LPL Summer 2022: Betting Guide and Predictions

In 2021, the League of Legends Pro League are looking to take the crown back home since FunPlus Phoenix last held it in Paris, France. With their win at the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational, teams such as LNG Esports and EDward Gaming are looking to prove their worth come Worlds.

Top 10 LoL LCS Summer Betting Sites

  1. Bet365
  2. Betway
  3. Rivalry
  4. Vulkanbet
  5. Ggbet
  6. Pinnacle
  7. Nitrogen
  8. Arcanebet
  9. Jetbull
  10. EGB

LPL Summer Betting Odds, Tips & Predictions

With seventeen competing teams, you’ll never run out of games to bet on in the LoL Pro League. From Monday to Sunday, take a look at what bets you can make during the LoL LPL Summer.

LCS Summer 2021 Betting Odds

Betting odds for JD Gaming versus EDward Gaming in Week 3 of the Summer split. Rivalry

LPL Summer 2021 Betting Tips & Predictions

If you thought best-of-threes were a pain to bet on, wait till you see the sheer number of games the LPL has because of its seventeen competing teams. So to make it easier for you, we’ve narrowed down a list of reminders that should help you out in deciding who or what to place your bets on!

Choose Wisely

If you’re into maths, you’ll know that a seventeen-team single round robin will have around 136 matches to decide who’s at the top. Since the LPL has best-of-threes, that means there can be a maximum of 408 games played total by the end of the summer split!

Any sane man would be foolish to think he could follow all of those games by himself and still have a respectable success rate. Thus, at the start of the split, make sure to choose which teams you plan to follow throughout the course of the season. Whether it’s the hyped LNG Esports who came out of nowhere and still stands with an undefeated 7-0 record or perhaps the consistent EDward Gaming with their own undefeated record (6-0) at second place.

But, this doesn’t mean that you just stick to these teams for the rest of the split. Adapt and improvise. There are champion-caliber players in a number of the teams in the LPL. Former World champions in Invictus Gaming such as Song “Rookie” Eui-jin and Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok can perform when the meta suits them. FunPlus Phoenix as well can be seen as formidable competitors as they are led by the iconic super carry Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang in the mid lane.

Keep your eye out on roster changes and how these teams perform throughout the coming weeks as you may find value in placing bets on teams that are on an upwards trend.

Fight. Fight. Fight.

If you’ve tuned into the region before, then you would know that the LPL loves to fight. As you can see in their picks and bans right now, Renekton has the highest ban and pick rate with a 55.56% win rate due to his flexibility to be picked in the solo lanes and his outright lane dominance.

Given this knowledge, you can expect games to be played with tons of skirmishes in the early game. As compared to the LCK, you’ll see that they have a faster average game duration at 31:31 (versus LCK’s 33:11). If you go even deeper, you’ll see that the fastest game in the LPL was a blazing 17:07 game between FPX and the Rogue Warriors! As such, you can expect there to be more kills game by game as teams play the high road on the Rift. In a game between RNG and Oh My God! In Week 2, there was a whopping 53 kills in around 40 minutes of gameplay. Only the LEC thus far can stay up to par to the aggression that the LPL brings to the table.

But remember that with constant changes to the game such as in Patch 11.13, the meta’s bound to shift with teams scrambling to figure out what play style works best. As an example, star jungler Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong has found much success by picking Xin Zhao with a 100% win rate after 6 games of play with an impressive 7.3 KDA.

As you can see, there is much value in keeping up-to-date with analysts such as LS and iWillDominate to get a glimpse of how they think the meta changes as patches get released; which will be sure to help you when you win while you’re taking a part of LPL summer betting.

Thrive in the Chaos

Now you must be confused seeing Royal Never Give Up currently 1-3 at the bottom of the standings since they won the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational. But, remember that they have yet to play the rest of their games unlike LNG or EDG who have already played 6 to 7 matches. So unlike the rest of the competition, you are well-aware that RNG still has the opportunity to return to form in the rest of the season. Thus, when the market sees little to no value, you see gold and that’s when you strike!

With an up-and-coming squad like LNG Esports, it’s always best to temper your expectations as these teams can still fall when the meta shifts away from their favor. But as you can see, EDward Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix still remain as competitive in Summer when compared to their form in Spring; which is realistic to expect because of their veterancy.

