Dota 2: The International 2015 Compendium

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The International 2015 Compendium has officially been released by Steam. This marks the start of The International 2015 season. As with the previous iterations of the Compendium, the owners will receive more items, features and other cool stuff as stretch goals are completed. A new feature on this years’ Compendium would be the coins. You can now earn coins to exchange for a random item or a random item set. The usual points will be counted into leveling up your Compendium making you eligible for more epic loot.

the-international 2015 Compendium dota2

Learning from last years the International popularity. Steam has stretched the rewards from goal rewards into a whopping $15 million. Can this years’ prize pool exceed last years’? It remains to be seen.

Listed below is the level rewards for the International 2015 Compendium.

  • 2 International Teleport Effect
  • 3 Portfolio of Heroes Envisioned
  • 4 Emoticon Pack
  • 5 Manual of Fearsome Moves
  • 6 International Fountain Effect
  • 7 Emoticon Pack
  • 8 Portfolio of Heroes Envisioned
  • 10 Immortal Treasure
  • 11 Portfolio of Heroes Envisioned
  • 14 Portfolio of Heroes Envisioned
  • 15 Portfolio of Heroes Envisioned
  • 20 Immortal Treasure II
  • 24 International Blink Effect I
  • 25 125% Coin Rate + Coin Charm + Fire Wyvern Style
  • 30 Immortal Treasure I
  • 35 Manual of Fearsome Moves
  • 40 Immortal Treasure I
  • 45 International Dagon Effect I
  • 50 Almond the Frondillo Pet
  • 55 Manual of Fearsome Moves
  • 60 Immortal Treasure I
  • 65 International Bottle Effect 1
  • 70 Immortal Treasure II + Manual of Fearsome Moves   75 200% Coin Rate + Coin Charm +

International Chat Color II + International Eul's Effect

  • 80 Immortal Treasure II 85 Effigy Reforger Pack
  • 90 Immortal Treasure III 95 International Fountain Effect II
  • 100 Immortal Treasure I + Immortal Treasure II + Immortal Treasure III
  • 105 International Teleport Effect II
  • 110 Immortal Treasure III
  • 115 International Blink Effect II
  • 120 Immortal Treasure III
  • 125 Almond the Frondillo Additional Style + Coin Charm
  • 130 Immortal Treasure II 135 Effigy Reforger Pack + Axe Immortal Additional Style
  • 140 Immortal Treasure III
  • 145 International Dagon Effect II
  • 150 Immortal Treasure I + Immortal Treasure II + Immortal Treasure III 160 Immortal Treasure I (repeats every 30 levels) 170 Immortal Treasure II (repeats every 30 levels) 175 Enigma Artifact Item + Coin Charm (repeats every 50 levels) 180 Immortal Treasure III (repeats every 30 levels) 185 Effigy Reforger Pack (repeats every 50 levels) 200 300% Coin Rate + Gold Wyvern Style 250 Solid Gold Effigy Block

You can also earn points right now for the invite predictions. You select ten teams that you think will be directly invited to the International 2015. I have compiled a list on who I think would be the International 2015 direct invites.

  • Evil Geniuses – After winning the Dota 2 Asian Championships. Evil Geniuses deserve a spot on the International.
  • Vici Gaming – The number one team in the world right now.
  • Rave – A good showing in the Dota 2 Asian Championships proves that Rave is the best team in the Southeast Asian region right now. We just hope they don’t have visa problems this time around.
  • HyperGlory Team – Another good Chinese team. Team have shown flashes of brilliance against powerhouses Vici Gaming and Invictus Gaming
  • Cloud 9 – Probably the second best Western team out there.
  • Team Tinker – The addition of ^Black
  • NewBee – Last years’ champions should always be directly invited to the International 2015
  • Team Empire – I think they are better than perennial fan favorites Na’Vi and the Alliance
  • Invictus Gaming – the 2nd best Chinese team out there.
  • Team Secret – Forget that they have not yet won a LAN tournament with all their talent. This might be their time to shine.

There you have it. This years’ Compendium in a nutshell. Stay tuned for more the International 2015 news.

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