IEM Katowice 2019 betting predictions – The New Challenger Stage

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As most of you already know, IEM Katowice 2019 is just around the corner. The first matches will be played on February 13th, and we here at Esports-betting Pro will present you with our daily in-depth IEM Katowice 2019 betting predictions.

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Renegades – AVANGAR

IEM Katowice 2019 CSGO Renegades vs. AVANGAR

This is going to be an opening match here on IEM Katowice 2019. Both of these teams had to qualify for this event, and they both looked really good throughout their Minors. Renegades and AVANGAR both won CIS/Asia Minor, and this should be a great opening match.


Since both of these teams were on top of their Minors, we can expect both of them to be in a good form. However, AVANGAR decided to play an additional tournament, while Renegades took a short break.

Let’s start with Renegades. Australians looked really solid on the Asia Minor. However, they barely had any competition there, and this is going to be a true test to their abilities. They qualified in just 4 matches. Firstly, they have beaten Aequus. After that, they grabbed victories against Grayhound and Vici. Once again they played against Grayhound in the grand final, and they bested them yet again.

AVANGAR played a lot after they qualified. In their defense, CIS Minor started a week before Asia Minor, hence why they decided to play on more events. Just like Renegades, AVANGAR has 4 victories in their last 5 bouts. Their only defeat was suffered against Windig, where they were heavily defeated. Rest of the teams that they faced in their last 5 games is not even comparable to Renegades, and we will not mention them.

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Map Pool

Both of these teams share a similar map pool, but there are some differences. We will go through comfortable maps for both of these teams, and we will try to predict the map where Renegades and AVANGAR will face off.

Neither of these two teams plays Nuke, and this map is getting banned first. After that, Dust 2 is a bad map for Renegades, and they will instantly ban it.

Onto the good maps. Renegades thrive on Train and Cache. Furthermore, Mirage and Inferno are both solid maps for Renegades. However, they struggle on Overpass, and they definitely do not want to play this map against AVANGAR. AVANGAR is at their best on Dust 2 and Overpass. Other maps that they enjoy playing is Cache and Train. Lastly, AVANGAR’s Mirage and Inferno are not so good, and they definitely do not want to get into a brawl against Renegades on these maps.

In conclusion, these teams have very similar map pools, and it is going to be hard to predict on which map will these two teams compete on. However, I personally feel that both AVANGAR and Renegades will want to play on a map on which they are comfortable. If that is the case, we will see them compete on either Cache or Train.


These two teams played against each other on two different maps. AVANGAR was defeated on both Mirage and Cache. There is something funny about this head-to-head. The only event where Renegades and AVANGAR played against each other was IEM Katowice 2018.

As mentioned above, Renegades won both maps, and they did it in a dominating fashion. However, neither of these teams have the same roster they had a year ago. In my personal opinion, both teams heavily improved and we will be in for a complete brawl.

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Renegades and AVANGAR topped their respected Minors. They barely had any competition there, but do not get me wrong, they definitely deserve to be here, as they proved that they are the best team in their region.

Furthermore, both teams have strong individuals and they are equally matched in that department. Their map pools are also pretty similar, and there is no way anyone can throw a curveball when it comes to map veto.

To conclude, I expect a complete brawl in this match. Both teams are capable of winning, but I think we will have a nail-biter. Betting on a winner would not be a smart idea, but I think that betting on total rounds would be a smart choice in this one.

Betting prediction: total rounds(including overtime), 27.5
Odds: 2.3
Date: February 13th, 13:00 CEST

Fnatic – ViCi

IEM Katowice 2019 CSGO Fnatic vs. Natus Vincere

To be honest, no one is rating ViCi at all in this match-up, and I do not either. They had a hard time getting through the Asia Minor, and the competition there was awful. On the other hand, fnatic has always been rock solid on the big stage and I am not expecting them to drop their guard against ViCi.


Since fnatic did not have to compete in a Minor, they had a long layoff prior to this match. Their last event was iBUYPOWER Masters IV. They had a good showing there, but it was not enough for them to win the entire thing.

ViCi, however, had a rough start to Asia Minor. They lost their opening match to GOSU. After that, they won two best-of-3 series against random teams. Once they played against Renegades, they had no chance. However, they were still able to qualify for Minor Play-In where they have beaten North without dropping a map.

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Map pool

Map veto should be pretty much straightforward for this one. Given the fact that these two teams have very different map pools, we should only be looking at two maps.

Fnatic does not play Nuke, and this map is their permaban for a while now, and that is not going to change on IEM Katowice 2019. On the other hand, ViCi almost never plays Nuke and Cache, and I can see them banning at least one of these maps in their first two map bans.

We move to the comfortable maps for these two teams. ViCi enjoys playing Train and Mirage. Furthermore, they are decent on both Inferno and Overpass. If possible, ViCi will avoid Dust 2, Nuke, and Cache. Fnatic is doing their best work on Mirage. After that, they do not mind playing Inferno and Overpass. Swedes can also play Overpass and Train. Lastly, they definitely want to avoid Nuke and Cache.

There are two ways for this map veto. They can play a map on which they are both comfortable, or they can go for Dust 2, where neither of these two teams feels comfortable. I personally think that neither team will want to mess with map veto in their opening game and that we will see either Mirage or Overpass.

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Since fnatic and ViCi never played against each other it is hard to see what play style can we expect. However, I can already predict that fnatic will be as aggressive as possible. There is not much to say about ViCi’s playstyle. On CT-side, ViCi likes to open every round with a default, and towards the later stage of the round, they will swarm the bomb site in order to protect it. Fnatic’s AWPer will probably abuse that since ViCi will not be able to trade kills with the Swedes.

Secondly, fnatic is used to a big stage, and they have tons of Major experience. On the other hand, ViCi has never been a part of a Major event, and this is their first rodeo. They will probably feel the pressure mounting, and there is not much they will be able to.

In summary, fnatic has better individuals, they can not be surprised with map veto and they have more experience than ViCi. In my books, this is a very easy game for fnatic, and I think they will stomp ViCi.

Betting prediction: Round Handicap(including overtime), fnatic(-6.5)
Odds: 2.31
Date: February 13th, 13:00 CEST

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