Virtus.Pro qualifed for ESL Pro League against Godsent’s new roster

CSGO Counter Strike LogoA couple of hours ago Virtus.Pro managed to qualify against Godsent for the ESL Pro League. The matchup was a great one indeed – a great one for the fans of both teams and the neutrals of course. Despite a great effort from the new Godsent roster, Virtus.Pro came out victorious after 16-11 on Cobblestone and 16-12 on Cache. What a night for the polish internationals!


During the first map ( which was picked by Virtus.Pro ), Godesnt's new roster showed quite a bit of fancy moves, but it was not enough to get them the win. During the second map, the lack of luck and concentration took the better of them as they finished second best. With this victory, Virtus.Pro confirmed the great form in the recent months. After winning a total of $390,000 at ELEAGUE Season 1, these Polish internationals have their eyes set on upcoming tournaments.

Godsent's new roster was not up to the challenge!

godsent logoDespite having a top-class roster, Godsent still managed to lose the match and their spot at ESL Pro League. I'm sure you all know about their recent 3 for 3 players exchange with Fnatic. They traded their wenton, twist and Lekr0 for Fnatic's flusha, JW and Krimz last week. This apparently was not enough for them to secure a spot at ESL Pro League.

This will surely shake the swedes but I am sure they will manage to get back on track in the upcoming weeks. There will be numerous tournaments and CS:GO betting chances this fall and I am sure that Godsent will manage to find their true potential on the road. For the time being, it looks like they still have a lot of work ahead of them.

Written by: Pavo

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