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League of Legends Masters Series LMS 2017 LoL LogoThe LMS regional qualifier tournament determines which team from the region will be taking the 3rd seed and punching their ticket to the 2017 LoL Worlds Championship, 4 teams were battling it out and each series was a best-of-5. There were a lot of contested games and we’ll be recapping it right from the start! It was a 2 round tournament starting with all 4 teams participating in a semi-final, the teams that progressed battle it out for their chance at the World Championship 2017.

League of Legends Icon LMS Regional Qualifiers 2017 | LoL Worlds Qualifiers facts

  • Date: 08/26/2016 – 08/28/2016
  • Format: Each series was a best of 5.
  • There were 4 competing teams.
  • The overall winner takes the LMS no.2 seed.
  • It was a battle between 3 regions.
  • Tournament seeding was based on overall season performance.

Tournament Results:

Hong Kong Attitude won and qualified for LoL Worlds 2016 as LMS Seed #2
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  • 1st place: Hong Kong Attitude LMS League of Legends Logo Hong Kong Attitude
  • 2nd place: Raise Gaming LMS League of Legends Logo Raise Gaming
  • 3rd place: J Team LMS League of Legends Logo J Team
  • 4th place: Machi E-Sports LMS League of Legends Logo Machi E-Sports

Semifinals #1

J Team LMS League of Legends Logo J Team vs. Hong Kong Attitude Hong Kong Attitude LMS League of Legends Logo

The 1st game of the series had both teams battling it out for a gold lead, it was close until HKA found a fight at 28mins where they pushed into a lead. HKA secured Baron after the fight and used it to pressure the lanes. A few skirmishes occurred over the next few minutes and JT applied a lot of pressure but HKA found a few significant fights past 35mins and when Baron was contest around 38mins they found a significant advantage. After taking their 2nd Baron, HKA cracked the JT base at 39mins and pushed for their win. HKA found an early lead in game 2, they picked up more kills and were able to pressure the map more. The game followed a slow pace but at 38mins HKA found a favourable fight, this lead them to skirmish and destroy JT at 40mins which they followed up with their 2nd victory in the series. HKA found another early lead in game 3 but JT were taking a few skirmishes to equalise the gold, by 30mins the pressure from HKA was difficult to handle. JT found a big fight around 32mins that lead them into a strong position. A fight at 46mins to contest Baron had HKA securing the buff but JT were able to take a fight and clear a few of the HKA team. Following the fight JT began to push, they nearly closed out the game but HKA bounced back. At 52mins a fight erupted and JT were able to come out on top, they quickly secured Baron and used the increased pressure to close out the game by 59mins. Game 4 had HKA taking an early lead and they refused to let the pressure drop. A fight by dragon at 15mins had HKA pushing for a 2k gold lead. HKA found a few skirmishes over the next few minutes that opened up Baron for them at 23mins, after securing it they found a fight in the middle lane that lead them to take the series victory as 25mins passed.

Series Victory: Hong Kong Attitude. HK were busting out strong performances for the majority of the series but their macro management looked a little pressured at times, they still had a lot to prove but were able to push into the finals of the tournament.

Semifinals #2

Raise Gaming LMS League of Legends Logo Raise Gaming vs. Machi 17 Machi E-Sports LMS League of Legends Logo

Game 1 was action packed, both teams were pushing for a lead and it wasn’t until 30mins where M17 pushed ahead. Just moments later RG found a fight and took Baron. With this Baron they managed to siege the M17 base and grew their lead. After securing their 2nd Baron, RG found a fight at 41mins that had them taking the game by 42mins. Game 2 has the teams on an even level for the 1st 20mins of the game until M17 find a lead. M17 siege relentlessly to expand this lead and at 27mins they find a fight to secure Baron. They use this baron to siege the RG base and the following fight at 29mins has them pushing for the game 2 win. The 3rd game is action packed but both teams are struggling to find a lead. At 38mins a huge fight breaks out that has  RG securing Baron but M17 take the fight and find a lead. Contesting a 2nd Baron at 45mins has RG taking Baron which they use to pressure the map. A fight by Elder Dragon at 49mins has RG finding an opportunity to push for their 50min victory. Game 4 has both teams struggling to find a lead but at 15mins M17 find an advantage that aids them in gaining control of the map. This leads them to pressuring RG and picking fights, after building a 5k gold lead they start to pick RG apart. M17 start to force Baron at 29mins, before they secure it they take a fight that expands their lead significantly. They use this baron to force their way through the RG base and claim their 34min victory. RG turn the aggression on as they force their way into an early lead during game 5. RG make an aggressive move at 27mins and it pays off as they secure their baron. They quickly use their baron to force their way into the M17 base and claim their victory in the series.

Series Victory: Raise Gaming Victory. Raise Gaming were in some tough situations throughout this series but in the end their aggression paid off. They found strong positions and held their own for map control, leading them to the finals of the Regional Qualifiers.


Hong Kong Attitude LMS League of Legends Logo Hong Kong Attitude vs. Raise Gaming Raise Gaming LMS League of Legends Logo

Game 1 has HKA taking an early lead but at 24mins RG strike back. RG control the map and expand into a 6k gold lead by 34mins but HKA make a move in the middle lane that leads to them securing baron. At 41mins HKA manage to catch RG out, they secure their 2nd baron and look for a fight. At 49mins HKA find the fight that they need and they follow this up with their victory just moments later. Game 2 adapts a slower pace but at 26mins a fight erupts where HKA find a huge lead, along with Baron buff. They use this to siege and fight for a few minutes and at 30mins they make their move, quickly taking down RG and taking a 2nd win. Both teams struggle to find a lead in game 3 but HKA control the map and slowly build one. RG start to skirmish and they manage to find a lead of their own, HKA become extremely aggressive and manage to find a fight and Baron buff around 26mins. They follow this up by picking more regular fights and at 34mins, contesting another Baron, they find an opportunity to take down RG and push for their 36min victory.

Series Victory: Hong Kong Attitude. HK Attitude manages to force themselves into advantageous opportunities and this opened up the map to them regularly. With a vast amount of confidence beaming through their performances, HK Attitude managed to come out on top of the series and punch their ticket to the World Championship.

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