Intel Extreme Masters IEM BannerThere are only a couple of days left before 16 team brawl in the sold-out Qudos Bank Arena. Given the fact that there are so many teams participating in IEM Sydney 2019, we will enjoy 6 days packed with action. These teams will fight for their share of $250,000 prize pool. This IEM Sydney 2019 betting preview should definitely help you with your bets for this CSGO tournament.

From what we here at were able to find out, Betway and Bet365 stepped up with the odds for IEM Sydney 2019. From our standpoint, you will not be able to find better odds anywhere else.

IEM Sydney 2019 Outright Betting Odds – IEM Sydney 2019 Winner?

Liquid – 4.00 @ Betway

FaZe – 5.25 @ Betway

MIBR – 6.50 @ Betway

NRG – 7.00 @ Betway

Mousesports – 7.50 @ Betway

Renegades – 7.50 @ Betway

Fnatic – 9.00 @ Betway

NiP – 13.00 @ Betway

BIG – 15.00 @ Betway

Heroic – 21.00 @ Betway

eUnited – 33.00 @ Betway

ViCi – 51.00 @ Betway

Chiefs – 101.00 @ Betway

Grayhound – 101.00 @ Betway

MVP PK – 201.00 @ Betway

BOOT-d[S] – 301.00 @ Betway

As you can see from the outright betting odds we listed above, Liquid is the clear favorite to win IEM Sydney 2019. However, given the fact that they were heavily battered by FaZe in the BLAST Pro Series Miami grand final, I do not believe that they should be considered as favorites in this CSGO tournament.

From my perspective, FaZe is looking like a team that has the biggest chance to do something in this event. Liquid did not adapt very well with their latest addition, Stewie2K, and it feels like they are struggling in fundamentals. This is why we are basing our IEM Sydney 2019 outright winner prediction on FaZe.

They are coming off from an excellent tournament for them and they are finally looking like a team that was once able to beat Astralis. I believe that they have the biggest chance to come out on top and lift IEM Sydney 2019 trophy, especially if rain keeps playing on a level that he performed on not even 10 days ago.

Betting Prediction: FaZe to Win IEM Sydney 2019

Odds: 5.25

Bookmaker: Betway

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IEM Sydney 2019 Format

As you can probably understand, there are two stages to IEM Sydney 2019. First and foremost, the group stage will be played throughout 3 days. After the group stage has concluded, 6 teams are going to advance through to the playoffs which will also be played over the course of 3 days.

Group Stage (April 30th – May 2nd)

We have already mentioned that 16 teams are taking part in the IEM Sydney 2019. This means that they will be split into two groups of 8. It is interesting for you to know that these groups are based on the ESL CS:GO World Rankings. Furthermore, all of the opening matches are played in a best-of-1 format, while all the other matches will be played in a best-of-3 series.

The top three teams from each group will advance through to the playoffs, but not all of them will be ranked the same. For instance, whoever tops their group will advance directly through to the semi-finals. However, the second placed team will advance to the quarter-finals, but they will be placed as high seeds. Lastly, the third-placed team will also advance through to the quarter-finals, but they will be matched as low seeds.

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Playoffs (May 3rd – May 5th)

IEM Sydney 2019 playoffs are really simple to breakdown. From the betting perspective, there are no second chances for anyone, hence why teams will have to be at their best all the time. Given the fact that 2 teams will have a free pass through to the semi-finals, we will see 4 teams battle it out for their chance to lift IEM Sydney 2019 trophy.

All of the matches, except the grand final, will be played in a best-of-3 series, which will also make IEM Sydney 2019 betting easier to predict. However, IEM Sydney 2019 grand final is going to be played in a best-of-5 series, which should be really enjoyable to watch.

Prize Pool

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We have already mentioned that IEM Sydney 2019 will see teams battle for their share of $250,000. Even though this is not the biggest prize pool in the CS:GO history, it is not a low prize pool by any means. Below, you will be able to find the full prize pool structure.

1st – $100,000

2nd – $42,000

3rd-4th – $20,000

5th-6th – $10,000

7th-8th – $6,000

9th-12th – $5,000

13th-16th – $4,000

Where Can You Watch IEM Sydney 2019?

You have probably heard about If not, let me take you for a quick tour. Twitch is basically the best streaming and broadcasting platform on the plant. Almost all of the CS:GO tournaments are sponsored on this platform, and so is IEM Sydney 2019. Furthermore, you will also be able to enjoy IEM Sydney 2019 betting right here on as we will provide you with a direct link to our website.