Seeing that the region has four slots to fill in come Worlds, there’s an opportunity there for rookie squads such as LNG Esports and Rare Atom or old flames such as Invictus Gaming and Top Esports (who were the favorites coming into Worlds 2020) to rise up.

If after going through all that and you’re feeling that this isn’t the region for you, you can check out our betting guides on the LEC, LCS, and the LCK.

Popular Bets for LPL Summer 2021

As we mentioned earlier, you have an abundance of games to choose from when you start betting on the LPL! From moneyline to handicap, you can check out how these bets work in our comprehensive betting guide or read down below.

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline bets should be your staple when it comes to the LPL. With the insane number of matches they have, you won’t run out of games to bet on! If you want to go easy with it, you can simply bet on who you think will be the outright winner of the series. But if you want to go even further, you can choose to bet on who will win the individual maps from games one to three. Though, always remember our reminder to keep it simple and follow a team or two of your choosing when starting out!

Best betting sites to use for Moneyline betting: Bet365, Betway

Prop Betting

If you’ve got the time, propositional or prop betting is a fun way to change it up from simply betting on match outcomes. Through prop bets, you can predict how matches will go from who secures First Blood to the team who’s first to take down an inhibitor. Though it can depend on the operator of your choosing, prop bets have been known as special bets due to their nature described below.

In Rivalry, you can put prop bets on occurrences such as:

  • Both teams to destroy an inhibitor
  • First team to slay Baron Nashor
  • Team to take down the first Tower
  • Team to take First Blood

Whether you bet on which team will take Baron Nashor first or if both of them will take it down at the end of the game, you can make good on your bets outside of who wins or loses. To maximize your success, do you research beforehand on platforms such as Games of Legends and Oracle’s Elixir to see how teams play from a statistical standpoint. When you’ve got easy-to-use stats such as First Baron Rate (FBN%), First Blood Rate (FB%), or First Tower Rate (FT%), it becomes way easier to decide on your bets when you know the likelihood of it happening on the Rift is high.

Best betting sites to use for Prop betting: Rivalry

Total Betting

If you find that prop betting is too much for you, then you can simply take a few steps back and go to total or over/under betting. As in sports, you simply predict whether the game at hand will go over or under a listed metric such as total dragons slain, total towers taken, game duration, and even total maps played throughout a series.

This makes it simple and straightforward for bettors. This is because if you think that the game will have a longer game time, then you simply pick over because the longer the game, the more dragons, nashors, towers, and kills to be taken. This can be seen in regions with slower playstyles as well such as in the LCK. Again, return to the numbers and see how teams play around objectives to know whether to bet over or under.

For best-of-three and best-of-five series, if you think it will be a one-sided affair, you simply bet under. However if you want to err on the side of caution, it can be safer to bet over since teams tend to want to try out picks during the regular season. So unless you’re sure that the gap between the teams is insurmountable, it’s much better to bet over!

Best betting sites to use for Prop betting: Vulkanbet,

Handicap Betting

Then, we have the hardest of them all – handicap betting. But seeing how hard handicap bets can be to figure out, there lies an equal opportunity for reward if you put in the time.

As Pinnacle explains it, handicap betting balances the playing field so that odds for the underdogs stay competitive. Operators do this by placing ‘handicaps’ on teams that require them to win by a significant lead to get their payout. These handicaps are in the form of number of kills they should be ahead by at the end of a game or alternatively, the number of games won in a series.

To illustrate, a +1.5 map handicap on an underdog means that they only have to win one game in a best-of series to get a payout! That is definitely doable if the team you’re betting on has a fighting chance. Oppositely, a -1.5 map handicap on a dominant team means that they need to win two straight games to win the bet. The kill handicap works in the same way.

One last reminder, the outcome of the series hardly matters in handicap bets unless they directly relate to the handicap you bet on. As an example, you thought that the game between Rare Atom and LNG would be a bloodbath and decided to place a bet for LNG with a -6.5 kill handicap. Here, you only get to cashout if LNG has at least seven (7) kills above Rare Atom.

