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IEM San Jose 2015 logoThe dust from the 2015 League of Legends World Championship has settled. The champion has been congratulated more times than they can count and everybody is getting ready for the LoL All-Star Event before the 2016 LCS is starting in January. But what are League of Legends fans to do until then? There’s almost a month until the All-Star Event, so we need to find something to pass the time.

Enter Intel Extreme Masters League of Legends tournament in San Jose. The IEM tournament series is currently in season 10, and will feature some of the top LoL teams in the world, much like Worlds did (though the world champions are not permitted to participate in this particular competition). The teams that will actually attend the event in San Jose have been chosen by fans for all regions (except for Korea – Jin Air Green Wings was invited to get some of the action). Power to the people! Considering the fact that some of the most popular League of Legends teams will attend, this is going to be one great race to the first spot. Some of the participants failed in their quest to claim the world title, but they are given a chance to claim a different reward that is, albeit not as impressive as winning the world championship, still a great honor. While the winner and runner up of the tournament qualify for the IEM Season 10 World Championship in Katowice, the next stop of IEM will be Cologne in December 2015.

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LoL IEM Season 10 – San Jose facts:

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  • Date: 11/21/2015 – 11/22/2015
  • Location: San Jose, SAP Center, (USA)
  • 6 teams
  • Single Elimination K.O. Bracket with two Wildcards
  • Quarter and semi-finals will be Best of 3
  • Finals will be Best of 5
  • Patch: 5.21
  • Prize Pool: $ 50,000
  • Live stream for all matches
  • Betting Odds for all matches available

Schedule and starting times

Update: The schedule has recently been changed as a charity show match between two teams lead by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich (CEO of Intel) and Mark Cuban (owner of NBA team Dallas Mavericks) got added on Day 1!

Schedule Quarter-Finals – Saturday, 11/21/2015

Quarter-Final #1: Logo of LCS NA Team TSM TSM vs. LGD Gaming - LPL Team Logo LGD    2  0  
(Saturday, November 21st, 10:40AM PST/ 01:40PM EST/ 19:40 CET)

ARAM Showmatch: Team Brian Krzanich vs. Team Mark Cuban
(Saturday, November 21st, 2:20 PM PST/ 5:20 PM EST/ 23:20 CET)
Quarter-Final#2: Logo of LCS NA Team CLG CLG vs. Unicorns of Love - LCS EU Team Logo Unicorns of Love    2  0  
(Saturday, November 21st, 3:20 PM PST/ 6:20 PM EST/ 00:20 CET (next day))

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Schedule Semi-Finals – Sunday, 11/22/2015

Semi-Final #1: Origen - EU LCS Team Logo Origen vs. Logo of LCS NA Team TSM TSM    2  0  
(Sunday, November 22nd, 10:40AM PST/ 01:40PM EST/ 19:40 CET)
Semi-Final#2:  Jin Air Green Wings - LCK Team Logo Jin Air Green Wings vs. Logo of LCS NA Team CLG CLG    0  2  
(Sunday, November 22nd, 2:00 PM PST/ 5:00 PM EST/ 23:00 CET)

IEM San Jose 2015 Grand Finals – Sunday, 11/22/2015

Finals: Origen - EU LCS Team Logo Origen vs. Logo of LCS NA Team CLG CLG    3  0  
(Sunday, November 22nd, 05:20PM PST/ 08:20PM EST/ 02:20 CET (next day))

You know who will win?

Betting Info

All major LoL betting sites have markets for the League of Legends tournament at IEM San Jose. You can take a closer look at the betting odds in our preview articles. Currently you can place bets on the tournament winner besides the winner of each match. Handicap bets are also available at Bet365.

Format of the League of Legends tournament

Considering the fact that there are only six teams participating in the tournament, the format should come as no surprise – a single elimination K.O. bracket with all games being Best of 3, aside from the Finals, which will be Best of 5. It will be interesting to see what the teams will do. Many new changes have been introduced to the meta since Worlds. Despite the fact that the World Championship this year saw a huge variety (not in the jungle, though), we hope that we’ll see some new and weird experimentation in the IEM. The format won’t allow for a huge overall variety because there won’t be enough games to demonstrate it, but we can still hope to see something outside of the meta demonstrated in Worlds.

LoL teams at IEM San Jose 2015

  • Origen - EU LCS Team Logo Origen | EU LCS
  • Logo of LCS EU Team Unicorns of Love Unicorns of Love | EU LCS (stepped in for Fnatic)
  • Logo of LCS NA Team TSM TSM | NA LCS
  • Logo of LCS NA Team CLGCounter Logic Gaming | NA LCS
  • Jin Air Green Wings - LCK Team Logo Jin Air Green Wings | LCK South Korea
  • LGD Gaming - LPL Team LGD Gaming | LPL China

If you’ve followed the tournament so far, you know that the six teams that are going to attend it are Unicorns of Love, Origen, Team Solomid, Counter Logic Gaming, Jin Air Green Wings, and LGD Gaming. That’s right, you’ve read all of them correctly. Despite having been voted by the community, Fnatic are sadly not going to be able to attend the tournament, which is why Unicorns of Love will be going in their stead. This way UoL are getting the opportunity to get back at Origen for the last time they played against them on a major scene. Solomid and CLG have some bad blood between them (read more about the recent LCS roster changes), as well, so it’s going to be an exciting tournament.

All of the teams were voted to be there by the community, aside from Jin Air Green Wings. They were invited by the tournament organizers as it is believed they are going to be a perfect addition to the games and they’re going to represent their region in a spectacular manner. Of course, this means that whatever happens in the tournament has been (more or less) chosen by the fans, which is great because this gives us a direct insight into the inner workings of an eSports fan’s mind (well, the entire community, but you get what we mean). The competition is going to be amazing!

Live Stream and Casters

Such an anticipated tournament deserves a great team of live stream casters to help it come to life. As you know rather well, the games and the plays are only half of the magic – the casters create the other half. Meet them below:

  • Desk Host: William “Chobra” Cho
  • Commentator: Leigh “Deman” Smith
  • Commentator: Erik “DoA” Lonnquist
  • Commentator: Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles
  • Commentator: Daniel “Tsepha” Drakos
  • Commentator: David “Phreak” Turley
  • Commentator: Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels
  • Analyst: Brandon “Saintvicious” DiMarco
  • Stage Host: Sean Charles

You can watch the LoL matches of IEM San Jose 2015 live here on our website. Just start the player below when the tournament is live.

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