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LMS Logo League of LegendsThe League Masters Series (LMS – read more about the LMS format here) Playoffs tournament is between the top 4 teams of the latest season. For the 2015 LMS summer season, in order of seed from 4th to 1st, was Midnight Sun Esports, Hong Kong Esports, Yoe Flash Wolves, ahq e-Sports Club. These 4 teams would have to fight it out to see who comes out on top. The winner of the playoffs earns a place at the 2015 World Championship where they will get to show their strength against the teams of all of the other regions. The second LMS Seed to LoL Worlds was determined in the LMS Regional Qualifiers in August 2015.

For the playoffs the 1st seed is automatically in the finale, so ahq e-Sports Club automatically advance, and the 2nd seed is in the semi-finals; which gives Yoe Flash Wolves an easier chance to reach the finals. All playoff matches are in a best of 5 formats and are played on patch 5.13 with recently released champion Tahm Kench disabled.

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LMS Summer Playoffs facts

  • Date: 07/24/2015 – 07/26/2015
  • 4 Teams
  • Patch: LoL 5.13
  • Format: 3 Rounds (Gauntlet)
  • Mode: Best of 5
  • Winner gets last LMS slot to LoL Worlds 2015

Tournament Results:

ahq e-Sports Club (AHQ) won and qualified for LoL Worlds 2015 as LMS Seed #1

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  • 1st place:   Ahq e-Sports Club - LMS Team Logo ahq e-Sports Club
  • 2nd place: HongKong Esports - LMS team logo Hong Kong Esports
  • 3rd place: Flash Wolves - LMS team logo Yoe Flash Wolves
  • 4th place: Midnight Sun e-Sports - LMS team logo Midnight Sun Esports

Teams Overview and short background

  • Ahq e-Sports Club - LMS Team Logo Ahq E-Sports Club (AHQ) – Originally known as 2 separate teams “Corsair” and “SSWIE” who later formed to create AHQ, this teams has been known to have a constantly strong performance. Being top contenders in the past 2 years.
  • Flash Wolves - LMS team logo Yoe Flash Wolves (yoeFW) – The Yoe Flash Wolves have previously come across a lot of difficulties however when they started to gain strength they gain it quickly, taking down the known top teams of 2013 and 2014.
  • HongKong Esports - LMS team logo Hong Kong ESports (HKES) – With 2 superstar players holding the team at a top strength HKES have shown a significant amount of strength and even more potential; with now retired Kurtis “Toyz” Lau being a previous world champion along with top laner Wang “Stanley” June Tsan.
  • Midnight Sun e-Sports - LMS team logo Midnight Sun Esports (MSE) – Formerly known as “No Game No Life”, this team has shown great potential since their formation. They gained instant qualification into the LMS and managed to hold their own against some of the current top teams.

Tournament Recap

Round 1: HongKong Esports - LMS team logo HKES vs Midnight Sun e-Sports - LMS team logo MSE

In game 1 with HKES obtaining 2 kills early they managed to take a 2k lead with both kills being obtained by their jungler Xue “DinTer” Hong-Wei. With a lead already obtained he uses his advantage to roam mid lane. With assistance from Kim “Olleh” Joo-Sung they manage to pick up another 2 kills pushing their gold lead to 4k by 14mins. By just 21mins HKES is holding an 8k lead with a kill score of 9-1. MSE manage to pick a fight at 35mins taking 3 kills at a loss of 1 of their own, closing the previously 11k gold gap to just 9k, still a significant disadvantage. HKES soon pick off members of MSE at 37mins and push for victory. HKES 1:0

With game 2 underway some impressive play from DinTer manages to prove a problem for MSE. 4mins into the game MSE tower dive which is stopped by a group stun. With 1 death for HKES and 2 for MSE, HKES take a small 1k lead. With more moves being made by DinTer just minutes later they manage to double this lead to 2k. 12mins in HKES take a team fight where they kill 3 members of MSE; this pushes their lead at 13mins to 6k. 22mins in HKES find a fight; they manage to ace MSE and push their gold lead to 11k and eventually take Baron Nashor by 26mins. After once again picking off members of MSE, HKES manage to take all 3 inhibitors and eventually finish out the game by 30mins with a gold lead of 18k and a 26-5 kill score. HKES 2:0

Game 3 goes in MSE’s favour early; with some well-timed spells from jungler Leung “Empt2” Tsz Ho. MSE manages to take a kill score of 3-1 while holding a small gold advantage. With MSE picking off members of HKES and taking a tier 2 turret mid lane by 21mins they push their gold lead to 4k. With multiple members of HKES being killed at 29mins MSE take their 5k gold lead to Baron Nashor, this attempt is halted with the loss of their jungler Emot2. MSE manage to take Baron Nashor by 33mins and kill multiple members of HKES for a 7k gold advantage. 36mins in Toyz is caught out of position and MSE take a fight, pushing for the victory at 37mins with an 11k gold lead. HKES 2:1

