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Tomorrow we will see three more teams packing their bags and leaving Katowice. It is definitely going to be interesting to see how will the likes of FaZe, ENCE, and Cloud9 do in the elimination matches of IEM Katowice 2019. From the Esports betting sides of things, we should expect high odds and plenty of intense moments.

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From what we here at Esports-Betting Pro were able to find out, Betway is definitely offering the best odds for IEM Katowice 2019 elimination matches. We are also bringing you our in-depth analysis of all three matches that are going to be played tomorrow.

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IEM Katowice 2019 CSGO Ence Esports vs. G2 Esports

Let’s start with the first match of the day. ENCE is clawing their way back from being 0-2. However, they will have a hard task in front of themselves as kennyS and co. are looking for the victory in order to prove to the entire scene that they still got what it takes.


Since both of these teams have played 3 three on the IEM Katowice 2019 so far, we have a great insight about their strategy and current form.


ENCE narrowly lost their first two match-ups. In their opener against Renegades, they seemed like a better team, but a lot of things went sideways for them. Towards the end of the first half, it seemed like ENCE is going to run away with the game, but that is not what happened. They had nothing on the T-side of Inferno and Renegades capitalized on that.

In their second match, everyone was thinking that ENCE will make amends  After their performance in the first half, we were all stunned. They were down 13-2 and it seemed like there was no way that ENCE will mount a comeback. But the game came too close for comfort. Even though HellRaisers were able to close Dust 2 out, they themselves know that they were lucky.

Lastly, ENCE had their backs against the wall. To make things even worse, they had to play against one of the potential dark horses, BIG. To be honest, I do not think that ENCE themselves know how did they eliminate BIG. They won so many clutch rounds, even a 2v5 on a retake. All in all, the lack of luck in their first two games definitely accumulated and helped in this one.

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No one was expecting G2 to win their opener against Natus Vincere, but they were still able to make it somehow competitive. However, despite Inferno being one of the worst maps for Natus Vincere, they still won in somehow dominating fashion. It still looks like G2 has something to say on Inferno, and we will see that in the future.

After they were defeated by Natus Vincere, it was time for G2 to face off against BIG. Another huge challenge for them, but this time around, they were the better team. After a solid first half on Mirage where G2 won 6 rounds, they stepped up massively to close the game. Once again kennyS was the star man of this show as he topped all the charts.

G2 was safe with a 1-1, and sadly, they got paired against MIBR. Even though they had their chance, it was not enough to win against ever so great Brazilian roster. Once again G2 performed really good on Inferno, but yet again, they were not rewarded for their effort.

Who is going to win?


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These two teams played on a total of 4 maps against each other. ENCE got the better of G2 on three of those maps, while French roster has one victory to their name.

Another important thing about this head-to-head is that ENCE is on a streak of three wins. Furthermore, G2 was stomped on Overpass the last time they met. The only map where G2 was able to beat ENCE was Dust 2, and this one came ridiculously close, 16-14.

Map Pool

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Both of these teams have strong map pools. To make things even more unpredictable, G2 does not have a permaban, as they enjoy playing anything that is thrown their way. On the other hand, ENCE does not play Cache and that is their permaban.

I reckon G2 will try their best to avoid playing Train against ENCE, and this is probably going to be their permaban in this best-of-3 series.

Even though G2 won their last bout in Mirage, I still can not rate them as a good Mirage team. Their past results corroborate my statement. However, they are comfortable on Nuke, Dust 2, Inferno and Overpass. Furthermore, Overpass and Dust 2 are the most played maps by G2 in the last 3 months.

ENCE is a total opposite to G2 when it comes to map pool. They should definitely avoid Inferno and Dust 2 against French roster. However, they are comfortable on Nuke, Train, Overpass, and Mirage.

I strongly feel like this map pool is heavily favoring ENCE, but G2 is definitely going to get a map where they are comfortable on. We will probably see a decider in this match. My map veto looks like this:

ENCE remove Cache
G2 remove Train
ENCE pick Overpass
G2 pick Dust 2
ENCE remove Inferno
G2 remove Mirage
Nuke is left as a decider

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This is an insane match up with high stakes. Both of these teams will probably play with an extra dose of security so I do not think we will see a lot of mistakes made. This only means one thing, we will have to see a decider in order to see who is better.

As we mentioned above, both of these teams will get a map on which they feel comfortable. This is going to play a big part in our IEM Katowice 2019 betting prediction. Both of these teams are insanely individually skilled, and they have totally different map pools. If both G2 and ENCE can do a minimum amount of mistakes throughout their map picks, we should definitely see a decider in this one, and this is my betting prediction for this match.

Betting prediction: Total maps, over 2.5
Odds: 1.85
Bookmaker: Betway
Date: February 23rd, 13:00 CEST

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FaZe – compLexity

IEM Katowice 2019 CSGO Faze Clan vs. compLexity Gaming

To be honest, no one was expecting to see these two teams fighting for survival. We all thought that FaZe will have it easy in some of their matches, but this is what happens if you underestimate other teams. On the other hand, we all had compLexity to end up with 0-3 on our Pick’Ems and needless to say, they proved us wrong by beating NRG over 2 maps.



After FaZe’s opener, it seemed like they could endanger other top contenders such as Astralis and Liquid. They demolished HellRaisers in their first match. Furthermore, FaZe played Train on a really high level.

After a convincing victory, FaZe lost both of their following matches. Firstly, they played against ever so dangerous Renegades. At one point we thought that FaZe will steal Inferno from Renegades, but that is not what happened. To be honest, this map could have gone either way, but FaZe was not as lucky as Australians were.

After they were shocked by Renegades, Faze had to face off against another highly skilled team, AVANGAR. Once again FaZe seemed like a better team, but they fell short in the key moments. However, both of these defeats could have easily gone in the favor FaZe, and I still believe in this team.

