Outright Winner Betting Odds – ESL One Cologne 2016

ESL One Cologne 2016 Tournament LogoIn the next couple of paragraphs, we will go through the ESL One Cologne 2016 favorites. As you already might know, ESL One Cologne is just around the corner and if you are planning on betting, the information that will be explained in the next couple of paragraphs may be crucial for your betting outcomes. Without further adue, let us start with the comparisons between a couple of the most popular betting sites:

Bet365 Outright Winner Betting Odds

Bet365 Logo2 BET365 Bet365 Logo2Betting Odds for the Outright Winners of the ESL Cologne 2016 CSGO Tournament on Bet365check current odds at Bet366 >>

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Betway Outright Winner Betting Odds

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Betting Odds for the Outright Winners of the ESL Cologne 2016 CSGO Tournament on Betway
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For the first part of this article, we are going to be solely focusing on the top 6 teams that have the best odds of winning the tournament. On both Betway and Bet365 sites, those 6 teams are identical. In other words, when it comes to teams, both Betway and Bet365 agree that Fnatic, SK Gaming, Na Vi, G2, Astralis and NiP are the teams that have the biggest chances of winning the tournament. When it comes to the odds, even though they are not completely identical, they are very much alike (at least when it comes to the first 6 teams).


Fnatic CSGO Team LogoAs expected – Fnatic is the clear favorite for winning this year's ESL One Cologne, as it was the case with last year’s tournament as well. Both Betway and Bet365 agree on this, and they are marking them with quite a decent odd – 4.00.

When it comes to the team’s expectations, it is without doubt that Vuggo (head coach of fnatic) is bound to lead his team to the finals. Anything below that would be a serious underachievement and he would be under attack from both media and his bosses. When you combine his expectations with the great on form roster that fnatic has, it is no surprise that they are the clear favorites for winning the tournament. Both olof and flusha are having amazing matches (as usual) and they will surely give their best in order for their team to reach the final. Will they win it? Well, probably. At the moment there are not that many teams which can play on par with them, but big tournaments have their way with teams and surprises may prevail after all. All in all, 4.00 odds are decent enough for fnatic as they are, once again, clear favorites, and they should confirm that without much hustle.

SK Gaming

SK Gaming CSGO Team LogoOne of the biggest surprises of this tournament, at least when it comes to the odds, is surely SK Gaming. With Bet365 giving them 4.50 (slightly more than fnatic) and Betway giving them 4.00 (exactly same as fnatic), it is yet to be seen can these new roster prove their odds on the tournament. To be honest, that is highly unlikely which is why their odds look way too low. In my honest opinion, given their latest matches and stats in the last month or two, it is pretty clear that they will not have the best of tournaments in Cologne. After quite a bad season, their players are exhausted and not in form, which is just another reason why I think the odds for them to win this tournament should be somewhere around 10, if not even more than that. Placing them side by side with fnatic on a tournament of this scale is just absurd and there is simply no explanation behind their odds to be all time low. With all these things in mind, I would warmly suggest not to bet on them, at least not while the odds are this low. If you have a strange hunch that’s telling you they will win the tournament, perhaps it would be a good idea to explore the options and find a bookie that offers much bigger odds on them.

Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere CSGO Team LogoNa'Vi is always among the top CS: GO teams, which makes for no surprise that they are among the favorites to win this tournament as well. Both Bet365 and Betway agree on one the probability of them winning the tournament – they are giving them a straight up winner odd of 5.00, which is not that much considering that the main favorites, Fnatic, has 4.00.

Rest assured, with the likes of Zeus and Guardian, they will surely have high expectations towards the start of the tournament…  but can they play up to those expectations? Truth be told, their performance will most likely be determined by their first match against Flipsid3. If they manage to grab a win in their first match, there is no doubt that they will go through the group as clear favorites. When it comes to the playoffs, they will have excellent odds unless they face fnatic in the early stages which will make it very tough for them. All things considered, Na Vi is an excellent team with quality players, and if they can get their hands on early wins they will go far into the tournament. 5.00 odds are perfect – not to small and not too huge.

G2 eSports

G2 Esports CSGO Team LogoG2 is coming into this tournament with fairly good odds. Bet365 offers 7.50 while Betway offers a bit less – 7.00. Considering the fact that their first match is against SK Gaming, it will be really interesting to see how it unfolds. In my honest opinion, Smithzz and Scream should be able to wage the match in their favor. If they manage to grab the win against SK they will have an open way towards the playoffs because they are not exactly in the most difficult group on the tournament. With this being said, G2 has decent chances of being the surprise of tournament, IF they manage to avoid fnatic until the grand finals.


Team Astralis CSGO Team LogoWith 3 losses in a row, things have not been great lately for Astralis. They are going into this tournament with a couple of awful matches where they did not take their chances at all. When you combine that with the fact that they are in a group with CLG, Dignitas and Gambit and you will realize that no matter their recent bad games – they still have a pretty good chance of going through to the playoffs. From there, everything is possible if they manage to be the first in their group. That is going to be a difficult task for them, but keep in mind that if karrigan and dupreeh go on a roll in the first match against Dignitas, they will have great chances in the remaining of the tournament.

Betway has them on 9.00 while Bet365 has a bit better odd of 9.50. The difference is small, but it’s a good bargain considering they might go all the way to the semifinals or even finals, and I’m sure you all know – from there on, anything can happen.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in Pyjamas CSGO Team LogoNinjas in Pyjamas is, by far, the most underrated team in the tournament. Truth be told, there is a good reason behind their huge odds (10 on Betway and 11 on Bet365). In the last 5 matches they did not taste victory, which can prove to be fatal coming into such a huge tournament like ESL One Cologne. Without a doubt, they will be under a lot of pressure, but I am sure that they will get the better of it and come out with a victory in their first match against Optic. They are in group B where the clear favorites are Na Vi, but over the course of last year, they had a number of good matches against them, and I would not be surprised If we see another one at ESL One Cologne. F0rest and Get_Right are top class players and I am sure they will have a thing or two to prove in the upcoming matches. If we put their last couple of matches on the side, truth is – NiP has a great chance of going through to the playoffs where they will most likely go up against Astralis. That is going to be a really good matchup, and with all things considered, Nip should take the win just because of the fact that their players have more experience within the fields of CS: GO.

Bet365 Outright Winner Betting Odds

Bet365 Logo2 BET365 Bet365 Logo2Betting Odds for the Outright Winners for the ESL Cologne 2016 CSGO Tournament on Bet365check current odds at Bet366 >>

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Betway Outright Winner Betting Odds

Betway esports logo BETWAY Betway esports logoBetting Odds for the Outright Winners for the ESL Cologne 2016 CSGO Tournament on Betway
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In the pictures above, you can see the full odds for outright winners on both Betway and Bet365. As you can see, Betway’s odds are noticeably lower than bet 365 ones. With this being said, If you are planning on betting on the outright winner, you might as well choose Bet365. Needless to say, as of the time of writing this article, only these 2 betting sites have released the outright winner odds, which is exactly why we they were the main focus of the article. I am sure others will follow in their footsteps, but it is highly unlikely that any of them will have higher odds than the ones Bet365 has.

With this being said, we are extremely looking forward to the start of the ESL One Cologne, which starts on 5th of July. Happy betting!

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