Blizzard Needs To Address Cheating In Overwatch ASAP

Overwatch cheating is on the rise! Even though South Korea is usually known as the biggest eSports nation of them all, you'll be surprised to know that things might not be so good down there. Their teams have godlike statuses among DotA II, Starcraft II, and League of Legends communities, in addition to plenty other video game franchises. They're known as precise, detail-oriented and perfectionist players who strive to be the best from very young age. But not everything is perfect in South Korea…

South Korea is the center of Overwatch cheating

Overwatch LogoUnfortunately, those who do not possess what it takes to succeed on the professional levels usually end up using cheats. That's especially true for the newest eSports giant made by Blizzard – Overwatch. South Korean servers are being overrun by hackers and regular Joe's are having a public outcry. Between January 26th and 31st this year, close to 3,100 accounts were banned solely due to cheating (3,095 to be more precise).

Surprisingly, Blizzard has taken small to no action and cheaters aren't backing off. Recently, a Twitch streaming hacker was banned mid-game while live on Twitch. After the ban, he simply created a new account and joined another game without even turning the aimbot off. It's absurd! What's even worse, there are reports of DDOS attacks against players playing the popular Competitive mode… And still, Blizzard has not made any drastic moves against such party breakers.

Match fixing is also an issue!

Cheating is not the only issue with Overwatch these days. In addition to hackers, Blizzard has to deal with the alleged match fixing during an Overwatch tournament in South Korea. Two people are being charged with bribing another team, more precisely, Luminous Solar tried to bribe UnLimited. The bribe revolved around them deliberately lose a qualifying match for the APEX Overwatch League. Surely, this is a shocking news not just for the South Korean eSport scene but for the entire world as well. Match fixing is a serious subject and I'm pretty sure we can all agree the perpetrators should be severely sanctioned.

Overwatch Cheating SketchI believe I do not have to remind you that eSports betting is a rapidly growing segment of the industry and as such, it should not be taken for granted. If eSports betting wants to be on the same level as sports betting, we'll definitely need more security when it comes to cheating and match fixing. It could come to the point where it is able to affect the entire eSports industry that greatly profits with the popularity it is getting through eSports betting websites… and needless to say, that doesn't sound too good!

Could Overwatch cheating endanger Blizzard's tournament?

The story continues… With Blizzard's own Overwatch tournament called Overwatch League is closing in, there is no doubt they should act quickly and clear out everything regarding both cheating and match fixing. Otherwise, the sole credibility of their franchise could be on the line, and we all know those are some very bad news for the gaming giant. In the end, the entire situation is not that hopeless. It is very likely that Blizzard will partner up with companies that ensure a cheat-and-match-fixing-free environment for their games. With proven companies such as BetGenius and BetRadar in question, things are bound to change. I'm sure Blizzard will act quickly and clean Overwatch's name in terms of cheating and match-fixing allegations.

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