China is forcing DotA, CS:GO and LoL to Reveal Odds of Getting Premium Items

Odds obtaining good loot eSportsI am sure most of you are already familiar with the concept behind loot boxes. Most popular eSports franchises, such as CS: GO, have a system that revolves around buying medium priced items (or obtaining them and then having to pay for unlocking them) with a probability of getting awesome loot for them. It can be considered as a type of gambling because you never know what you'll get. It's a game of random numbers and the worrying factor is that these odds obtaining good loot aren't really publicly displayed anywhere. In other words, there are most likely ridiculously low chances of actually getting anything worth a decent sum of money from these boxes.

That's why China's new laws are there to deal with these issues. This is primarily so because many underaged players are purchasing these packs. And, I believe we can all agree that they have the right to know the odds obtaining good loot. Starting from March 1st this year, these new laws are now in action. Already, certain game publishers have reached out to the public with their odds obtaining good loot. Riot Games (League of Legends) and Perfect World ( Chinese partner for DotA 2) were the first to do so in obligation to the new laws in China. Others such as Blizzard and EA (FIFA also features a similar system with their player packs) haven't done so but are expected to in a short time span.

Our thoughts on this law

China new lawIf you haven't figured out by now, I am really happy China decided to battle greedy game developers. Most of these titles are free to play which makes it highly affordable to children and underaged teens. Since these 2 groups are highly susceptible to gambling (and this is practically a form of gambling if we are to be completely objective here), it is of utmost importance that there are laws protecting them. That's why I'll repeat this one final time – these new Chinese laws are such a big deal. With that being said, I hope more countries will do the same and protect their youth from fraudulent and unreliable quasi-gambling systems that serve just one purpose – pushing in more money to the game publishers.

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