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With the League of Legends All-Stars coming in as last international competition in 2017 it is now time to take a look at the prediction and analyses of the upcoming matches. Although there are Europe, North America, South Korea, China, Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau, Southeast Asia, Brazil and Turkey competing against each other on Summoner's Rift this year's motto of the tournament will once again be “South Korea vs the rest of the world”. Some experts claim that the South Korean Allstar team is made up of the five best players in the world regarding their position but these superstars must first come together as a team and form an unity. There will also be plenty of action at the exciting 1-vs-1 tournament this year when the best players in the world crown the strongest solo laner. However, in the end the fun should come first and the fans should be entertained in front of their screens which will be guaranteed – as cherry on the top the most successful teams will probably be able to unlock rewards for all active League of Legends players in their region. The exact matches and starting times can be found if you take a look at the schedule for the LoL All-Stars 2017 tournament. Of course there are also betting odds for all matches of the All-Stars tournament including the 1-vs-1 duels. The event starts in the night from 7th to 8th December, so don't forget to turn on your live streams for the last international League of Legends competition in 2017.

Schedule and Betting Odds All-Stars 2017

And once again the North American squad could dizzy themselves into the easy Group B of the event while the EU LCS superstars stranded in Group A with the South Korean favourites. The clash between the two eternal rivals is therefore not guaranteed this time. The complete schedule as well as the starting times of all games and the 1-vs-1 tournament can be found on our website. Of course all relevant online betting providers will once again provide odds for all duels of this event – right here you can find a comparison of the most important betting odds of the tournament. For more information on betting opportunities, please read to our LoL All-Star tournament 2017 betting and odds article.

Predictions | LoL All-Stars Tournament 2017

LoL All-Stars 2017 – Predictions – Day 4

Final: Team LMS All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo LMS Allstars vs. LPL Allstars Team LPL All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo

December 10th, 2017, 02:15 PM PDT / 05:15 PM EDT / 00:15 CET (the next day)

Prediction: The final of the LoL Allstar 2017 tournament is today and the shocking news is: South Korea has no chance of winning the title. Instead, the Taiwanese team will face the Chinese Allstars in the final, with the LMS being the tournament's surprise team. After convincing victories against LCK, EU LCS and the GPL Allstars, the LMS players have well deserved their place in the final. But also the LPL pros showed in the semi-final against the LCK why they are legitimate title candidates. Only the second game was won by the South Korean minions, who destroyed the Chinese inhibitor and nexus without the help of their human teammates, while they were involved in a long team fight. Both teams showed hardly any weaknesses in the course of the tournament, especially the clash of the AD Carrys will be exciting to watch. LMS player BeBe made the first pentakill of the tournament in the match against the TCL Allstars, RNG Uzi is in the final of the 1v1 tournament and only has to overcome Bjergsen. Judging by the odds, the LPL Allstars are clear favorites for the tournament victory, but before the event no bookmakers would have expected the LMS Allstars to make it to the final. I think the Taiwanese players are still underestimated and the game will be more of an eye-to-eye encounter. However, it has also been noticed that the Chinese take this tournament very seriously, keeping in mind they ahve been in a two-week training camp before, and want to win the tournament at all costs. I therefore expect to see similar matches as the day before between LPL and LCK, some of which last more than 40 minutes and are marked by very tight team fights, but China will be the winner in the end. My prediction: 3:1 victory for the LPL Allstars.

LoL All-Stars 2017 – Predictions – Day 3

Semi-final #1: Team LMS All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo LMS Allstars vs. GPL Allstars GPL Garena Premier League Logo

December 9th, 2017, 02:15 PM PDT / 05:15 PM EDT / 00:15 CET (the next day)

