LCS Summer 2022: Betting Guide and Predictions

The League of Legends Championship Series is halfway through with the 2021 Summer Season now underway. As Worlds nears, North America will strive to redeem itself once again as we find out who represents the region after the LCS 2021 Championship.

Top 10 LoL LCS Summer Betting Sites

  1. Bet365
  2. Betway
  3. Rivalry
  4. Vulkanbet
  5. Ggbet
  6. Pinnacle
  7. Bethard
  8. Arcanebet
  9. Jetbull
  10. EGB

LCS Summer Betting Odds, Tips & Predictions

The stakes are at an all-time high in the LCS 2021 Summer Season as teams fight for qualification at Worlds. Find out what bets you can make during the league’s last stretch.

LCS Summer 2021 Betting Odds

Betting odds for Team Liquid versus Evil Geniuses on Week 4, Day 1 of the Summer split - Rivalry

LCS Summer 2021 Betting Tips & Predictions

The LCS Summer 2021 is already underway with Team SoloMid (19-8) at the top after Week 3 of the regular season. With the season ending on August 1, 2021, there’s still a long way to go before the standings are locked in for the LCS 2021 Championship. Here are a few key reminders to go by to help you win in your LCS summer betting.

Keep Up With the Teams

Despite Worlds coming closer and closer, teams such as Cloud9, Dignitas, and Team Liquid have had significant roster changes to be more competitive in Summer. Coming into each week therefore, you should be following how the teams you’re eyeing are coming together for the weekend.

Look out for changes in their roster and keep an eye out for their performance in the past weeks. Furthermore, you can keep track of how teams play to make informed decisions on bets such as the first team to strike First Blood or team to take Dragon first. For example, Team Liquid has an early-game rating of 65.3 in Oracle’s Elixir with a 50% first blood rate, 75% first tower rate, and 88% first dragon rate — which means that their performance in the early game is way stronger than those in the league. But, remember that those leads only become useful if you can translate them to objectives taken such as Baron Nashor which can help take down inhibitors and ultimately, the Nexus.

Keep in mind how the playstyle of teams such as the proactive 100 Thieves can make game times much shorter (average of 28 minutes and 58 seconds) when compared to the slow-and-steady Team SoloMid with an average game time of 34 minutes. You can follow all these numbers on platforms such as Games of Legends and Oracle’s Elixir where you can check the stats for yourself.

Follow the Meta

In a game that is always changing by the patch, it’s only natural that teams rise and fall by how the meta plays out during the season. As an example, we can take a look at Team SoloMid who has had a plethora of champions played for their solo laners thus far. Top laner Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon has played six (6) unique champions across eight games already with Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage trailing behind with five (5) unique champions played.

This ability to play different playstyles allow for greater flexibility in draft which can be crucial on the Rift. As it stands, Team SoloMid has a 6-2 record in the summer split and are on the track to qualifying for Worlds 2021. With champions such as Viego, Nocturne, and Rumble making their way to lanes and roles they haven’t been played in before, there is much to be seen regarding how the meta plays out in the coming months.

Furthermore, the nature of best-of-ones rewards teams to pull out niche picks and playstyles to gain an edge on game day. Follow analysts such as LS and iWillDominate to get a glimpse of how they think the meta changes as patches get released which will give you a sense of which teams will adapt and thrive and which will fall — which will be sure to help for your LCS summer betting.

Look into the Future

As just mentioned, it is possible to see an underdog take a win away from the favors in a best-of-one tourney format. Take Week 3, Day 2 for example, we saw Immortals take a game off the reigning Spring champions Cloud9 while Counter Logic Gaming took down Evil Geniuses with Jason “WildTurtle” Tran going ham on his Tristana. Your job is to see where there could be potential upsets given the changes that come from shifts in meta and how a team has been performing through the past weeks.

