LoL All-Star 2015 – League of Legends All-Stars in Los Angeles

LoL All-star 2015 - LogoAfter the dust from Worlds has settled, Riot have another major international tournament in store for us, because they like to keep us entertained. This will be the last major event this year, so we’re hoping that we’re going to send it out with a bang. We’re talking, of course, about the 2015 All-Star Event, which will have all of the entertainment value of Worlds, but in a bit of more casual, nonchalant kind of way. If Worlds is the cool, big, serious, and popular brother everyone looks up to, then the ASE is the little bro who’s fun at parties because he cracks the best jokes and tells the best stories. Both brothers are awesome in their right.

The 2015 League of Legends All-Stars (ASE) tournament will be held in the NA LCS Studio in LA from December 10th to December 13th. The studio has gone through some changes and fans will be pleased to know that now there is more space than ever before. This translates to more spots, which is awesome, because you’re not going to want to miss this fantastic tournament for the world.

The 2016 League of Legends All Star tournament is heading to Barcelona, Spain. Find out more about LoL All Star 2016.

League of Legends All-Star 2015 Facts

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  • Date: 12/10/2015 to 12/13/2015
  • Location: NA LCS Studio – Los Angeles | view on map
    12312 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064
  • Patch: LoL 5.23
  • 5 all-star teams voted by fans + 1 Wildcard team
  • Voting Regions / Leagues: LCS NA, LCS EU, LPL, LCK, LMS
  • All-Star Player Voting: closed – view player voting results
  • Game Voting: November, 30th 2015 to December, 8th 2015
  • All machtes will be streamed live

LoL All Star Final Team Score FIRE – ICE

Team Score LoL All Star 2015

Schedule ASE 2015

Here you can take a look at the full schedule of all matches and game modes of the 2015 League of Legends All-Star Event. The tournament is divded into two parts: The regional fire and ice competition (including normal matches and fun mode) and the 1 vs. 1 tournament where all the players are fighting on their own in 1vs1 matches on the Howling Abyss map. You can find out more about all the different game modes below.

ASE Day 1 – Thursday, December 10th
Start Time: 5PM PST/ 8PM EST/ 02:00 CET (next day*) / 10:00 KST (next day*)

Schedule Overview:
Regional #1: EU LCS All-star team - Logo EU LCS vs. NA LCS All-star team - Logo NA LCS    1   0  
Fun Mode Pick-10: LCK All-star team - Logo LCK vs. LPL All-star team - Logo LPL   0   1  

1 vs. 1:  7 matches
Regional #2: LPL All-star team - Logo LPL vs. LMS All-star team - Logo LMS   1   0  

1 vs. 1:  7 matches
Regional #3: LCK All-star team - Logo LCK vs. Wildcard All-star team - Logo IWC   1   0  

>>> view full schedule and preview

You know who will win?

ASE Day 2 – Friday, December 11th

Start Time: 5PM PST/ 8PM EST/ 02:00 CET (next day*) / 10:00 KST (next day*)

Schedule Overview:
Regional #4: Wildcard All-star team - Logo IWC vs. EU LCS All-star team - Logo NA LCS    0   1  
Fun Mode: Marksman Mode
1 vs. 1: 4 matches
Regional #5: EU LCS All-star team - Logo EU LCS vs. LMS All-star team - Logo LMS   1   0  
1 vs. 1: 4 matches
Regional #6: LPL All-star team - Logo LPL vs. LCK    0   1  

ASE Day 3 – Saturday, December 12th
Start Time: 3PM PST/ 6PM EST/ 24:00 CET / 08:00 KST (next day*)

Schedule Overview:
Regional #7: LCK All-star team - Logo LCK vs. EU LCS All-star team - Logo EU LCS     0   1  
Fun Mode: One-For-All- ICE vs. Fire      0   1  
1 vs. 1: 4 matches
Regional #8: LMS All-star team - Logo LMS vs. Wildcard All-star team - Logo IWC   1   0  
Fun Mode: Assassin Mode – ICE vs. Fire     0   1  
Regional #9: EU LCS All-star team - Logo NA LCS vs. LPL All-star team - Logo LPL     0   1  

