888Poker and FlowEsports Partnership Deal

It seems like there is going to be a rather interesting partnership in the eSports industry. Apparently, 888poker plans on partnering up with FlowEsports, a professional Hearthstone team. Judging by the fact that the two companies are not exactly in the same niche, it will be rather interesting to see how things turn out for them. Honestly, there is not such a big connection between poker and eSports… or at least it was not some time ago… But who knows, perhaps both 888poker and FlowEsports know what they are doing and will successfully monetize their little endeavor.

General information about the two companies in question

888poker logoAs you already might know, 888poker is among the biggest companies providing online poker matches for real money. It is operated by 888 Holdings which is a huge public company and a fully regulated gambling arena dating back from 1997. 888poker is an extremely user oriented company, which puts in great care for their customers. They have even developed a monitoring system for tracking down addicted members who have spent too much money and stop them from spending more. Who would have said that one of the biggest online poker rooms has such strong moral values…

flowesports logoOn the other hand, FlowEsports is a relatively new Hearthstone team. They are quite popular on Twitch, reaching over 10,000 weekly views on their channel. “But what's the connection between 888poker and FlowEsports?” this is the question most of you are asking yourselves right about now… and the answer is actually quite simple. You see, some FlowEsports players love playing poker in their free time. 2 of them are actually professional poker players as well. The team even streams a weekly poker match between themselves while taking a break from Hearthstone. Now I hope you see the connection between the two…

What do they want to achieve with this partnership?

If you did not figure it out by now, what 888poker is trying to do with this move is to attract more players to their poker rooms. The numbers are pretty clear regarding this: their regular poker users are slowly declining and their demographics are quite similar to those who prefer eSports betting. What their effective plan is the following: by combining the two genres (poker and Hearthstone), they are indirectly driving traffic towards their site.

Other examples?

Recently, Team Liquid announced a new addition to their team, a professional poker player Randy “Nanonoko” Lew. Here's what he had to say on the announcement:

“Poker was a natural fit as I had the right mindset to figure out how to beat my opponents and the drive to put in the hard work and dedication necessary to be one of the best. Hearthstone has many similarities to poker in that it’s a turn based card game where you are trying to figure out your opponent’s moves so you can optimize your turn. I think my experience in poker will allow me to learn quickly and fulfill my desire to be one of the best in Hearthstone. As a member of Team PokerStars, I’m honored to be back in the esports competitive scene playing Hearthstone as a part of Team Liquid.”

TeamLiquid LogoAnd that's not all, Team Liquid had already signed one professional player in November 2015, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier. In other words, it seems as though FlowEsports aren't the only  Hearthstone team that's interested in combining poker and the ever so popular online card game. Another very interesting thing is the situation with 2004 CS:GO World Champion, Benger. After winning the title of world champion, Benger switched to poker and has won a seat at the 888poker's qualifiers. Long story short, Benger, in the end, won a whopping sum of money, $1,25 million to be more precise. He managed to finish at the 7th place in a tournament with close to 7,000 competitors. Talk about skill…

About the Author: Hipster JesusArticle written by Hipster Jesus, eSports enthusiast and an active member of the CS:GO community. In his free time, he likes to rush B on competitive servers and scream “CYKA BLYAT” at trolls. Contact “Hipster Jesus” on Twitter.

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