For instance, although a majority would see Cloud9 as the favors against Team SoloMid (2.09 to 1.74 odds on Rivalry), Team SoloMid are coming off a 3-win streak while Cloud9 are looking to bounce back from two losses. Come game day, TSM did continue their win streak and secured their spot at the top of the league after Week 3. Look for these value pickups for your bet slips and try to see where these upsets can happen for great payouts.

If after going through all that and you’re feeling that this isn’t the region for you, you can check out our betting guides on the LEC, LPL, and the LCK.

Popular Bets for LCS Summer 2021

As you start betting, you’ll find that there are a number of bets that you can place on with their own individual odds. From moneyline betting to handicap betting, you can check out how these bets work in our comprehensive betting guide or read down below.

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline bets are the tried-and-tested go-to’s of the average Joe. If you’re just getting into betting on the LCS, moneyline bets are simple because you only have to pick a side to win the wager. Because of this, the risk that comes with moneyline bets are easier to manage compared to the headaches that come with prop, handicap, and total betting.

Best betting sites to use for Moneyline betting: Bet365, Betway

Prop Betting

When you think you’ve got the hang of moneyline bets, you can start moving your way up the ladder. If you’ve put in the time grinding in Ranked queue, you’d know that there are objectives to be taken in each game aside from kills such as dragons, towers, and inhibitors. In propositional betting, you bet on the occurrence (or its lack thereof) of these objectives getting taken by the team you’re eyeing on.

In Rivalry, for example, you can put prop bets on events such as:

  • Both teams to destroy an inhibitor
  • First team to slay Baron Nashor
  • Team to take down the first Tower
  • Team to take First Blood

In this way, you can make serious cash betting on what’s happening on the Rift outside of who wins or loses. But, prop betting needs a good amount of research on the teams you’re betting on and their playstyle because you’re practically predicting what will happen in-game when they go head-to-head.

Best betting sites to use for Prop betting: Rivalry

Total Betting

Total betting forces bettors to estimate whether the game at hand will go over or under a designated metric (such as towers taken, dragons slain, total kills, or game time). For instance, predicting whether Cloud9 versus Immortals will take longer than 30.5 minutes.

Despite being similar to prop betting, total betting can be easier because it’s simply predicting over or under a threshold. If you look at a team’s history over the course of the split, you can, more or less, have a rough estimate of how they will perform. Though, always remember that a team’s past performances have no bearing on how they will perform on a given weekend (remember Gambler’s Fallacy).

In a best-of series, you can also bet on how many games the match-up will go. For example, you can predict that Team SoloMid will 2-0 Team Liquid in the Playoffs by betting under the 2.5 map spread.

Best betting sites to use for Prop betting: Vulkanbet,

Handicap Betting

Lastly, handicap bets allow bookmakers to even out the playing field for the underdogs. In League of Legends, they do this through maps won (in best-of series) and the number of kills they need to be ahead of to be considered a win.

As Pinnacle puts it, you can cash out on a bet put on a team at +1.5 as long as they manage to win one game in the best-of-three or win it outright. Meanwhile, a -1.5 bet means that the team must win two straight games to have the bet paid out. This increases the risk that you can take while betting, but with an equivalent increase in payout if you manage to get it right.

The kill handicap functions in the same way. A -7.5 kill handicap means that your chosen team must end the game with over 8 kills ahead than their opponent. Meanwhile, a team with a +7.5 kill handicap must end the game only having 7 kills under the opposing team.

As in total and prop betting, the outcome of the match (winner and loser) does not influence the results of handicap betting.

Best betting sites to use for Prop betting: Pinnacle

Tournament Structure for the LCS Summer Season

Following the run of Mid-Season Invitational, the LCS 2021 Summer Season runs from June 04, 2021 to August 01, 2021. But unlike past years, the teams’ win-loss records carry over from Spring which means that spring finally isn’t pointless.

Teams resume in Summer with a triple round robin of best-of-one matches with the Top 8 teams qualifying for the all-new LCS Championship. Carrying over from last year, the LCS Championship will feature a double-elimination bracket with the Top 2 teams from the regular season placed in Round 2 of the upper bracket.

