European Teams (LCS EU) at LoL World Championship 2014

League of Legends World Championship 2014 - LogoLCS EU LogoEurope (LCS EU) has 3 berths to the League of Legends World Championship 2014 . The 3 European seeds to Season 4’s World Championship where determined at the LCS EU Summer Split Playoffs 2014. Alliance won the finals of the European playoffs against Fnatic 3 : 1. SK Gaming secured the last LCS EU spot at the World Championship by beating Team Roccat 3: 0 in the match for 3rd place. Let’s have a closer look at the 3 teams from Europe and their roster for the upcoming World Championship 2014:

 World Championship Season 4 | 2014 – Overview

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Alliance (No. 1 seed EU | Winner LCS EU Summer Split 2014)

Worlds Group Stage: Group D

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team AllianceEuropean LCS Team AllianceAlliance had it easy this time around. After suffering a trend of inconsistencies in the Spring Split, Alliance got their groove together and dominated the entire Summer Split by being at the top spot for the entirety of the split. No one was able to take their position away from them not even Fnatic or SK Gaming hence they were crowned as the winners of the Summer Split and took the first seed. Right after the Summer Split Playoffs Alliance went of to bootcamp in Korea to train for the World Championship. We will see if the bootcamp pays off! Alliance's current team roster includes:

Roster Alliance:

  • Top Lane:  Wickd
  • Jungle: Shook
  • Mid Lane: Froggen
  • ADC: Tabzz
  • Support: Nyph

Fnatic (No. 2 seed EU | Runner-Up LCS EU Summer Split 2014)

Achievements: LoL World Champ 2011, 3rd/4th during LoL Worlds 2013
Worlds Group Stage: Group C

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team FnaticEuropean LCS Team FnaticThe EU LCS has been one of the best training grounds for top European teams of League of Legends. Since Season 1, Fnatic has been one of the dominating forces and were also the winner of the First LoL World Championship in Sweden in 2011 Moreover Fnatic placed 3rd/4th during LoL Worlds 2013. Moreover Fnatic represented the European LCS Region at  LoL All-Stars 2014 but was elimanted in the semi-finals by SKT T1 K. This season, they have played it down by placing in the middle of the pack during the early weeks of the Summer Split. After winning the Spring Split, the team fell into a slump and stayed in the middle of the pack for most of the weeks but it was not until the last weeks of the split that they began to force their way back to the top and played to become one of the top teams in the region. Fnatic went on to the Summer Split finals against Alliance but ended up giving the win to the other team hence they got the second seed. Right after the finals Fnatic went off to Korea to train for the upcoming World Championship 2014. Their current team roster is as follows:

Roster Fnatic:

  • Top Lane:SoaZ
  • Jungle: Cyanide
  • Mid Lane: xPeke
  • ADC: Rekkles
  • Support: Yellowstar

SK Gaming (No. 3 seed EU | 3rd place LCS EU Summer Split 2014)

Achievements: 11th/12th during LoL Worlds 2012
Worlds Group Stage: Group B
Result 2014: 3rd place in Group B (2W / 4L) | Overall Result: 9th – 12th Place | Prize:  $ 45,000

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team SK GamingEuropean LCS Team SK GamingMeanwhile, SK Gaming had a rough time in the LCS especially during the last few weeks, SK Gaming played very well in the early weeks of the Summer split but along the way, they stumbled greatly and were up against old time rival Millenium during the Playoffs and ultimately, they got the third seed against Roccat. The following is the current lineup of the team for the World Championship 2014:

Roster SK Gaming:

EU LCS Prospects at LoL Worlds 2014

Coming into the World Championships, the European teams will have a hard time dealing with the Chinese and Korean teams and might even give a bit of back and forth against the teams in North America whereas they should be able to dominate a few of the Southeast Asian teams. Alliance is primed to get into the Quarterfinal Rounds as well as Fnatic but it seems like SK Gaming might not be able to get through to the Group Stages of the tournament. However, everything is still up in the air depending on which group they will be assigned on. But, Alliance and Fnatic have it in them to make it to the Quarterfinals or even to the Semifinals.

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