 HKES take game 4 by storm, earning the first blood kill at 12mins and destroying the mid first turret. Moments later rotating to the bottom lane and picking up 2 more kills and a second turret, taking a 4k gold lead by 14mins. HKES manage to find a fight at 25mins in picking up 3 kills at a loss of 2 of their own members, pushing their gold advantage to 8k.While tower diving MSE at 30mins HKES kill 3 opposing team members and take 2 inhibitors, significantly furthering their lead. HKES manage to take Baron Nashor at 32mins but with excellent play from MSE they manage to ace the members of HKES, holding out the game. Just moments later, 34mins, HKES storm the base as 5 and take the enemy nexus. HKES Victory 3:1

Semi Finals: HongKong Esports - LMS team logo HKES vs Flash Wolves - LMS team logo yoeFW

15mins into game 1 with HKES taking global objectives and farming better they hold a 4k lead at 17mins. This gold lead is close at 19mins as yoeFW manage to kill 2 members of HKES and take a bottom lane turret. At 26mins HKES take a fight trading 2 kills with yoeFW, gaining no significant advantage. With yoeFW finding DinTer alone they pick up a kill and attempt Baron Nashor. With an unexpected turn of events at 31mins, Toyz from HKES manages to steal Baron and HKES kill 3 members of yoeFW giving them a 4k gold lead. As HKES try to push their advantage 37mins into the game yoeFW pick a fight and pick up 3 kills, halting further pushing from HKES. During the 39th minute an exciting battle between the teams break out where kiting assist yoeFW in trading 4 kills with HKES, halting pushing again. At 44mins with both teams passing 70k gold a battle by drake kicks off; with better positioning HKES manage to ace yoeFW and push for victory at 45mins. HKES 1:0

21mins into game 2 and HKES start picking off members of yoeFW, obtaining a kill score of 4-2 and a 5k gold lead as they take Baron Nashor moments later. At 28mins HKES manage to find members of yoeFW out of position, allowing them to pick up some uncontested kills and cracking into the base of yoeFW. With some superior team fighting from yoeFW they manage to catch HKES trapped in the Baron pit at 30mins, allowing them to equalise the kill score and take a Baron of their own. 32mins in and yoeFW crack the base of HKES, taking an inhibitor. By 37mins they’ve acquired 2 of HKES’ inhibitors and are working their way to their 41min victory after acing HKES at drake. 1:1 tie.

With game 3 underway HKES manage to take a 2k gold lead with superior objective control and lane pressure, obtaining them a kill score of 4-2. After obtaining a 9k gold lead HKES start to pressure the map and pick up more kills, leading to a 9-2 kill score. After picking up a few kill HKES take Baron at 30mins. 38mins in and a large fight breaks out where HKES ace yoeFW and claim victory at 40mins. HKES 2:1

With a staggering but slow performance HKES go 6-2 by 20mins and take a 2k gold lead. After achieving a 6k gold lead HKES pick a fight and take down 4 members of yoeFW by 28mins pushing for a 9k lead. After picking off members of yoeFW, HKES take a 31min inhibitor and slowly push for their victory after killing 3 opposing members at 36mins. HKES Victory 3:1.

Grand Finals: Ahq e-Sports Club - LMS Team Logo AHQ vs Flash Wolves - LMS team logo HKES

AHQ manage to take an early lead in game 1 taking a 3k gold lead by 16mins. AHQ attempt Baron at 27mins but give 3 kills to HKES along with Baron due to fault positioning. With AHQ acquiring their own Baron and a 5k gold lead by 36mins they start to pressure lanes, taking an inhibitor. By 39mins AHQ obtain all 3 inhibitors and an 8k lead. After a 42min Baron AHQ pushes HKES’ base and nexus by 43mins. AHQ 1:0

Once again AHQ take an early lead by pressuring global objectives, obtaining a 5k lead 17mins in. 23mins HKES pick a fight but superior play and gold allow AHQ to pick up more kills. With another fight minutes later AHQ lose 3 members and HKES take a 28min Baron. HKES with a 4k gold lead push for a win but are halted by AHQs remaining members at 30mins. 32mins and AHQ are holding out, preventing further advances from HKES.AHQ take a 37min Baron and ace HKES, eventually pushing into the base of HKES and claiming victory at 39mins. AHQ 2:0

Game 3, AHQ manage to take outer turrets by 17mins taking a 3k lead. 19mins in AHQ engage and ace HKES furthering their lead to 5k. At 25mins AHQ ace HKES and take a 26min Baron. A fight at 31min nets HKES 3 kills and an inhibitor. By 33mins AHQ take another Baron along with 3 members of HKES. Just a minute later HKES kill 3 AHQ members and look to push for victory, giving up 2 kills to AHQ. At 39mins AHQ push, claiming a second inhibitor. AHQ claim victory at 41mins with an 11k gold lead. AHQ Victory 3:0

With an outstanding performance and a 100% win-rate during playoffs AHQ earned their place at the World Championship. The other 3 teams get to try again at the regionals tournament along with the Taipei assassins who held 5th seed during the summer split. Congratulations AHQ!

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