Watch live video from ESL_CSGO on

Your commentators for IEM Sydney 2019 are going to be HenryG, Sadokist, Pili, and Elfishguy. As for the side reporters, Frankie is once again covering every interview live on the stage. As for the IEM Sydney 2019 betting tips and predictions, SPUNJ, moses, and SnypeR should definitely help you with IEM Sydney 2019 betting.

Where To Bet On IEM Sydney 2019?

If you have read through our IEM Sydney 2019 betting preview, then you could already spot that Betway and Bet365 are offering the best IEM Sydney 2019 betting odds on the market. Find more about these CSGO betting sites below.


If you have not heard about Betway prior to this, then you are in for a lot of surprises. First and foremost, Betway is definitely the most secure and trusted Esports betting bookmaker in the world. Furthermore, their Esports betting odds are through the roof on almost every tournament. Alongside all of that, Betway is sponsoring a lot of those events, which says a lot about how serious they take Esports betting.


Another veteran in the world of Esports betting. Bet365 has been around for a while now, and they always provided their customers with insane odds. This is the same case when it comes to IEM Sydney 2019 betting. At the moment, Betway and Bet365 are offering similar odds for IEM Sydney 2019 betting, and you will have a hard time finding a better bookmaker for your IEM Sydney 2019 bets.

IEM Sydney 2019 Team Analysis – Who Are Favorites?

We have mentioned several times that 16 teams are going to battle it out on the IEM Sydney 2019. This is why we decided to provide you with the analysis of every team attending this tournament, and this should definitely help you with IEM Sydney 2019 betting.

FaZe Clan Rainbow Six Team LogoWe will start off things with our betting favorite, FaZe. At the moment, they are playing on a really high level and they are coming off from a victory on BLAST Pro Series Miami. They were able to defeat Astralis and Liquid. Furthermore, they defeat Liquid in a best-of-3 series where they left North American CSGO organization without a fighting chance.

From the IEM Sydney 2019 betting perspective, FaZe should easily defeat teams like NiP, NRG, Renegades, mousesports, etc. However, they somehow always struggled versus the biggest outsiders, so I would suggest you to avoid betting on FaZe if the betting odds do not hold any value.

Fnatic Dota 2 Team LogoTo be honest, I do not know what to think about fnatic right now. They are capable of defeating anyone, but they can also lose to tier 3 teams. However, I do believe that they could actually advance through to the playoffs, but only as the third-placed team in their group.

When it comes to IEM Sydney 2019 betting, I would actually bet on fnatic versus teams like Liquid, MIBR, and NRG. They are capable of surprising those teams and give the fact that Swedes have excellent map pool, they could snatch a win or two against better ranked teams.

Team-Liquid-NA-LCS-2017-LogoAll of the IEM Sydney 2019 bookmakers are rating Liquid as a clear favorite to go all the way. However, we here at do not rate them high at all. We believe that Liquid is definitely going to advance through to the playoffs, and this is where they will struggle.

They are having a hard time adapting to a new play style which includes Stewie2K aggressiveness, and this is why this CSGO team suffers. From the IEM Sydney 2019 betting side of things, Liquid should have it easy against lower ranked teams, but once they are matched against FaZe or MIBR, they will struggle.

MIBR Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team LogoBrazilian are finally playing as they used to in 2016 and 2017. Not so long, it was horrible to watch MIBR play, and now that they have reverted back to the full Brazilian roster, they have a chance to attack that #1 spot.

However, this team needs to improve a lot if they want to have a chance against teams like FaZe and Liquid. When it comes to IEM Sydney 2019 betting, I would dare to say that MIBR is a potential darkhorse in this tournament, and if underestimated, they could go all the way and lift the trophy. This is another team that is definitely going to advance through to the IEM Sydney 2019 playoffs.

mousesports Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team LogoAfter heavy roster changes, mousesports is back on track with their first big LAN event. They were able to attract the best talent from Europe, and now they have a core of ropz and FROZEN, which is unbelievable. They also have two veterans in the likes of ChrisJ and karrigan. Needless to say that woxic is another animal in this team, and it is going to be interesting to see how will this team do in a couple of months.

When it comes to IEM Sydney 2019 betting, I believe that mousesports has the firepower to defeat teams like Liquid, FaZe, and MIBR, but they are lacking experience on the big stage. But still, if the odds hold any value, I would go for mousesports in their matches.

Ninjas in Pyjamas Rainbow Six Team LogoAt the moment, NiP is sitting on 1 win and 4 defeats in their last five matches. This says more than enough about this Swedish CSGO roster. I do not rate them high at all, and I do believe that they will be able to get a couple of wins against lower tiered teams. However, this is going to be everything that NiP will do. Once they are matched against teams like MIBR, FaZe or Liquid, NiP will stand no chance.