ASE Day 4 – Sunday, December 13th
Start Time: 3PM PST/ 6PM EST/ 24:00 CET / 08:00 KST (next day*)

Schedule Overview:
Fun Mode: All-Star All-Stars – ICE vs. Fire   1   0  
1 vs. 1: 3 Best of 3 matches
Fun Mode: Tandem Mode (10 vs. 10 – 2 players control one champion)  – ICE vs. Fire   1   0  
Regional Finals: LCK vs. EU LCS (Best of 3)    1   0  

*.) For viewers in Europe and Asia the event is starting on the next day on the marked dates.


All the power to you! Not only can you vote for pros in your zone, you can choose your representative pros for all the regions of the five positions. Do you want to vote for many or for few positions? More power to you! But, once your vote is casted, you cannot change it back. It’s once and for all.

The pro players will be placed in either Team Fire or Team Ice upon deciding the roaster. And these players will continue to battle against each other throughout the ASE 2015 event. The Team Fire and Team Ice include three regional squads.

Team Fire Logo - LoL All-Star 2015 Team Fire is comprised of LCK All-star team - Logo LCK, LMS All-star team - Logo LMS and NA LCS All-star team - Logo NA LCS

Team Ice Logo - LoL All-Star 2015 Team Ice has LPL All-star team - Logo LPL, EU LCS All-star team - Logo EU LCS and Wildcard All-star team - Logo IWC

It should be a fair and entertaining game. Hence, the regional performances at worlds 2015 and the 2015 Mid-Seasonal Invitational are taken into consideration to decide the Team Fire and Team Ice.

The voting process

Fans can vote in two different phases:

  • The pro vote
  • The play vote

Format and All-Star Votings

Probably the best part about the 2015 ASE is that the fans will decide how things turn out, just last year. The format of the tournament will heavily rely on the fans (that’s you) voting for the teams that will be assembled and players that will represent their regions. League of Legends enthusiasts will vote for the assembly of their “dream teams” from each of the five major regions and, of course, once more we’ll have wildcard representatives. The six teams will thereafter be assigned to two macro-teams – Team Fire and Team Ice. Where they fall will be decided at LoL Worlds 2015, meaning that their performance will be the factor their placement will be based upon. Summoners can vote for all regions, however votes for other regions than there own are only counted with 20%.

Pro Player Voting [closed]

The players will battle it out for fame and glory. They will also potentially win rewards for their region, but most of all they will prove that no matter the circumstances, they are best. This tournament will put more emphasis on individual player performance rather than on teams. There will be a lot of fun 1v1 matchups and random all-star teams created by the fans. The global player voting was running from November 13th to November 18th. > View pro player voting results

The Wildcard regions will get their chance, just as they did for Worlds and International Mid-season Invitational. For the first there will be an Invitational Wild Card All-Star which will determine the wild card region that will be represented on the ASE. The tournament will be held from November 26th to November 29th, in Australia. More details will be revealed later.

Game Mode Voting [closed]

Besides the pro player voting, fans also have a vote when it comes to the different play modes. This voting is running from November 30th to December 8th.

Let’s hope that the year will close in style that we will bear witness to some of the best players in the world showing us what they’re made of once again. This time things will be more focused on individual performances, so it will be even more exciting in some respects. Each player will want to show off even more, so it’s going to be spectacular. But for now we’re still waiting for Worlds. The next few months are going to be amazing. It’s a great time for League of Legends fans.

The format

There are two parts in the LoL All-Star 2015 event. One is the Fire and Ice regional squad playoff and the other is the regular, ongoing one on one playoff. Every ASE pros player will battle in both parts of the event.

