IEM VIII – Intel Extreme Masters Cologne – League of Legends

League of Legends tournament the the Intel Extreme Masters in Cologne LogoIEM (currently in Season 8) has seen two years with League of Legends (aka. LoL) which is one of the most popular esports games in the world today. The Intel Extreme Masters 2013 will take place in Cologne (Germany). The esports tournament is organized by the ESL and will be cast from  the ESL Studios. This prestigious tournament will take place from November 23rd to November 24th . As teams from all over the world battle it out for the total prize pool of $80,000. The tournament will be separated into two divisions. One for 6 LoL pro teams and a second one for 4 amateur teams who fought their way into this esports event.  There will be lines for all matches at various esports bookmakers. Find more about betting on the LoL tournament at the Intel Extreme Masters 2013 below.

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LoL Tournament IEM VIII, Cologne facts

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Here are some facts about the upcoming League of Legends tournament at the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) 2013 in Cologne (Germany):

  • Pro Tournament and Amateur Tournament
  • 6 Pro teams – 4 Amateur teams
  • Date: 11-23-2013 to 11-24-2013
  • Prize Money: $ 80,000 in total
  • $ 50,000 for the pro tournament
  • $ 30,000 for the amateur tournament
  • Live stream on Twitch (other channels to be confirmed)

The Pro Division will be composed of six teams. 2 pro teams from North America’s LCS, 2 pro teams from the European LCS, 1 team from the CIS qualifier, and the last LoL team will hail from the Turkish qualifier. In the Amateur Division, four teams will play including 1 team from the EU LCS Relegation and 3 from the EU qualifiers. Participants of the Pro Division are Team Cloud 9, Team Counter Logic Gaming, Fnatic, Gambit Gaming, Team Turquality BLUE, and The RED. Four teams from this division will face once again after being defeated at the recently concluded LoL World Championships Season 3 in the USA this October.

LoL Pro tournament quarterfinal:

Gambit Gaming vs. The Red

  • Saturday Nov. 23rd, 17:00 UTC+1
  • best of 3 mode

CLG (Counter Logic Gaming) vs. Team Turquality Blue

  • Saturday Nov. 23rd, 20:00 UTC+1
  • best of 3 mode

Read more about the quarterfinal at the IEM VIII

IEM Pro tournament roster:

  • Cloud 9 (LCS NA)
  • Counter Logic Gaming (LCS NA)
  • Fnatic (LCS EU)
  • Gambit Gaming (LCS EU)
  • Turquality Blue (Turkish qualifier)
  • The RED (CIS qualifier)

IEM Amateur tournament roster:

The Amateur tournament starts at 11:00 UTC+1.

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas (Sweden)
  • SK Gaming (EU)
  • Copenhagen Wolves (Denmark)
  • TCM-Gaming (UK)

Betting on the IEM League of Legends tournament

If you are interested in good LoL betting odds for straight match bets on the winner you should take a look on the lines offered by Pinnacle eSports. The bookie is offering betting on League of Legends for more than year now and will offer odds for all matches of the Intel Extreme Masters LoL tournament.

Datbet is offering a lot of special bets for the IE Masters in Cologne. During the World champions ship of League of Legends this October Datbet offered more than 50 different bets for a single match. This includes special bets like which team will take the first dragon or will there be a Pentakill. You can find out more about the service of esports bookie Datbet in our Review.

Preview on the tournament:

CLG will try to take the spot from Cloud 9 as the best team from the NA region while Fnatic will surely try to hold on to their title as the best EU team against Gambit Gaming. Team Turquality Blue and The RED will have to prove to themselves that they are up to par with the rest of the international team if they want to have a chance to get to the LCS in their region. The Amateur scene will most likely pit old contenders in the LCS as well. Teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas, SK Gaming, and Copenhagen Wolves have been in and out of the LCS since season 2 and have met each other in the Summoner's Rift. TCM-Gaming will take the fourth spot as the newbie in the tournament but teams should not count TCM-Gaming out.

It has been a long time (in esports terms) since anyone has seen these teams in action. These teams have been practicing different strategies so it will be mayhem once they start to show their cards and see who topples first with their newfound energy and strategy. The most likely to come out on top in the Pro Division would be Team Fnatic and Gambit Gaming as they have proven time and time again that they can adjust fairly well to their enemy team’s strategy. With Edward coming back to Gambit Gaming, he will surely have great input on his time during the NA LCS against Cloud 9. Fnatic has shed off their Marksman and got replaced so it will be a shaky tournament for them but they have always come out on top with xPeke leading the way.

IEM 2013 Live stream:

The League of Legends tournament at the IEM will be cast by ESL. You can watch the live stream on twitch or here on our website. Have fun with the games!



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