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The League of Legends World Championship 2017 is not that far away anymore and teams from all regions including Europe (EU LCS), North America (NA LCS), South Korea (LCK), China (LPL) and Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao (LMS) have been collecting Championship Points (CP) throughout the whole season in order to qualiy for the tournament. After every split the teams get these important points based on their ranking within their regional leagues playoffs. While the winner of the Summer Playoffs are qualified for LoL Worlds right away, the CP of Spring Split and Summer Split are taken into account to determine the 2nd and 3rd seeded teams from each region. While the teams with the most points qualify as the second seed to the World Championship the teams on place 2 to 5 on the CP standings are invited to the regional qualifiers. Click here for details about the teams of the LoL Worlds 2017. In total 24 teams will start at the 2017 World Championship. Read on to learn how the teams can qualify for the tournament, get Championship Points and how all this is related to the LCS Summer Playoffs 2017.

Qualification | All regions

NA LCS | North America (3 Teams)

  • NA LCS Seed #1 – Winner NA LCS Summer Playoffs (08-19 to 09-03-2017)
  • NA LCS Seed #2 – Most Championship Points (09-03-2017)
  • NA LCS Seed #3 – Winner Regional Qualifiers

EU LCS | Europe (3 Teams)

  •  EU LCS Seed #1 – Winner EU LCS Summer Playoffs (08-19 to 09-03-2017)
  •  EU LCS Seed #2 – Most Championship Points (09-03-2017)
  •  EU LCS Seed #3 – Winner Regional Qualifiers

LCK | South Korea (3 Teams)

  • LCK Seed #1 – Winner LCK Summer Playoffs (08-11 to 08-26-2017)
  • LCK Seed #2 – Most Championship Points (08-26-2017)
  • LCK Seed #3 – Winner LCK Regional Qualifiers

LPL | China  (3 Teams)

  • LPL Seed #1 – Winner LPL Summer Playoffs (08-22 to 09-01-2017)
  • LPL Seed #2 – Most Championship Points (09-01-2017)
  • LPL Seed #3 – Winner LPL Regional Qualifiers

LMS | Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao (3 Teams)

  • LMS Seed #1 – Winner LMS Summer Playoffs (08-18 to 08-25-2017)
  • LMS Seed #2 – Most Championship Points (08-25-2017)
  • LMS Seed #3 – Winner LMS Regional Qualifiers

Wildcard Regions (9 Teams)

  • Brazil (CBLOL) #1 Seed – Winner CBLOL Summer Playoffs (08-19 to 09-02-2017)
  • Turkey (TCL) #1 Seed – Winner TCL Summer Playoffs (TBA)
  • CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) (LCL) #1 Seed – Winner LCL Summer Playoffs (TBA)
  • Southeast Asia (GPL) #1 Seed – Winner GPL Summer Playoffs (TBA)
  • Southeast Asia (GPL) #2 Seed – Winner GPL Regional Qualifiers (TBA)
  • Ozeania (OPL)  #1 Seed – Winner OPL Summer Playoffs (08-25 to 09-02-2017)
  • South America North (LAN)  #1 Seed – Winner LAN Summer Playoffs (08-15 to 08-16-2017)
  • South America South (LAS) #1 Seed – Winner LAS Summer Playoffs (07-28 to 08-19-2017)
  • Japan (LJL) #1 Seed – Winner LJL Summer Playoffs (08-16-2017 to TBA)

CS Points – EU LCS, NA LCS, LPL, LMS (after Spring Playoffs):

Championship Points EU LCS NA LCS LPL LMS
90  G2 Esports
Team SoloMid Team WE Flash Wolves
70  Unicorns of Love
Cloud9 RNG Ahq e-Sports
50  Fnatic
Phoenix1 EDG J Team
30  Misfits
FlyQuest OMG Machi 17
10 H2k CLG Newbee Fireball
10 Splyce
Team Dignitas IMay Hong Kong Esports

CS Points – South Korea (LCK) (after Spring Playoffs):

Championship Points Team
90 SK Telecom T1
70 KT Rolster
50 Samsung Galaxy
30 Team MVP
10 Afreeca Freecs

The results of the Mid-Season Invitational 2017 will decide which “Wildcard” region gains an additional seed at League of Legends Worlds 2017. For this years event Riot games introduce the “Play-In Stage”making it possible to raise the number of participants from 16 to 24. More details about how the format of the World Championship has changed here.

