Alibaba in for Non Violent eSports Olympics

Alibaba wants eSports at the Olympic GamesOlympic Games, both summer and winter, are highly prestigious events that gather the creme de la creme of professional athletes from all around the world. With that being said, it comes as no surprise to see eSports being pushed to be added to the lineup of Olympic Games sports. Lately though, these opportunities have been increasing in frequency with Alibaba being the latest in line for a push. What exactly do they have in plan and will they succeed in their efforts to bring eSports to the Olympic Games? Let's take a closer look and we might just find out!

Alibaba who?

Before jumping to the discussion, first, we need to know the basic information about this company. Alibaba is one of the biggest companies based in China. It's not only a notable eSports investor but an Olympic Games sponsor dating all the way up to 2028. But why are they showing a sudden interest in eSports? Well, considering the rapid growth of eSports and supporting eSports betting industries, more and more companies are trying to get their share of the cake. Of course, this includes Alibaba which just recently invested close to $50 million into the industry.

Alibaba wants eSports at the Olympics… but not the violent ones!

Awhile back there was a ton of stories regarding potential addition of CS:GO to the Olympic Games as a fully fledged event. As a matter of fact, BetWay even had a special CS:GO at the Olympic Games bet which took a lot of their clients by surprise. However, things are not looking good for the people who bet on this since CS: GO was deemed too violent for the Olympics, and as well all know – violence is strictly against the whole Olympic spirit they are sworn by.

In layman's terms, CS:GO will probably not make it to the Olympics… but Alibaba is not pushing this highly popular FPS eSports franchise. Instead, they are trying to promote non-violent eSports which stand in regulations with the Olympic Games tradition. More precisely, their focal points are sports-related video game franchises such as FIFA and NBA with racing games playing an important role as well. We can think of it this way – the most probable way of eSports actually being featured at the Olympics is through these sports-oriented games… so it's the optimal course of action for our industry at the moment!

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