Another Huge VAC Ban Spike!

Bad news for hackers, and finally some good news for all other CS:GO  players. Exactly one month after the last big VAC ban wave, Valve surpassed itself and with the new monitoring technology for cheats. Needless to say, a lot of hackers are having a huge headache right about now… On 6 June this year, the first big VAC ban wave occurred, which was also the biggest wave of this year so far.  But on 6. and 7. July occurred this year’s largest VAC ban wave, and according to some sites the biggest  VAC ban wave ever. There are several sites that monitor VAC ban statistics.

According to the site that tracks VAC bans, 5th of July 2017 was just the beginning,    5617 hackers got VAC ban and the next day, another 9654 accounts were added to the list. Over 15, 000 CSGO accounts are lost forever with a total inventory value estimated over $10.000.

VAC Ban Spike

In the above graph, the green bars represent VAC bans, the blue bars represents game bans, and the gray lines show lost inventory in USD. As can be seen in the graph, the number of hackers decreased drastically in the following days after 4th of July. Truthfully, this is exactly what we needed! We are now looking forward to better matches with fewer cheaters who, let's be realistic here, ruin the fun for everyone. Nevertheless, these 2 VAC ban waves won't stop hackers forever but it will certainly make a much cooler and less stressful summer for avid CS: GO players aiming at the top ranks.

Of course, credit needs to be given where it's due – great work VALVE, keep it up! We hope you will further improve the anti-cheating system and annihilate all potential hacks in order to greatly improve user satisfaction levels.

Back to the topic now! There was plenty of speculations going around on Reddit that the number of banned hackers was actually bigger than 15,000. According to the statistics of a website which dates back to the year 2004, a whopping 46,332 accounts received VAC ban which would mean that this is actually the biggest VAC ban wave in one day ever. Is this information really true? I'm afraid we can't tell you that before official Valve's announcement… if we see one, that is.

On a side note – The all-time record for VAC Bans per month dates back to June 2016 where 173.470 players got kicked out of the game.

Written by: Pavo

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