Based on the performances in regional matches, fun modes and individual one on one playoff, the Fire and Ice teams will be awarded points. Each Fire and each Ice squad will battle each other during the nine regional matches. The last day of the event will see the top two regional squads confronting the Best of ASE Finals. The top two teams are decided as per their performance record from previous days. The Fire or Ice team with most number of points at the end of ASE 2015 will be the winner.

Breakdown of the game points and fun game modes

Regional Games (Team Fire vs. Team Ice)

  • Each win earns 100 points: The ASE Finals Best of 3- win is worth 300 points.
  • The standard rules of League of Legends apply
  • 1 Fire Team vs. 1 Ice Team

Fun Filled Game Modes

To choose 10

  • Each win is worth 50 points
  • The standard rules of League of Legends for games
  • The winning zone from MSI vs. Winning zone from worlds( LPL vs. LCK)
  • To play, five challengers per team are selected by fans through votes
  • Squad members will decide how to allocate the challengers

Marksman Mode:

  • Team Fire consists of- LMS ADC, LCK ADC, NA ADC, LCK Top, NA LCS Supp.
  • Team Ice has- LPL ADC, EU LCS ADC, IWC ADC, LPL Top, IWC Supp
  • Each win is worth 50 points
  • The champion pool is limited to Marksmen
  • Blind Pick
  • The tank items are not permitted and items are limited to boots, whatever in the AD/AP tree and their components along with potions.

One for all Game Mode

  • Team Fire consists of LMS Top, NA LCS Top, LMS Jung, LCK Jung, and LCK Supp.
  • Team Ice has EU LCS Top, IWC Top, EU LCS Jung, LPL Jung and LPL Supp.
  • Each win is worth 50 points
  • Each squad competes 5x of one challenger
  • The Teams will get to pick their challenger

All-Star All-Stars

  • Each win is worth 200 points
  • Five players from Team Fire and five players from Team Ice are selected by fans through voting to play as the two All-Star All-Stars squads.
  • In each position, you can vote for a pros player. For the ADC role you’ll get to pick from three ADC’s for the Fire Team, For the Support role, you can choose from three Supports etc.
  • The standard rules of League of Legends will apply for games

Tandem Mode

  • Each win earns 100 points
  • Two pro players: one on the mouse and the other on the keyboard will control each of the challengers.
  • The mouse and the keyboard are controlled by those selected by the pro players.
  • In this game,20 of the pros players will be those that are not selected for All-Star All-Stars Game mode

One on one playoff

  • The fight of the players will be between a large 30-man 1 v 1 bracket
  • Those that are Odd seeds belong to the Fire and the even seeds belong to Ice.
  • In each match, anybody that earns 100 cs, acquires the 1st kill or sabotage the turret first will be the winner.
  • Though the bracket is casually generated, all of the initial round games will feature a clash between one Fire pros vs. one Ice pros.
  • Depending on the ranks of Fire and Ice pros in the one on one playoff, the points will be added to the total score of the Fire and Ice squads.

Scoring in one on one playoff:

  • 1st place is for 150 points
  • 2nd place is for 50 points
  • 3rd place is for 25 points
  • 4th place is for 25 points

The prize

The teams are sweating it out for fans! At the onset of the 2016 competitive season, the victorious region, Fire or Ice will see an IP boost and every member of Fire and Ice squad will take a glorious trophy and every player will have something to brag about!

Ticket Info

ticket prize chart - LoL All-Star 2015 There are two different categories of tickets for the 2015 League of Legends All-Star Event: Inside and Outside tickets.

Inside tickets: $ 30
Outside tickets: $ 15

You can find out more about the tickets and where to get them online in this ticket info.

Betting Info

We have reached out to the eSports sportsbooks to find out more about the available betting markets for the 2015 Allstars tournament. We will keep you updated when we have all information gathered.
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Live Stream

All matches of the 2015 LoL All-Star Event are streamed live on youtube, twitch and several other platforms. You can watch the stream right here on this website. More info about the live stream casters will be added when more info becomes available.

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