Astralis vs FaZe Clan – Grand Finals Betting Prediction CS:GO IEM XIII Sydney

Intel Extreme Masters Sydney LogoWow! The semifinals of IEM XIII Sydney playoffs were truly something, now weren’t they? Mousesports managing to grab a win on Inferno (a map that Astralis are ‘fairly’ good at) was a dash of hope that, unfortunately, didn’t turn into the grand finals spot. FaZe against TyLoo had 3 rounds, all of which ended with the same result – 16:9 (with FaZe taking two of those and proceeding to the grand finals). The definite MVP of this match was ‘NiKo’ who had a +19 K-D ratio. ‘GuardiaN’ was also on fire, albeit with 11 fewer kills than ‘NiKo’. Mousesports’ victory on Inferno was a short-lived one as Astralis destroyed them on Cache (16:5). Before Inferno, there was Dust2 which was an even stronger win from Astralis (16:3).

All of this means that the grand finals will be explosive, amazing, and may surprise us. FaZe finally have a chance to win the tournament after being defeated in the 2nd upper bracket round, whilst Astralis have only one more hurdle to overcome and they’ll be the winners. Let’s take a look at what we can expect.

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IEM XIII Sydney 2018 Grand Finals | Predictions

Astralis vs. FaZe Clan Grand Finals

Grand finals: Astralis Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo Astralis vs. FaZe Clan FaZe Clan Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo
Start time: Sunday, May 6, 2018 – 07:00 CEST , 22:00 PT, 01:00

Is there any stopping Astralis?

If the match against Mousesports taught us anything, it’s that Astralis seem to have complete control over every situation. Minor slip-ups during the round on Inferno gave Mousesports the win (with ‘oskar’ being a major contributor to that win with 2 triple kills), but this didn’t seem to influence Astralis at all and they proceeded to get the second win and secure a spot in the finals. Everyone on the Astralis team is constantly giving their best and with players such as ‘dupreeh’ and ‘Magisk’, one would have a tough time not seeing the number 1 spot go to Astralis. However, is this possibility absolutely set in stone, or could we be surprised?

FaZe continue the amazing form

Many fans think that the grand finals’ outcome is already known but not everything is as it seems. Sure, Astralis seem to be bulletproof and not a single team managed to find a weakness, but FaZe isn’t going to suddenly stop playing like champions. With 6 matches under their belt, FaZe will be looking to go all out and surprise Astralis with a new strategy. After all, they have ‘nothing to lose’ – They know how good Astralis is and they know that conventional play may not cut it. So, we could see something crazy happening in these Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2018 Grand Finals!

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Who will take the trophy?

Subjectively speaking, without taking FaZe’s track record for this tournament into consideration, I’d say that Astralis have this one in the bag. The player quality, strategy strength, communication and a burning desire to win should be enough to win. However, as I said before, FaZe will surely try something unusual and attempt to surprise Astralis which might just give them the edge. Even though this isn’t your classic underdog story, I have a feeling that FaZe will grab the win in the end. ‘NiKo’ has been magnificent as well. So, my final verdict is that the finals will be filled with drama and amazing plays, but I just have to give FaZe the advantage this time. Chances are pretty slim, but it’s not impossible, and that’s probably what the entire FaZe team is thinking as well. Even the slightest dash of hope is sometimes enough!

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