long time. They were once considered the best and would always go to an International final, but they slowly started to underperform as new Metas started to come. Now their ex-captain Puppey is leader of one of the most successful teams, and they have yet a lot to prove. They don’t seem to be up to the challenge yet.

Puppey knows Dendi’s playing style and is commanding a top tier team that has done much better than Na’Vi for a really long time. Na’Vi has yet to prove that they can beat such a strong team. The victory should go for Secret.

>> Result Prediction: 2-0 Secret


Day 1 – Match #4: Evil Genius Team Logo Dota 2 EG vs. Team Empire Logo Dota2 Team Empire

EG is one of the few teams that went as one of the favorite teams to the Shanghai Major and didn’t underperform. They finished top 3, which was the worst position people expected them to take. According to his own words, their captain PPD was feeling really sick those days and it might have been the main reason why they didn’t finished in a better position.

Team Empire is another CIS team that has had better times. They have been suffering a lot of roster changes lately—even at the management level. They’re another team that has yet to prove they can beat a top lineup in this Meta, and it’s hard to think about a tougher team to play against than EG. This game shouldn’t be hard for the North Americans.

>> Result Prediction: 2-0 EG

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