CS:GO gambling sites scandal involving two famous YouTubers

YouTube stars Trevor Martin and Tom Cassell better known as “TmarTn” and “ProSyndicate” have been involved in a quite bit of controversy in the last few weeks.

Few weeks ago the two was doing something they did over the years – making videos of them playing video games, but not such a long time ago famous YouTuber “h3h3”  with a little help from  “HonorTheCall” found a dig that will change their lives forever.

CSGO Lotto Betting Scandal TMARTN2

Source: h3h3 Productions

Martin and Tom have been accused for promoting their own gambling site on their YouTube channels with Martin being president and Tom vice president of the company. They filmed themselves on multiple occasions gambling on one specific gambling site – CS: GO Lotto, most of the time winning huge amounts of money. To make this even more interesting they were uploading videos like “How to win 13,000$ in 5 minutes CS:GO betting” on their YouTube profiles followed with audience going well over 10 million subscribers. In one of his videos where he visits CS:GO Lotto for the first time Martin says: “We found this new site called CS:GO Lotto so I’ll link it down in the description if you guys want to check it out”. In the following sentence he didn’t just promote the site, but he also made a huge false statement about it, since he didn’t just found it on the web, but he actually owns it with his partner Tom Cassell.

It didn’t take too much time for them to remove the videos form their sites and make their own public statements for the case.

There isn’t much left to be understood, the pair was promoting their own gambling site without ever addressing their connection to it, and with their access to the back-end of the company they could have easily manipulated outcome of their bets, making it possible for them to create YouTube content that can easily deceive any viewer and make him instantly want to bet on their page.

Right now Martin and Cassell’s feet are on fire after being a part of a huge lawsuit. The suit is accusing Valve and third-party sites like CS:GO Lotto of allowing huge amount of people linking their Steam accounts and allowing them to place bets on various gambling games such as lotteries and jackpots. The suit has been taken by worried parents around the globe wanting their children to be protected from this kind of web sites. Gambling and placing bets isn’t a problem itself, but the fact that kids all over the world can easily access this kind of content that isn’t intended for them anyway.

Valve is yet to make a statement regarding to this problem and the lawsuit.

Statement from attorney representing CS:GO Lotto: “Given that there is litigation pending, no further public comments will be given on this matter.  My comments will be contained in legal arguments to the court, at the appropriate time.”

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