Who is going to win?


compLexity had a hard time in their opener against Astralis. No one was expecting them to do anything in this match, and they were unable to parry with the Danes. 7 rounds against Astralis is not so bad though.

After their defeat against Cloud9,  MIBR had to face off against compLexity. Sadly, just like in their Astralis match, compLexity had no chance against Brazilian roster and they were stomped by MIBR.

After going 0-2 down, it was a do or die moment for compLexity. However, they had a really hard opponent in front of themselves in the likes of NRG. Entire CSGO betting scene probably favored NRG, and I do not think that anyone who is not insane decided to place a bet on compLexity to win this match. A miracle happened though, and NRG got stunned over the course of 2 maps. Furthermore, both of those maps had to go to overtime, and I do not think that compLexity will be so lucky ever again.

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FaZe and compLexity played against each other on the ELEAGUE CS:GO Invitational 2019. Both of these maps heavily favored FaZe, and they stomped Noth Americans over the course of 2 maps. Cache was very convincing for Faze as they left compLexity with only 2 rounds to their name.

Map Pool

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Predicting a map veto is going to be hard in this one. There are a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, FaZe did not play a lot in the last couple of months and no one knows what maps they prepared for IEM Katowice 2019. On the other hand, compLexity often had straightforward map vetoes and hopefully, we will see the same in this match.

We know one thing for sure. FaZe does not play Nuke and this is their permaban. On the other hand, compLexity has been really bad Train, and they will definitely want to get rid of this map as soon as possible.

On to the good maps for these two teams. Both teams are comfortable on Cache. This is their only similarity when it comes to map pool. FaZe enjoys playing Train, Inferno, and Mirage. On the other hand, compLexity has been solid on Mirage and Dust 2.

I do not want to predict map veto for this match, as it could really go in a lot of ways. However, I do believe that we will probably see Cache being played, followed by either Inferno or Mirage. As a decider, we could see Overpass.


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No one was expecting compLexity to win a series against NRG, and they stunned the entire CSGO scene. On the other hand, we did not expect FaZe to lose against both Renegades and AVANGAR.

If we are to compare these two teams on individual levels, we would see a lot of gaps. FaZe is just so dominant when it comes to winning individual duels and this is going to be their chance to prove that, as compLexity enjoys taking individual duels.

I believe that FaZe is going to stomp compLexity, just like they did in their last meeting that occurred not so long ago. To make this one short, no matter the maps, FaZe has this best-of-3 series in the first two maps.

Betting prediction: Correct Score, FaZe 2-0
Odds: 1.80
Bookmaker: Betway
Date: February 23rd, 16:00 CEST

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Cloud9 – HellRaisers

IEM Katowice 2019 CSGO Cloud9 vs. HellRaisers

Given the fact that neither of these two teams is expected to advance through to the next Stage, this a usual matchup. However, HellRaisers are on the rise, while Cloud9 is struggling.



Let’s start with HellRaisers. It feels like they did not even show up in their opener against FaZe.  They were smashed really hard, and they were on the losing end of the deal in just under 25 minutes of their first match.

After FaZe, HellRaisers won against ENCE. However, this match could have gone either way, but HellRaisers stepped up in key rounds and this is what secured them the first victory here on IEM Katowice 2019.

Just like in their opener, it seemed like HellRaisers did not show up when they were needed. Winning only 5 rounds in their third match on IEM Katowice 2019 is simply not good enough, and I believe that they had a lot of time to work things out, as individual duels are definitely not the problem.

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North American organization stunned everyone with their dominant win against MIBR in the opening match of IEM Katowice 2019. Their stars aligned in this match, as Cloud9 played a perfect game of CSGO. Brazilians simply had no chance.

After leaving MIBR with only 3 rounds to their name, we were expecting big things from Cloud9. Boy, were we wrong. Their first victory saw them face off against Astralis. What a game that was. Cloud9 was nowhere to be found as they lost 16-0 on Train.

In their last match against Vitality, Cloud9 was playing great. They had everything they wanted. Their fragging was good, they also had a strong economy but once again they fell short. However, Mirage is once again proving to be a hard map for Cloud9 as they were narrowly defeated, 16-14.

Who is going to win?

Map Pool

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Once again we will see two teams with complete opposite map pools. This time around, we have some similarities, at least when it comes to map bans.

Nuke is a no-go for both of these teams. There is only one option for this map, who is going to ban it first. Given the fact that Cloud9 does not play Dust 2 either, we could easily see them removing Dust 2 on their first ban.

On to the good maps for these two teams. Cache has always been a go-to map for Cloud9, and they will definitely try to slide this map into the pool. Furthermore, they are also comfortable on Overpass, and they can still compete on Mirage.

HellRaisers have always been good on Inferno and Dust 2. Furthermore, they are solid Train and Overpass as well. I think that we will have a straightforward veto in this one, and this is how I think it will go:

Cloud9 remove Dust 2
HellRaisers remove Nuke
Cloud9 pick Cache
HellRaisers pick Inferno
Cloud9 remove Train
HellRaisers remove Overpass
Mirage is left as a decider


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I believe that HellRaisers is a roster filled with incredible talent and raw firepower. On the other hand, Cloud9 has a lot of experience but I do not think they can be on par with HellRaisers.

Map pool is also going to play a key part in this matchup, and if things go well, we will see HellRaisers edge out Cloud9 in a decider map. Give the fact that odds are insanely high on HellRaisers to win, I simply have to take them.

Betting prediction: HellRaisers to win
Odds: 2.20
Bookmaker: Betway
Date: February 23rd, 19:30 CEST

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Written by: Mario Juric

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