World Cyber Arena 2015 | Dota 2

The WCA is one of the main Dota 2 tournaments from China. It is organized by YIGI and the Yinchuan Municipal Government. It will take place from 17th to 21st December after the online Regional Qualifiers and Open Qualifiers are done. This time, the best teams in the world will have to compete for a spot in the tournament from scratch.

World Cyber Arena 2015 | Facts:

  • Date: 12/17/ – 12/21/2015
  • Location: Yinchuan, China
  • Prize Pool: $650,000+
  • Format: Online Qualifiers | Offline Playoffs
  • 16 Teams
  • Live-Stream
  • Betting Odds for all matches available
  • Event tickets still not available
  • Dota TV ticket is available for $2.99

Dota 2 | World Cyber Arena 2015 | Teams:

While WCA used to invite the participating teams, this time each one has to compete for a spot. There will be 16 spots to be filled from the qualifiers. This is how the spots will be assigned:

  • 3 spots for pro Chinese teams.
  • 6 spots for pro teams from the rest of the world (2 spots per region).
  • 1 spot from the Chinese Open Qualifiers.
  • 4 spots from the Global Open Qualifiers (2 spots from America, 1 from SEA and 1 from Europe).
  • 2 spots from the Wild Card.

So far, the Pro Qualifiers of each region are done. The following pro teams have qualified:

LGD Gaming (China) | CDEC (China) | IG (China) | Team Secret (Europe) | Virtus Pro (Europe) | MVP Phoenix (SEA) | TnC Gaming (SEA) | Not Today (Americas) | Summer’s Rift (Americas)

The Chinese and European Open Qualifiers are also done. The following teams qualified:

Wings Gaming (China) | Alliance (Europe)

This is the first time the WCA organization won’t directly invite the Dota 2 teams to the tournament. They also decided to run open qualifiers to let amateur teams compete; this is becoming a common practice between Dota 2 tournaments. This is something good for newer teams, as there are more chances for them to compete in a big LAN tournament. We might get surprised by some of these teams. This will make things much more interesting when betting and watching.

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