I am definitely going to avoid betting on NiP and to be honest, I am going to bet against them on every match that these guys play, starting with eUnited.

NRG eSports Rocket League Team LogoNRG is rated as the third favorite to win IOM Sydney 2019. Even though they have some hard hitters, I do not rate them at all. Ever since they brought in tarik, things went downhill for them. I do not really know what to expect from this team, but they should definitely be able to defeat teams like NiP, BIG, and especially ViCi in their opening match.

Renegades Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team LogoEver since the IEM Katowice 2019 started, Renegades looked very good. Their performances on Train and Mirage were brutal, and teams like Astralis and MIBR paid the price. Even though Renegades were still unable to win a trophy, they came very close on a couple of occasions.

From my perspective, there is nothing stopping this Australian CSGO roster on their soil and in front of their crowd. All in all, I would actually bet heavily on Renegades, especially against the teams where they will be considered as underdogs. To conclude, Renegades should have an easy job against MVP PK in their opening match.

You know how Heroic is always around these big CSGO tournaments, but they never came close to winning one. Well, this is the same situation. Even though Heroic had to qualify via GG.Bet Sydney Invitational, I do not rate them at all in this tournament.

From the IEM Sydney 2019 betting perspective, Heroic is matched against a strong opponent for then, fnatic, and I do not believe that they have what it takes to beat fnatic. All in all, Heroic should actually win some matches, but only once they are matched against tier 2 teams.

BIG Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team LogoAnother CSGO team that is unable to find its footing. All of us were expecting big things from BIG now that they have one of the best riflers on their roster. It turns out that the language barrier is presenting a huge problem for this team, and I do not think that they will be able to do much in this tournament.

When it comes to IEM Sydney 2019 betting, BIG is matched against mousesports, another German team that is looking really good. Even though I believe that BIG has nothing on mousesports, God knows what can happen if tabsen and XANTARES catch fire.

eUnited Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team LogoThis North American CSGO roster should not even be here in Sydney. They are here only because Swole Patrol lost their squad, and they did not have enough players to compete on IEM Sydney 2019. To keep it short, eUnited is very weak, and I do not believe that they have anything to offer in this tournament.

To make things even worse, eUnited will have a hard time against NiP, and this is probably their downfall. Even though betting against eUnited does not hold any value, it should still yield you profit.

Vici Gaming Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team LogoThe latest news hit ViCi pretty hard. Their best player, Freeman, is leaving the team after IEM Sydney 2019. There is a big question mark above ViCi and how will their best player approach this tournament.

To be honest, it would not matter a lot, because I believe that ViCi will have a hard time winning at least one map in this tournament. All in all, bet against ViCi should be considered as free money. However, avoid betting against them if they are matched against Chiefs, MVP PK, and B.O.O.T.

MVP PK Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team LogoAnother Asian team that was able to qualify via East Asian Qualifier. To be honest, MVP PK does not have anything to put on the table in order to defeat giants such as fnatic, Liquid, NiP, FaZe, and MIBR.

They will not have an easy time in their opening match against Renegades and we here at are expecting Renegades to dominate MVP PK and leave them with only a couple of rounds to their name.

BOOT Dreamscape Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team LogoAnother team that will go home on the first train. BOOT-d[S] was able to qualify for IEM Sydney 2019 through Southeast Asia Qualifier, where they had no competition, and this says a lot of about Asian scene.

To keep it short, BOOT-d[S] is matched again Liquid in their opening match, and I am expecting as huge handicap win for the Liquid side in this one, as BOOT-d[S] is simply nowhere near Liquid, and they will never be.

Grayhound Gaming Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team LogoAnother local team that was able to qualify via Oceanic Qualifier. Grayhound is arguably the second-best team in Australia, and to be honest, they are not even close to Renegades. From the IEM Sydney 2019 betting side of things, I believe that Grayhound is only able to defeat teams like BOOT-d[S], Chiefs, MVP PK, and ViCi.

Grayhound was matched against MIBR in their opening match, and I believe that they will not even put 5 rounds on the board against the Brazilian CSGO roster.

Chiefs eSports Club Playerunknowns Battlegrounds PUBG Team LogoLastly, Chiefs were able to qualify for the IEM Sydney 2019 via IEM Sydney Derby where they were literally matched against matchmaking teams. All in all, Chiefs are arguably the worst team in this tournament, and I suggest you never bet on Chiefs as they will have a hard time against anyone on IEM Sydney 2019.

Written by: Mario Juric

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