From there, teams will go head-to-head in best-of-fives until a victor is crowned. Furthermore, the Top 3 teams will be sent to represent North America at the 2021 World Championship.

History of the LCS Summer Season

Thus far, we have seen one of the region’s all-time greats in Yilliang “Doublelift” Peng retire after years of dominance within NA. Doublelift has consistently won in Summer ever since his days at Counter Logic Gaming in 2015. Whether on Team SoloMid or Team Liquid, Doublelift’s reign in the region cannot be denied.

With greats such as Doublelift and Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg retiring from competitive play, the throne is up for the taking for those worthy enough to run their own empire.

Past Winners

Champion Year
Team SoloMid 2020
Team Liquid 2019
Team Liquid 2018
Team SoloMid 2017
Team SoloMid 2016
Counter Logic Gaming 2015
Team SoloMid 2014
Cloud9 2013

LoL LCS Summer Key Stats

  • In 2020, viewership for the LCS Summer Season had an average of 205,750 viewers
  • Viewership peaked at 545,571 viewers during the Grand Finals between TSM and FlyQuest in 2020
  • This 2021 will be the first-ever season where Doublelift is nowhere to be found in the finals of the Summer playoffs
  • The past Summer playoffs saw Team SoloMid claim the trophy with $100,000 in winnings
    • This was only possible because of the implementation of the double-elimination format in the league’s playoffs.
    • Team SoloMid went all the way from the bottom of Losers’ to winning the Grand Finals 3-2.
  • Unfortunately, Team SoloMid is the region’s first-ever Champion that went without a win (0-6) in the Worlds 2020 Group Stage.


What are the best esports betting sites for LoL LCS Summer?

We recommend Bet365 for moneyline bets, Rivalry for prop and total bets, and Pinnacle for handicap betting!

Where can I watch the LCS Summer Season?

You can watch the LCS live on Twitch and YouTube from Fridays to Sundays starting as early as 1 pm (PST).

Who is leading the Summer Season now?

As of now, Team SoloMid, 100 Thieves, Cloud9, and Team Liquid are neck-and-neck in the standings.

What is the prize pool for the LCS Summer split?

In the past summer playoffs, the LCS had a prize pool of $200,000 split across the winners.

When will the playoffs begin for the LCS Summer Season?

The LCS Championship will start on August 07, 2021 and will run until August 29, 2021.

What’s the format of LCS Summer 2021?

The LCS 2021 Summer features a triple round robin with best-of-one matches.

What is the LCS Championship?

The playoffs for Summer split will be held as a part of the LCS 2021 Championship with the Top 8 teams from the regular season competing in a double-elimination bracket.

Who qualifies for Worlds after Summer split?

The Top 3 teams in the LCS 2021 Championship will qualify for Worlds 2021.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

With still a month and a half of play left in the summer split, there’s still time for teams to make their way into the Top 8 and qualify for the LCS 2021 Championship. As it stands right now, it seems that teams are divided into teams at the top, middle, and bottom tiers.

As per usual, Team SoloMid, Cloud9, 100 Thieves, and Team Liquid are vying for the top spots in the standings. Meanwhile, Dignitas and Evil Geniuses attempt to claw their way back to the top. Meanwhile, the rest of the competition are fighting for the last spots at the LCS 2021 Championship.

Our Top 3

Since we are still early into the season, teams will need to continuously adapt to make it to this year’s World Championship. Although it’s tough to call right now, we believe that the veteran leadership and the talent that Team SoloMId, Cloud9, and Team Liquid have will remain steadfast on their road to worlds. This will be a general guide for all your LCS summer betting needs.

However, keep in mind that teams such as 100 Thieves, Dignitas, and Evil Geniuses are always looking for the opportunity to strike and take advantage of the chaos. Since Cloud9 and Team Liquid have had their own roster changes within the past month, we will see how they adapt coming into Worlds.

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