Prediction: The League of Legends All-Stars tournament 2017 is entering its decisive phase and as soon as we reach the semi-finals the western participation in the tournament drops to zero. Neither the All-Star teams from North America, Europe or Turkey were able to qualify for the knockout stage and the Western fans have to pull away disappointedly. In the first semi-final of the All-Star event the stars from Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau will face the elite selection from Southeast Asia. With three terrific victories in Group A the LMS Allstars were able to even beat the tournament favourites from South Korea and have already set an positive example for their region after a disappointing World Championship 2017. Jungler Karsa in particular is responsible for the team's success and the still secret team, which was able to secure the jungling superstar for the upcoming Spring Split 2018, will be brimming with joy – rumours say that the 20 years old professional will play in the Chinese LPL next year. But also Midlaner FoFo could convince all experts and AD-Carry BeBe pleased his many fans with a Penta-Kill in the last game at his probably last appearance in the professional League of Legends scene. Their opponents in the semi-finals are the elite players from the Southeast Asia region – with two wins over Brazil and North America and a defeat against the Chinese LPL the team easily qualified for the next phase of the tournament. Jungler Levi in particular is well known to many fans but top laner Jisu also showed his qualities above all at the 1-vs-1 tournament where he is playing against Bjergsen in the semi-finals. The clash between these two great players in the jungle will have a major impact on this best-of-3 series but after the brilliant performances in the group stage I expect a 3:1 victory for the LMS Allstars.

Semi-final #2: Team LPL All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo LPL Allstars vs. LCK Allstars Team LCK All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo

December 9th, 2017, 05:15 PM PDT / 08:15 PM EDT / 03:15 CET (the next day)

Prediction: South Korea versus China – even at the 2017 LoL World Championship these two regions were able to emerge from a multitude of challengers and claim the top spot in the League of Legends olympics. Also for the All-Star 2017 tournament many experts expected these two outstanding regions to meet in the finals of the tournament but the LMS Allstars – above all jungler Karsa – put a stop to the South Korean favourites and banished Faker and his teammates to second place in Group A. Meanwhile Uzi led his team to three consecutive victories and the Chinese superstars were able to claim first place in Group B in a confident manner. But also midlaner xiye and jungler Mlxg were not stingy with impressive KDA values and both were decisively responsible for the Chinese success at this tournament and now the fans of the Chinese LPL should also be glad that xiye was able to win the fan vote with only one percent lead over Rookie. On the other half of the Summoner's Rift we find the selection of South Korean's greatest LCK Players – big names in the League of Legends scene, experienced and hard-boiled. Despite the slip-up in the Group stage the South Korean gladiators are still the favourites for winning the whole tournament as the qualities of their individual players alone are phenomenal. League of Legends is a team sport on professional levels but it has already been shown at the LoL World Championships in recent years that it is not wise to bet against the South Korean teams. Also in this duel I expect a safe – albeit tight – 2:3 victory for the LCK Allstars.

LoL All-Stars 2017 – Predictions – Day 2

Match #2: GPL Garena Premier League Logo GPL Allstars vs. NA LCS Allstars NA LCS North America LoL Logo

December 8th, 2017, 03:15 PM PDT / 06:15 PM EDT / 01:15 CET (the next day)

Prediction: As expected, the LPL's Allstar team emerged as the clear favourite of Group B on the first matchday. However, the NA Allstars won at least one game and are currently in second spot, with a win over the GPL Allstars they would fix their advance and are likely to face the LMS Allstars in the semi-finals, who are surprisingly ahead of the South Korean LCK team in Group A. The GPL team will play two games on the second matchday – first against NA Allstars and then against CBLOL Allstars. The only chance to make it to the semi-finals would be to win both games. However, both the North American and Brazilian teams are considered by most to be favourites in these games and the chances of the South-East Asian side finishing last in the group are very high. Everything in this group has been very predictable so far, the ranking LPL > NA LCS > CBLOL > GPL has proven to be true and will most probably remain on the second matchday, so I don't expect any surprises for the match of the GPL Allstars and NA LCS Allstars. Nevertheless, I have a tip for the Southeast Asian participants: Ban Zoe! I expect a very clear 1:0 for the NA LCS Allstars.

