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featured streamer TeNgRi95 Name: Serhat Tunc
Date of Birth: 11.05.1995
Country: Germany
Games: Dota 2
Ingame Names: n!TeNgRi


Stream Info

Stream Name: TeNgRi95
Streamed Games: Dota 2
Stream Language: GER, ENG
Stream URL: twitch.tv/TeNgRi95
Stream Resolution: Full HD

Streaming Period (Times): Every day at 18:00/06:00p.m. CEST onwards!


Describe yourself and your relation concerning esports:

Hey Guys, I am a funny dude and I love playing Dota! I am following the esport for a long time now and I love it even more than football!

Since when are you in the esports szene?

Probably since I joined n!faculty (www.faculty.de) about 1 month.

How did you come to esports?

Connections 😉

Since when do you stream?

Since summer '14

What are your goals concerning esports?

Trying to become better and attend TI5 next year..

Which additional games do you play?

The witcher 2, Far cry 3 and – god forgive – sometimes even League of Legends!

What do you think of esports betting?

I think it is a good oppurtinity that we have a website giving us the chance to bet for our favourite games and teams! Like in real life, people are betting for their favoriute Footballteam and -players. Having this in the e-sports is awesome!

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