Dota Singapore Major (2021) Betting Guide

The stage is set for the best Dota 2 teams to compete for glory and their share of $500,000 in prize money. In this article, we discuss our predictions for the Dota Singapore Major, explain where to bet on this event, and much more. Don't forget to also read our full guide to Dota 2 Betting and other esports tournaments

Dota Singapore Major – Where to Bet

There is no denying that the Dota Singapore Major is one of the most popular events set for March of 2021, with all esports betting sites offering odds on this tournament as a result. In order to help you find the bookies with the best prices and excellent bonuses, we have listed below the top 10 esports betting operators for Dota Singapore Major betting.


  1. bet365
  2. Thunderpick
  4. Betfair
  5. Betsson
  6. William Hill
  7. Bethard
  8. Betsafe
  9. 1xBet


Dota Singapore Major – Betting Promotions

Now that you know where to place your Singapore Major bets, we'll move on to betting promotions. We believe that three in particular are worth mentioning, as they will allow you to double your starting balance by quite a lot. Let’s get straight into it.


bet365 – Up to 100€ in Bet Credits

We'll start off with by far the most popular betting site in the world. When it comes to esports betting promotions, you will have a hard time finding a better welcome promotion than the one offered by bet365.

Bear in mind that the amount of bet credits you can get depends on the country you are from. Certain countries are limited to €25 bet credits, while some will get a chance to grab €100.

Bet on Singapore Major at bet365 – €100 Deposit Bonus is an esports-focused bookmaker, and one of the leading operators for Dota 2 betting. They also offer markets for Valorant betting, Fortnite betting, StarCraft betting and more.

It is also important to mention that this betting site accepts various a plethora of payment methods like Skrill, Visa, NETELLER, Mastercard, paysafecard, etc.

Bet on Singapore Major at


Betfair – 100% Up to €100

Last but not least, Betfair's promotion is definitely one of the best on the market. Although it doesn't appear to be anything special at a surface glance, its accompanying T&Cs prove why it is worth your while.

The wagering requirements, compared to those of other promos, are low, making the rollovers for this bonus easy to meet. All in all, you can’t go wrong when claiming this bonus.

Bet on Singapore Major at Betfair


Dota Singapore Odds

Needless to say, the kind of Dota Singapore odds you end up finding will undoubtedly end up having a big impact on your wagers; the same rule goes for betting on other esports like CS:GO, Overwatch, League of Legends, and so on. To maximise your winnings, you should look out for the highest odds possible.

The best way to compare prices among different bookies is to sign up for an account with several betting sites, and spread your bankroll across these platforms accordingly. Our above list of sites for Dota Singapore Major betting will serve as a useful reference in this regard.

Below are the outright/tournament odds that have been released, starting with the favorites. Bear in mind that these are the prices for the One Singapore Major tournament winner.

  • Team Secret @ 2.65
  • @ 4.8
  • Invictus Gaming @ 9
  • Evil Geniuses @ 11
  • The Alliance @ 13
  • Team Aster @ 14
  • Fnatic @ 15
  • Natus Vincere @ 15
  • Beastcoast @ 20
  • Quincy Crew @ 23
  • Neon Esports @ 50
  • Thunder Predator @ 80


Odds provided by

ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021 Odds


During the Wild Card stage of this Major, only two teams will qualify. If this is something you are interested in betting on, below are the odds:

  • PSG.LGD @ 1.65
  • Nigma @ 2.3
  • ViCi Gaming @ 2.75
  • Team Liquid @ 3.5
  • AS Monaco Gambit @ 12
  • T1 @ 20


Dota Singapore Major – Popular Betting Markets

Betting markets play a big role in choosing an operator. The match winner market is no longer enough in itself, especially once you find out that there is so much more to bet on. Below, you can find the most popular betting markets for the Dota Singapore Major.



From our point of view, this is one of the most exciting betting markets you can wager on. The reason it is so rewarding is because you are offered 50/50 odds most of the time. If you notice that certain teams like to pick early game damage dealers, why not opt in for this bet and get in with the chance of making some truly outstanding winnnings?

First Blood is also a highly popular market for MOBA esports games, such as King of Glory.



If you understand how the game works, then you'll know that dealing damage to towers in the early stage of the game is pointless. However, there are heroes who are really good at effectively causing enough damage. Use your knowledge, and you will profit from this bet.



If one team picks the Ursa warrior, this is a locked bet for you – this melee agility hero deals insane damage to neutral monsters, including Roshan. However, you need to act quickly before betting sites close this market.


When doing your research, always check how teams compare strategically. If both sides tend to play aggressively, then ‘Total Kills – Over' is your best bet by far. On the other hand, if the teams tend towards a passive game style and they like dragging things out into the late stages of the game, placing a bet on ‘Total Kills – Under' should be a safe bet.


