Counter Strike Global Offensive will finally have dedicated servers based in China

CSGO Counter Strike LogoOne of the biggest problems with professional Counter Strike Global Offensive scene in Chine is surely the fact that they do not have dedicated servers set up specifically for the game. Tournaments and leagues that were based in Chine were always played on private, low latency servers which will not be the case once the announcement from Perfect World becomes true.

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In other words, Perfect World (Chinese video game company that specializes in MMORPG genre of games) have announced earlier this week that they plan on making a deal with Valve in order to bring dedicated Counter Strike Global Offensive servers in mainland China. Luckily, the two video game giants have already come to an agreement and judging by the official statements on both main pages of Perfect World and Counter Strike Global Offensive, the dedicated servers in mainland China have been successfully launched and are already set up for match hosting.

With this being said, tournaments such as and the StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2 finals which are going to be played in Nanjing, Shanghai Major which was actually organized and sponsored by Perfect world; will surely gain even more popularity now that China has their own dedicated servers. This news have been awaited for quite some time and we are happy to say that the agreement between Valve and Perfect World finally came through.

After the news about China’s first dedicated CSGO servers, Perfect World’s president Mr. Zhang Yunfan issued an official statement regarding the matter: “Perfect World will spare no effort to promote CS:GO in China and further optimize the player's gaming experience.”

He also noted that they will do their best in order to strengthen the competitive nature of Counter Strike Global Offensive. By working closely with Valve and their teams of experts they are certain that they will be able to massively promote the FPS game in China, especially now that their first dedicated servers have been set up.

One thing is for sure, Perfect World has already done lots of projects related to Counter Strike Global offensive, mostly tournament related. They have organized a couple of tournaments (and sponsored some of them as well), among which was the Shanghai Major. The interesting thing about this particular tournament was the fact that it was publicly criticized for being sloppy organized. Many people blamed Perfect World’s organization for that matter. Despite having one project with questionable success, we are pretty sure that Perfect World (who have been nothing but excellent when it came to organizing all their other tournaments) will do just fine with keeping their new China servers up and running, and most important of all – lag free!

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