Match #3: Team EU LCS All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo EU LCS Allstars vs. LMS Allstars Team LMS All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo

December 8th, 2017, 04:15 PM PDT / 07:15 PM EDT / 02:15 CET (the next day)

Prediction: Directly after the LoL Worlds 2017, every expert would have considered the European Allstars to be a clear favourite in the duel with the LMS team. On the first day of the tournament though, Taiwanese players were a big surprise as the LCK Allstars around Faker were dismantled. The South Koreans seemed to be inferior in every position, but the biggest difference was made by LMS-Jungler Karsa, who could crown his particularly strong early game with a score of 11/3/5 in the end. Once again, a team from the LMS region proved to be the LCK kryptonite. On the other hand, the EU Allstars showed a rather weak performance against the Koreans, at no time did I feel like the Europeans had a chance to win. On the second day, PowerOfEvil and Co must be on their best form to advance to the semi-finals. A prerequisite for this is of course a victory against the TCL Allstars in the first game of the day. The main focus in the game against Taiwan must be on Jungler Karsa. If he gets another damage based champion like Kha' Zix and manages to gain a lead for his team in the early stages of the game, the game will soon end in his favour. After the performances of the first matchday I expect a 1:0 for the LMS Allstars.

LoL All-Stars 2017 – Predictions – Day 1

Match #1: CBLOL-Circuito-Brasileiro-de-League-of-Legends-Logo CBLOL Allstars vs. NA LCS Allstars NA LCS North America LoL Logo

December 7th, 2017, 03:15 PM PDT / 06:15 PM EDT / 00:15 CET (the next day)

Prediction: Not one, not two – no, even three players from the new Team SoloMid team are part of the North American star squad because the bedrocks of the NA LCS announced jungler MikeYeung's commitment for the upcoming season. The synergies of the two solo lanes with the jungle position should therefore be very good in the NA LCS Allstars team but the botlane should also be able to contribute their part. Sneaky outperformed his rival Doublelift this year and secured a place next to aphromoo in the North American team. His botlane partner has been the most popular support player for years in North America but has decided to swap teams for the upcoming season and is no longer part of Counter Logic Gaming's starting roster. Generally speaking, the NA LCS is a well-rounded selection of superstar players and the North American All-Stars are certainly among the favorites for the tournament's victories. Their opponent on the first day is the superstars squad from Brazil. Unfortunately we don't see an official showdown between brTT and Doublelift to clarify once and for all who is the better AD-Carry – but as consolation prize there are at least some very famous names in the line-up of the CBLOL All-Stars. Only top laner vVvert made it into the region's All-Star 2017 team as a representative at this year's LoL World Championship, underlining the fan favourites position of the region's most popular players. Against the NA LCS Allstars they are unlikely to stand a chance, I expect a win for Bjergsen and his teammates – 0:1 for the NA LCS Allstars.

Match #2: Team EU LCS All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo EU LCS Allstars vs. LCK Allstars Team LCK All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo

December 7th, 2017, 04:15 PM PDT / 07:15 PM EDT / 01:15 CET (the next day)

Anything but a lucky draw for the European LCS elite players – with South Korea as the tournament's favourite, the strong LMS and Turkey as the dark horse of the tournament they have to face three unpleasant opponents at the Group stage. Especially the LCK Allstars are not stingy with talent and experience, these two challengers clash against each other in the second game of the event. If you take a look at the line-up of the South Korean star selection, some opponents will probably immediately drop their jaws. With CuVee in the toplane and Ambition in the jungle two of this year's World Champions are in the starting line-up, PraY and GorillA are probably the best botlane in the world for at least the last two years and the team is rounded off by Faker – the face of the LoL scene and perhaps the best player of all time – in the midlane. On the other hand there is the selection of the EU LCS, although maybe not at this level the team is still extremely dangerous. sOAZ is the most successful player of the European region and was once again able to beat his competitors this year. Jankos draws his rounds in the jungle and protects PowerOfEvil in the midlane while the botlane duo consisting of Rekkles and IgNar will try to cause uproar. IgNar decided to switch back to the South Korean LCK next season and will meet some his his future opponent's in this match. Against the South Korean gladiators everything must go according to plan for the EU LCS Allstars but I still expect a clear victory for the most successful region in the world – 0:1 for the LCK Allstars.

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