Best betting sites to use for Prop betting: Pinnacle

Tournament Structure for the LPL Summer Season

Due to the expansive following that League of Legends has in China, Riot Games gave them the opportunity to field seventeen teams for their regional league. This means that due to the best-of-three tourney format, they can only have one single round robin to run the league.

After the regular season, only the Top 10 are qualified into the playoffs with two phases held in best-of-five matches. In Phase 1, teams are seeded into a King of the HIll single-elimination bracket. Meanwhile, the second phase features a double-elimination bracket. The sole winner of the Playoffs qualifies as the region’s first seed at Worlds 2021.

The second seed is decided by the team that has the most championship points at the end of the season. Just like in Korea, the third and fourth seeds are to be determined in the Regional Finals.

History of the LPL Summer Season

As the years have come and go, it seems to me that the region has only grown in stature from its days back with Positive Energy in 2013. Throughout the past decade, it seems as if the LPL was destined to play second fiddle to the dynasty that Korea made for themselves.

It was only in 2015 when EDG won their first-ever international tourney against the esteemed SKT T1 at MSI 2015 that the region lifted off. It started a wave that would bring China trophies to come with RNG at MSI and iG and FPX at Worlds. With a talent pool as deep as theirs combined with the work ethic to succeed, it seems that it’s only a matter of time before the world is dominated by the Chinese overlords.

Past Winners

Champion Year
Top Esports 2020
FunPlus Phoenix 2019
Royal Never Give Up 2018
EDward Gaming 2017
EDward Gaming 2016
LGD Gaming 2015
EDward Gaming 2014
Positiv Energy 2013

LoL LPL Summer Key Stats

  • In 2020, viewership for the LPL Summer Season had an average of 46, 416 viewers in Western audiences
    • But, it had an average of 11, 077, 882 viewers when including Chinese streaming platforms
  • Viewership peaked at 56, 925, 523 viewers during the regular season
  • The past Summer playoffs saw Top Esports claim the trophy with ¥ 4,200,000 in winnings
    • Despite keeping their roster intact, they couldn’t redo their dominance from the previous year into the 2021 season
    • Furthermore, the region’s third seed, Suning, were able to reach the Grand Finals at Worlds 2020
  • As a side note, the LPL can have over double the number of games that the LCK has throughout Summer.
    • Which means more games to bet on!


What are the best esports betting sites for LoL LCS Summer?

We recommend Betway for moneyline bets, Rivalry for prop and total bets, and Pinnacle for handicap betting!

Where can I watch the LPL Summer Season?

You can watch the LPL live on Twitch on select days of the broadcast. For full coverage of the LPL, go to their official page daily starting as early as 12 A.M. to 4 A.M. (PST).

Who is leading the Summer Season now?

As of now, LNG Esports (7-0) and EDward Gaming (6-0) are undefeated in the leaderboards and stand atop the competition.

What is the prize pool for the LPL Summer split?

In the past summer playoffs, the LPL had a prize pool of ¥ 4,200,000  split across the winners.

When will the playoffs begin for the LPL Summer Season?

The playoffs will begin shortly after the regular season which ends on August 08, 2021.

What’s the format of LPL Summer 2021?

The LPL runs a single round robin with best-of-three matches. Although that would be normally considered too few, the league does have seventeen teams!

Who qualifies for Worlds after Summer split?

The first seed of the LPL is the sole victor of the Summer playoffs. The second seed is decided by the team that has the most championship points at the end of the season. Meanwhile, the third and fourth seeds are to be determined in the Regional Finals.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

It’s still too early for now to tell because as you may know, you just need to be Top 10 to qualify for the summer playoffs. Then, you can work your way up to Top 4 to make your way to Worlds! But as it stands, we have a good idea of which teams will be at the top of the standings.

Our Top 4

Thus far, EDward Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix have played consistently enough to be worthy of your attention. Although we are wary of LNG Esports and Rare Atom, continue to place your eyes on them as the months pass and their true veracity is tested.

We say this because teams such as Top Esports and Royal Never Give Up are only a few series wins away from them and time could tip those scales in the weeks to come. Cautious optimism is the name of the game when it comes to evaluating how veteran teams such as iG and Suning could return to glory as in the past years.

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