EU LCS | Europe – 3 Teams

League of Legends EU LCS Europe LogoAs already mentioned, the winner of the EU LCS Summer Playoffs 2017 is directly qualified for the LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage. This is completely independent from the teams Championship Points, so every team of the EU LCS could still qualify for Worlds. The second seed is for the team with the most Championship Points, whereas both Spring Split and Summer Split are taken into account. Here is how many CP the teams get for the Summer Split 2017:

Pos Championship Points
2 90
3 70
4 40
5 20
6 20

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EU Regional Qualifiers – Qualification for the Play-In-Stage

The next four teams in the CP ranking who have not already qualified for Group Stage will get invited to the Regional Qualifiers. At first the third placed team will play against the fourth placed team and the first placed team against the second placed team. The winners of these two matches play against each other in a final game. However, the winner of the Regional Qualifiers does not qualify for the Worlds Group Stage but rather for the Play-In-Stage. In this stage one team of each of the following regions will play another qualifier for the group stage. Read more about the new World Championship tournament format here.

NA LCS | North America – 3 Teams

League of Legends NA LCS North America LogoThe way to qualify for LoL Worlds 2017 is the same as in Europe. The winner of the NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2017 is the first seed of North America. The team with the most CP also qualifies for group stage and the next four teams in the ranking play the Regional Qualifiers.

Pos Championship Points
2 90
3 70
4 40
5 20
6 20

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LCK | South Korea – 3 Teams

Champions Korea LCK League of Legends North America LogoKorea has the same system as the LCS regions, the winner of the playoffs and the team with the most Championship Points qualify for group stage. The Regional Qualifiers are the same but with the slight difference that the winner is qualified for Worlds 2017 Group Sage rather than Play-In-Stage. This is a result of korean teams performing extraordinarily well in the past on international stages. Theoretically the seeding could change in the next years. The distribution of CP also differs:

Pos Championship Points
2 90
3 70
4 40
5 20

LPL | China – 3 Teams

LPL All-star team - LogoIn China everything looks identical to the LCS regions. The winner of the playoffs qualifies for Worlds Group Stage. Same for the team with the most Championship Points. The next four teams take part in the Regional Qualifiers. The winner of this tournament is seeded for Play-In-Stage.

Pos Championship Points
2 90
3 70
4 40
5 20
6 20

LMS | Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao – 3 Teams

The LMS has been improving rapidly over the last few years since it was founded in 2015. To honor this, the region gets its well-deserved third seed for the World Championship 2017. Especially the Flash Wolves are a team full of talented players that perform really well internationally. The third seed of the LMS has to start at the Play-In-Stage though, indicating that the region is now on the same level as China, Europe or North America. The winner of the LMS Playoffs is straightly qualified for Group stage, same for the team with the most Championship Points.

Pos Championship Points
2 90
3 70
4 40
5 20
6 20

Qualifiers Wildcard Regions – 9 Teams

The term “Wildcard” regions is actually not in use anymore, but it is the shortest way to talk about these regions so you might read it a few more times. Meant are the following:

  • Brazil – CBLOL
  • Turkey – TCL
  • CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) – LCL
  • Southeast Asia – GPL
  • Ozeania – OPL
  • South America North – LAN
  • South America South – LAS
  • Japan – LJL

Each of these regions has one seed in the Play-In Stage. However, Southeast Asia is an exception and has gained a second seed due to their performance at the Mid-Season Invitational 2017. The Play-In Stage replaces the International Wildcard Qualifier.

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