Fnatic vs Team Liquid – Match Prediction CS:GO IEM Katowice 2018

CSGO IEM XII World Championship 2018 Katowice LogoWith the first semifinals match starting in slightly more than 3 hours, it's time to focus on the second one – Fnatic vs Team Liquid. Yes – this is going to be a fantastic matchup between 2 high profile teams, one of which will emerge victorious and head on to the finals. Which one will it be? Well, that's one of the things you'll be able to learn below thanks to our Fnatic vs Team Liquid Match Prediction section. For more betting options on all played games take a look at the IEM 2018 Katowice Betting Odds subsite, or check out the special IEM Katowice esports promotion at Betway. So, let's stop beating around the bushes here and head straight to the freshest information regarding these 2 teams in order to see which one has better chances of reaching the grand finals.

Semifinal#2 Match Prediction

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Saturday, March 3rd, 2018: 09:50 AM PST / 12:50 PM EST / 18:50 CET

Team Liquid received a blowout

Despite having an awesome start to the tournament in which they defeated Gambit and Cloud 9, Team Liquid received quite the blowout in the Group A Final round against Astralis. They started off well on Inferno and took a 1-0 lead in the series only to lose 16-5 on both Nuke and Overpass. It was a depressing situation for the team after which many doubted their playoffs success. However, the NA-based team showed good spirit and managed to defeat NiP who I saw as favorites due to their impressive lower bracket performance. Now, they're facing Fnatic, a team which has 4 consecutive wins and looks to be eyes set on the grand finals. Will they succeed?

Fnatic looking sharp and ready for another win

Just like I stated above, Fnatic have 4 consecutive wins with their last defeat being against Renegades at the StarSeries iLeague Season 4. With a good portion of their all-star team still holding on the ropes, Fnatic look to be serious contenders for the title even though they haven't been the clear favorites in either of their last few matches. Take the match vs FaZe as the perfect example – KRIMZ, flusha, and JW played an amazing match and came to a well-deserved win… Even though the only player they were really up against was NiKo. But can they make their 5th win in a row against a powerful NA side?

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This one could go either way…

To be completely honest with you guys, this one could really go either way. It's a tough nut to crack with Fnatic being on the rise and Team Liquid doing extremely well in their last match against NiP. Both teams are on an upward path so it could really go both ways. However, if the recent matches are not doing us any justice here, perhaps their last vs matches will. Fnatic won the last match between the 2, but before that one, Team Liquid was victorious 4 times in a row. Plus – they're slightly favored by eSports bookies with odds ranging from cca 1.5 to 1.7. On the other hand, Fnatic odds are set from 2 to 2.2 which means they're, once again, the underdogs here.

As for the actual bet, I wouldn't bet my money on Match Winners. Instead, I'd either go Maps Over or Rounds Over… This is going to be a proper thriller and we all know it!

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