This market heavily correlates to ‘Total Kills – Under'. However, certain heroes will reach their God tier with only a few items, while heroes like Spectre need six to dominate. Once you realise how items work and which heroes need less than six items, it becomes much easier to place this bet effectively.


Last but not least, this market can come in handy when betting on huge favorites does not seem likely to be rewarding. If you believe that one team is going to wipe someone out, pull the trigger on Kills Handicap and reward yourself with much better odds.


Dota Singapore Major – Schedule

On March 27th, 18 teams will kickstart their path to glory. When it comes to seeds, you need to understand how teams line up.

Two sides from South America and two sides from North America have qualified, while three sides from Southeast Asia and CIS have got through. In adition, four teams from Europe and four teams from China have also booked themselves a spot. Below, you can find more information about the Dota Singapore schedule.


Wild Card Stage

The first stage of the event is the Wild Card stage, where six teams battle it out to qualify for the Group Stage. Two teams will will go on to the next round, while four are eliminated. Every match here is played in the best-of-2 format with tie as a possible outcome, so be careful with your bets!

Wild Card Teams:

  • Team Nigma (Europe)
  • T1 (Southeast Asia)
  • AS Monaco Gambit (CIS)
  • Team Liquid (Europe)
  • PSG.LGD (China)
  • ViCi Gaming (China)


Dota Singapore – Group Stage

Once Wild Card has concluded, the Group Stage will start on March 29th, and will only last for two days. This time around, 8 teams will battle it out in a single round-robin format, where every match is played in the best-of-2 format.

The Dota Singapore schedule will then progress to the playoffs. The winning two teams from the Group Stage advance through to the upper bracket, while teams placing 3rd to 6th will start their campaign in the lower bracket.

Group Stage Teams:

  • Alliance (Europe)
  • Neon Esports (Southeast Asia)
  • Natus Vincere (CIS)
  • Quincy Crew (North America)
  • Thunder Predator (South America)
  • Team Aster (China)



The Singapore Major playoffs will commence on March 31st, while the Grand Finals are set to be played on April 4th, meaning there will be plenty of matches to bet on. Keep in mind that teams in the playoffs are competing in a double-elimination bracket, which means they can lose one match and still win the event.


Playoff Teams:

  • Team Secret (Europe)
  • Fnatic (Southeast Asia)
  • (CIS)
  • Evil Geniuses (North America)
  • beastcoast (South America)
  • Invictus Gaming (China)


Dota Singapore Major Prize Pool & DPC Points Distribution

As mentioned in the introduction, 18 teams will fight for a total of $500,000 in prize money. On top of this, there are 2700 Pro Circuit points up for grabs. The full prize pool and DPC Points structure can be found below:

  • 1st – $200,000 + 500 DPC Points
  • 2nd – $100,000 + 450 DPC Points
  • 3rd – $75,000 + 400 DPC Points
  • 4th – $50,000 + 350 DPC Points
  • 5th – 6th – $25,000 + 300 DPC Points
  • 7th – 8th – $12,500 + 200 DPC Points
  • 9th – 12th – $0
  • 13th – 14th – $0
  • 15th – 18th – $0


Where to Watch (Livestream) the Dota Singapore Major

If you're looking for a livestream for the Singapore Major, you can tune in to the original Dota Singapore channel.

However, if you are a punter, it is in your best interest to watch the match live on betting sites such as bet365 and Thunderpick, which both have a dedicated live stream for this event.

Watch Singapore Major at bet365


Dota Singapore Major – Qualified Teams

Not all of the teams for this tournament are ranked the same. Some will have to face significant adversity against top contenders, while some had an easy path as they already qualified for the playoffs.

AS Monaco Gambit – The past has shown that CIS teams can’t do much against top contenders, with AS Monaco Gambit facing a tough challenge as they are starting from the very bottom. All in all, they are likely not to make it out of the Wild Card stage.


Team Nigma –  It has been a while since Team Nigma has put on a truly impressive performance for Dota 2. To date, an entire year has gone by without them achieving a single win; however, the Dota Singapore Major seems like a perfect chance for them to claw their way back on top.


Team Liquid – Team Liquid could go either way – they can easily beat Team Secret, while they can also lose to the biggest underdog in the event. We are expecting them to struggle in this tournament too.


T1 – We believe that T1 has what it takes to go through the Wild Card stage and book themselves a spot in the Group Stage of the Singapore Major. It will be interesting to see whether the highest MMR player ever can help them win this event.


Thunder Predator –  Neither punters nor fans are expecting much from Thunder Predator. Even though they are starting off in the Group Stage, we are not expecting them to go through.


Alliance –  This team is another giant that overcame major roster changes. That being said, people don't seem to be sure on Alliance either, with most punters expecting an early exit. The fact is, this team has potential, but not enough for us to believe that they'll make the playoffs.


Neon Esports – The mixed results that this team has been achieving recently look to be leading them nowhere promising in the future. Neon Esports need to make a stand in their opening match, otherwise they will not go through. Skills-wise, they are competent, while their tactics and strategy are well below other teams mentioned here.


