US grants Pro Gamers athlete status

Crumbzz from Team Dignitas

Crumbzz from Team Dignitas was one of the first to be granted an athlete visa!

Recently the acceptance for esports as a professional sport made a big leap. Since a few weeks esport gamers can apply for an athlete visa for their journey into the USA. League of Legends publisher Riot Games finaly could achieve that pro gamers can get a so called P-1 visa, to simplify the process for the LCS league. Especially for the upcoming LoL Championship in autumn 2013 this will help to guarantee a smooth event, because not long ago it was possible that the public authorities could deny a gamers entry into the USA.

Regarding to BBC one of the first pro gamers who has been granted a Athlete Visa is the 20 year old jungler Alberto Rengifo from Team Dignitas, better knows under his ingame name “Crumbzz”.

We are very happy to see another step on the way of the international acceptance of esports as a professional sport and hope that more countries will follow the US example.

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