Astralis vs Fnatic – Semifinals Betting Prediction CS: GO DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018

All quarterfinal matches of the CS:GO DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 were really something, don't you agree? There are actually several surprises, the biggest one (at least in my honest opinion) being Gambit eSports. Beating C9 2-0 was not an easy task. And it really wasn't – Mirage went on to an 18-22 thriller, and Gambit closed it off with a pleasant 16-7 win on Train. NaVi did an amazing job against mousesports too, and are now coming up against Gambit. While that prediction will be covered pretty soon, first we are going to focus on the more interesting matchup. Of course, I am referring to Astralis vs Fnatic. Probably the biggest rivalship in eSports takes another go in what will be a hot competition on Sunday afternoon. So, let's dig right into the latest form and news about these two teams to help out anyone interested in a proper Astralis vs Fnatic match prediction!

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CS: GO DreamHack Masters Marseille Astralis vs Fnatic Match Prediction


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Saturday, April 21st, 2018: 14:00 CEST, 05:00 PDT, 08:00 EST

Astralis are fuming with confidence

Astralis is having another great tournament, there's no doubt about that. With the likes of device and Xyp9x leading the charge in the last 2 matches, it seems as though there is nothing stopping Astralis from reaching another major tournament finals. They've had a marvelous start against Space Soldiers where they dropped just 2 rounds. Mirage was the only map they lost against Team Liquid in the Winner's match of group D. The road to playoffs was paved in a 2-1 fashion where they awaited FaZe Clan. They went into the match as favorites and emerged in the same light – 2-0 victory and all 5 from the first roster already had their eyes set on the match vs Fnatic. Can they rise up to theoccasionn and give their best to reach the finals? We'll see them in action in a couple of hours, for sure!

Will Fnatic continue to do well in crucial matches?

The folk over at Fnatic are doing themselves justice yet again. Even though they haven't done their best against NaVi, they've managed to set the records straight by defeating Renegades in what did not seem to be a particularly tough contest. After that, they had to square off against NiP. Luckily, KRIMZ was on fire on Saturday and managed to gather whopping 70 kills in the match. Sure, it was a 3-map match, but that number is still impressive for such a highly contested match. Generally speaking, I see Golden as their weakest link. In fact, if he doesn't perform at a much better light on Sunday, I doubt Fnatic will have great odds of going through to the grand finals.

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Who will be in the grand finals?

This is a tough one, as is the case with virtually any matchup between these 2 teams since the start of their great rivalry. But, before the start of this match, I'd honestly give Fnatic a slight chance of winning. Even though Astralis is yet to lose in this tournament, I still don't favor them to go all the way to the finals. The last couple of matches go slightly in favor of Astralis, but we mustn't forget about the fact Fnatic play the best in crucial matches. In fact, I believe that's basically what will be the deciding factor here. Astralis showed off a great match against FaZe while Fnatic barely took the W against NiP. Take that with a grain of salt considering FaZe and NiP play somewhat different playstyles. So, considering all this info, I'd still say Fnatic has a slightly better odds of winning. It's going to be a tough matchup for both teams and a really difficult one to predict properly. Both play fun-to-watch rounds and hit like cannons. Which team will emerge victoriously? Watch the match tomorrow at 14:00 CEST and you might just find out!


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