League of Legends Chosen for 2018 Asian Games

Logo 18th Asian Games Jakarta Palembang 201810 years ago, who would have thought that video gamers would take part in Video Game Olympics. The Asian Games 2018 are a multi-sport event that happens every 4 years, similarly to the worldwide famous Olympic Games or the Soccer World Cup. What you probablčy didn't know is that this tournament has been officially recognized by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and classified as the second largest multi-sport event with only the classical Olympics in front of it.

League of Legends is only one of six eSports titles to take part in the 2018 Asian Games. The main purpose of this is to prove to the world that eSports is a growing industry and can be just as entertaining and worldwide-popular as the Olympics.

The Unlocking of New Doors for eSports

It’s safe to say that success at the 2018 Asian Games will bring a new era of eSports; one where tradition would become law and the games themselves beacons of world recognition. The eSports Olympics (if they happen) will bring in many people, both spectators and gamers alike, and this will mark a change in how people perceive video games and eSports.

Right now, League of Legends is leading this cause and it’s important that they do a very good job. After all, the entire world, especially the fans, will be watching. This is not a competition between eSports teams; rather, it is one where countries face off against each other in the Rift.

Organizational Structure of Asian Games 2018

Riot Games will take part in organizing the League of Legends tournament since they have a lot of experience in this field. They will advise the Olympic Council of Asia and other member nations on topics such as team selection, tournament format choice, and others.

June is the month to look out for as it is during this time that the qualifiers will take place. 45 nations are invited and each nation must have a team of five players. Only 8 teams will continue their road to the Asian Games.

Since this is the first eSports project of its kind, there will surely be some issues. For example, countries still do not have a clear understanding of eSports and, as such, will have a tough time picking out players that will represent them. Riot has offered additional support in this matter as well in the form of consulting and guidance. The methods with which a country chooses players are free of choice, meaning that there are no rules here.

Final thoughts on the matter

What does this mean for eSports in general? Well, it is sure to open a plethora of new paths that Esports could take. Getting officially recognized as a sport is a massive step forward; one that gamers and fans everywhere were trying to make since eSports became a thing. It is through these Games that we will see how the world responds and reacts to the eSports Olympics. One thing is for sure: It is a new dawn.

Written by: Pavo

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