Fnatic vs FaZe Clan – Grand Finals Prediction CS:GO IEM Katowice 2018

CSGO IEM XII World Championship 2018 Katowice LogoCS: GO IEM XII World Championship Katowice 2018 is reaching the pinnacle of its existence. With less than 10 hours left until the official start of the grand finals match, needless to say, a huge CS:GO fanbase is eagerly expecting the action and there's no doubt these 2 teams will end up delivering a thrilling contest! FaZe Clan and Fnatic – the creme de la creme have already met in the Group B finals so this is basically a vengeance opportunity. So, to complete this outstanding tournament, it's only logical that we provide you with Fnatic vs FaZe Clan match prediction of the grand finals matchup IEM Katowice 2018! For more info on eSports betting for this tournament, make sure you visit our IEM Katowice 2018 betting odds section where you'll find out more about where to find the best odds.

CS:GO IEM Katowice 2018 Grand finals Match Prediction:

Grand Finals: League of Legends Fnatic Logo LoL Worlds Fnatic vs FaZe FaZe Clan CSGO Team Logo

Sunday, March 4th, 2018: 08:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM EST / 17:00 CET

FaZe Clan played a near-perfect match against Astralis

For those of you who enjoyed the livestream of Semifinals match between FaZe and Astralis, I don't need to remind you what an excellent job FaZe players did back then. NiKo and GuardiaN were on the top of their game, but others showed up to the contest too. After having a particularly bad start on Cache due to their static playstyle, they decided to drop their initial tactics and go all in. This resulted in a complete game overhaul with spot-on aggressiveness on CT side which gave them a solid lead 9-6 coming into the second half. The second map – Overpass, wasn't much different either thanks to a brilliant game for rain which looks to have his eyes set on the grand finals.

Fnatic needs this win!

This one goes without any doubt – Fnatic is the team that played well on a constant level all the way since the start of IEM Katowice 2018. They won all games and just dropped a single map – Cache against G2 eSports. So yeah – they're playing like absolute beasts and are already being seen as favorites to many people… even though various esports betting websites are not agreeing with the masses. But, as expected – that won't stop Fnatic players to battle it out for this major title!

That leads us to the following conclusion – Fnatic players, Fnatic fans, and the entire Fnatic franchise craves for major titles… and this could be their next one. With just one more step to pass, although it's a huge won, everyone in the Fnatic camp will be hoping the players will respond with style!

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Who will win that shiny trophy?

And now, there's only just one question remaining – which of these 2 teams will end up victorious and get the chance to lift that shiny trophy along with $250k in prize money?! Well, it the first match between these 2 teams was telling us something, it's that Fnatic players have a clear path to winning IEM Katowice 2018 if FaZe Clan players go into the match as absent as last time out. It's true – NiKo and GuardiaN were the only players who were really playing the game with others not showing up to the contest.

However, FaZe Clan showed good spirits in their match against Cloud9 in which karrigan, olofmeister, and rain put some effort and managed to come out victorious. Yesterday, in the semifinals matchup against Astralis they all played as a real team and with a beautiful fast-paced gameplay and highly aggressive playstyle, NiKo and co managed to secure their spot in the grand finals. Can FaZe Clan win it? If they play like yesterday, I'm sure they can… and will!

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