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In this section we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions on the topics esport in general and on placing bets on esport events in particular. Hopefully we could help you with this section of our website. If you have further questions on esport bets or esports in general, don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact site which can be found here.

What is esport?

The abbreviation esport is used for electronic sports. Usually competitions between players or between teams in computer games are all considered as esport. Meanwhile there exist a lot of such competitions and in there are even esport world championships.

With the start of its Season 3 the League of Legends Championship was the first game to establish a competitive league where each match is streamed live.

Where can i watch the matches of League of Legends Season 3?

The whole season 3 is streamed and commented on Youtube and Twitch TV, where you can watch any match for free. In addition all matches are recorded, so you won’t miss any of them. It’s astonishing that each match has more than 100.000 viewers at the moment and the numbers keep rising from week to week.

All facts, the streams and much more can be found on Riot Games official Season 3 websites:

Since when does esport exist?

This question is pretty hard to answer because it depends on the definition when a computer game becomes esport. Most people will agree that Counter Strike and World of Warcraft were the first who offered enough competition amongst its players to consider them as esport, but a lot of other games have contributed to the current boom of esport. The biggest community in the world of esport and the most popular game by far is held by League of Legends with more than 10 million active players each day (as in 2013).

Who wrote the title song of the LoL World Championship 2012?

That song called „Silver Scrapes“ was written by Danny McCarthy and can be found on Youtube. Danny McCarthy regularly composes themes for esport games like League of Legends.

How old do i have to be to place a bet on esport?

Well that depends on the legislation of your home country. In most European countries 18 is the age you need to place bets on esports (and traditional sports).

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