Caesars Entertainment Getting Involved in eSports betting

Caesars Entertainment Beggining In eSports BettingA couple of days ago, a huge boom went through the eSports industry. Why is that so? Well, Caesars Entertainment, a huge name in hotels, casinos and production facilities, just opened up a major studio in Las Vegas, Nevada… the center of all beautiful sins. This is just another drop in the sea of Las Vegas and eSports connections. As it seems, Las Vegas aims to become a real eSports hub in the next couple of years. With an entire district dedicated to eSports right in its downtown and new laws which give eSports betting more freedom, such a scenario is bound to happen sooner rather than later.

“Given our long-standing relationship with the entertainment industry, the studio’s close proximity to the famed Las Vegas strip, as well as its state-of-the-art infrastructure, the opportunity to open Caesars Entertainment Studios makes perfect business sense,” – That's what Caesars Senior Vice President of marketing and Entertinment had to say in an interview for eSports Betting Report.

Caesars Entertainment Beggining In eSports BettingSome of you must be wondering – How exactly is Caesars Entertainment new production study related to eSports? Well, with a great location pretty much next to Las Vegas Strip, Caesars new studio is primarily targeting eSports events. As a matter of fact, there already was one. To be more precise, CES Gears Pro Circuit Las Vegas Open was a tournament held from June 2nd to June 4th. The atmosphere was amazing and there were roughly thousand fans admiring the live event.

Take into account everything stated above and add up NVEA (Nevada eSports Alliance) and you'll most likely come to a conclusion that major eSports events in Las Vegas could be just a year or two away. By incorporating live events, best teams/players from all around the world, eSports betting and plenty of supporting content (concerts, shows, cosplay events and more), Las Vegas could very well be the next big thing for the eSports and eSports betting industry in general. Whether or not this prediction will turn out to be true, we will know in a matter of years… maybe even months…

Written by: Pavo

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