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Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Taipei 2015 - LogoJanuary is closing in, and with the first month of 2015 going down, LoL & IEM fans will be looking out for only one thing (besides the start of the competitive LoL leagues like LCS, OGN (LCK) and so on…): IEM visit to Taipei for the last League of Legends tournament at Intel Extreme Masters Season 9 before the IEM World Championship in Katowice!

Yep, it’s here! Close to 40 days after IEM Cologne, the Intel Extreme Masters has finally crept its way to Taipei, and it looks to be as promising as ever! Action filled LoL matches, never ending doses of fun and what-not, everything is the same as ever!

Now hold on to your honkers, for we will explain every question you may have shortly! For now, let’s look at the schedule!

LoL IEM Taipei 2015 facts:

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  • Date: 01/28/2015 – 01/31/2015
  • Location: Taipei, Taipei Game Show at Taipei World Trade Center
  • 6 teams
  • Single Elimination with 2 Wildcards
  • Best of 3 | Finals: Best of 5
  • Patch: not officially confirmed yet (most likely 5.1.)
  • Prize Money: $ 50,000
  • Live stream for all matches
  • Betting Odds for all matches available

Schedule IEM Taipei – League of Legends

If you are a long standing IEM fan, you may realize that the schedule for all IEM events is pretty much the same, but here is a refresher if you are feeling a bit dizzy!

Schedule Quarter-Finals

Quarter-Final #1: IEM Taipei - League of Legends Team yoe Flash Wolves yoe Flash Wolves vs. IEM Taipei - League of Legends Team Bangkok Titans Bangkok Titans
(Jan 28th/29th, 19:00 PST/ 22:00 EST/ 04:00 CET)
Quarter-Final#2: IEM Taipei - League of Legends Team Taipei Assassins Taipei Assassins vs. IEM Taipei - League of Legends Team Avant Garde Avant Garde
(Jan 28th/29th, 22:00 PST/ 01:00 EST/ 07:00 CET)

Schedule Semi-Finals

Semi-Final #1: IEM Taipei - League of Legends Team ahq e-sports Club ahq e-Sports Club vs. TBD
(Jan 29th/30th, 19:00 PST/ 22:00 EST/ 04:00 CET)
Semi-Final#2: IEM Taipei - League of Legends Team Saigon Jokers Saigon Jokers vs. TBD
(Jan 29th/30th, 22:00 PST/ 01:00 EST/ 07:00 CET)

IEM Taipei Grand Finals

Finals: TBD vs. TBD
(Jan 30th/31st, 19:00 PST/ 22:00 EST/ 04:00 CET)

Schedule Overview

28th January (Wednesday):

  • Yoe Flash Wolves VS Bangkok Titans (Best of 3)
  • Taipei Assassins VS Avant Garde (Best of 3)

29th January (Thursday):

  • AHQ esports club VS winner of Yoe Flash Wolves/Bangkok Titans (Best of 3)
  • Saigon Jokers VS winner of Taipei Assassins/Avant Garde (Best of 3)

30th January (Friday):

  • Finals Match (Best of 5)


There are 6 teams in total, and 2 have earned a bye into the semi-finals on the basis of their past performance (AHQ esports and Saigon Jokers). Then there are the other 4 teams, who qualify for the IEM through the qualifiers. The 4 teams who qualify play the quarterfinals amongst themselves, and those two who win carry on to the semi-finals to play against the pre-seeded teams.

The winners of semi-finals, of course, carry on to the finals and play it out between themselves.

The quarterfinals and semifinals are best of 3’s while the final is a best of 5 match.

Taipei 2015 Intel Extreme Master LoL Teams

Here are the 6 teams who will be participating in the IEM Taipei:

  • IEM Taipei - League of Legends Team ahq e-sports Club AHQ esports  (bye to Semi-Finals)
  • IEM Taipei - League of Legends Team Saigon Jokers Saigon Jokers (invited – bye to Semi-Finals)
  • IEM Taipei - League of Legends Team yoe Flash Wolves Yoe Flash Wolves
  • IEM Taipei - League of Legends Team Bangkok Titans Bangkok Titans
  • IEM Taipei - League of Legends Team Taipei Assassins Taipei Assassins
  • IEM Taipei - League of Legends Team Avant Garde Avant Garde

The schedule would also tell you at a quick glance that who is participating, but the above list should help if you are too lazy like us!

Saigon Jokers, Taipei Assassins, AHQ esports and Bangkok Titans are well-known teams with a history in e-sports competitions, but both Yoe Flash wolves and Avant Garde are new faces to the IEM scene. As such, they now have a golden opportunity to showcase to the world whether they have it in them or not!

Avant Garde earned their seed by winning the Oceanic Regional Tournament, which is an official tournament hosted by Riot Games. A seed was preserved for whoever won the Oceanic tournament, and Avant Garde managed to get their hands on it.

YoeFlash wolves on the other hand, qualified through LMS qualifier, finishing 3rd in place after AHQ and Taipei Assassins. After suffering defeat from both these teams once, YFW would be looking forward to taking their revenge by upsetting the plans of these teams, for they definitely have nothing to lose or fear in this tournament.

One thing is for certain, Taipei would definitely be worth the watch, especially since it is the last stop for the IEM before the World Championship at Katowice itself, which would be in March. With so much at stake, teams would be giving their bests to have a spot in the Championship and win their share of the $50,000 prize pool, so you better make sure that your alarm for the 28th of January is set, and that your schedule is free, because you don’t want to be missing this hyper packed shot of action!

Prize Money | Results

The 6 League of Legends Teams at IEM Taipei fight for a total prize money of $ 50,000.

  • 1st Place: 
  • 2nd Place:
  • 3rd and 4th Place:
  • 5th and 6th Place:

Live Stream – IEM Taipei 2015 LoL Tournament

You can watch the Live Stream of the LoL matches at IEM Taipei 2015 right here on our website. Just click play on the button to start the stream! The red light indicates that the stream is live now!

You know who will win?

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