Natus Vincere –  Hailing from CIS, this team is known for demolishing those that are ranked beneath them. However, they have a history of falling apart against top contenders, and it's pretty safe to say that this pattern will be repeated once again.


Quincy Crew –  On paper, this North-American-based organisation has the necessary tools to beat anyone, but for some reason, this has not translated well to reality so far. Individually, though, this team is amazing. They dominated everyone in the NA scene like EG and Undying, and the Singapore Major is the perfect chance for them to show that they can compete against the best teams from all over the globe.


beastcoast – South America is not known for producing champions, nor teams that can tear through anyone. There is no arguing that beastcoast is the best team in their respective region, but they are nowhere near the elite.


fnatic –  This team saw lot of nail-biting moments throughout 2020. Roster changes have given them a much-needed boost, and at the time of writing, they are the best in Southeast Asia. If underestimated, fnatic may well cause problems for the favourites. Read more about Fnatic betting here. – This team from CIS have certainly made an impact on Dota esports. Not only did they recently beat Team Secret, but they also tore through their own region. We rank as one of the biggest favourites here, and betting on them seems like a promising option.


Evil Geniuses –  Sadly, this team has recently fallen off the cliff in terms of performance, and they barely even made it to the Singapore Major. Even though they do have the necessary skills to beat whoever they come up against, we believe that they are going to struggle throughout this tournament.


Team Secret – Last but definitely not least, Team Secret has been the most consistent team for a while now. Even though they had their ups and downs, they always managed to remain at the very top. We believe that they will secure the grand finals with ease in the Singapore Major, and we also rank them as one of the top contenders to win the trophy.


Dota Singapore Predictions

Given the fact that matches are yet to be announced, we will go through a few, overall safe Dota Singapore Major predictions that you should keep in mind.

For the Wild Card Stage, we are leaning strongly towards Team Nigma. They are all-rounders in terms of performance, and from our point of view, they have the most experience and individual skills. Even though they have not shown much of this recently, Singapore Major is set to be an event where they will turn a new page in their career.

The second team we believe has a chance in Wild Card Stage is T1. Not only did they sign the best Dota 2 player (MMR-wise), but they also look great as a team. However, as things stand, they can't afford to make any missteps. All in all, our money is definitely on T1.

The Group Stage, however, is stacked with average teams at best. If we had to pick two to through, we would opt for Natus Vincere and Alliance.

The teams that stand a real chance of winning Dota Singapore Major are Team Secret and, with both sides having shown great consistency in the last couple of months.


Dota Singapore Major Tickets

Due to health-related safety measures, the ONE Esports Singapore Major will be hosted without a live audience. You can stream the tournament tune via, YouTube or Facebook.


History of Dota 2 Majors

Many Dota 2 Majors have been played ever since Dota esports was established. Below, you can find a list of all Dota 2 Majors and their respective winners.

  • The Frankfurt Major 2015 – OG
  • The Frankfurt Major 2015 – Team Secret
  • The Manila Major 2016 – OG
  • The Boston Major 2016 – OG
  • The Kiev Major 2017 – OG
  • ESL One Hamburg 2017 –
  • DreamLeague Season 8 – Team Secret
  • ESL One Katowice 2018 –
  • The Bucharest Major –
  • Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018 – MSKI
  • MDL Changsha Major – PSG.LGD
  • ESL One Birmingham 2018 –
  • China Dota2 Supermajor – Team Liquid
  • The Kuala Lumpur Major –
  • The Chongqing Major – Team Secret
  • DreamLeague Season 11 – VG
  • MDL Disneyland® Paris Major – Team Secret
  • EPICENTER Major 2019 – VG
  • MDL Chengdu Major – TNC
  • DreamLeague Season 13 – Team Secret
  • ONE Esports Singapore Major – TBA


Fun fact: A total of 31.500,000 USD was dished out in prize money across all these events!


Check our guides to other esports tournaments here.


Dota Singapore Major FAQs


When does the ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021 start?

The 2021 Dota Singapore Major will start on March 27th, with the final match set to take place on April 4th, 2021.


How many teams are competing in the 2021 Dota Singapore Major?

There will be 18 teams competing in total, including four teams from Europe, four teams from China, three teams from Southeast Asia, three teams from CIS, two teams from North America, and two teams from North America.


Where can I watch the Dota Singapore Major?

You can watch the Dota Singapore Major on, YouTube or Facebook. You can watch matches live on certain betting sites, such as bet365 and Thunderpick.


Who is the biggest favourite to win the 2021 Dota Singapore Major?

Right now, Team Secret is the biggest favourite to win this Dota 2 tournament.


Where can I bet on the Dota Singapore Major?

There are a lot of betting sites that offer odds on the Dota Singapore Major. The best ones are bet365, Betfair,, and Thunderpick.

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