Group Stage – Shanghai Major 2016 | Dota 2

The Group Stage for the Shanghai Major 2106 will take place from Thursday February 25 to Sunday 28. The 16 participating teams will be split in 4 groups, in which all matches will be Bo3.

Although no teams will be eliminated in the Group Stage, this is a very important step. After all, this is the opportunity teams will have to increase their chances of finishing in the top places of the tournament by being allowed to start from the Upper Bracket in the Main Event.

The Shanghai Major 2016 Group Stage | Facts:

This Group Stage will consist of a classic GSL format, which looks something like this:

  • GSL Match #1: Team A vs Team B.
  • GSL Match #2: Team C vs Team D.
  • Qualification #1 (Q1): Both winners from Match #1 and Match #2 play to qualify for the Upper Bracket in the Main Event. Loser goes to Qualification #2.
  • Losers Match (LM): Both losers from Match #1 and Match #2 confront each other. Loser will go to lower bracket. Winner advances to Qualification #2
  • Qualification #2: Loser of Q1 versus winner of LM. Winner will go to Upper Bracket and loser will drop to Lower Bracket.

Group Stage – Teams | Standings | Results:

As the Group Stage approaches, this Shanghai Major starts to look more interesting. It is the first one to feature an important change of the Meta game. The map has many changes and new available heroes promise to bring something complete new to the table. This has also brought new teams to the spotlight. For example, it’s worth naming Alliance, as they are now becoming more relevant in this new Meta after 3 years of ups and downs. They are now a team that has many possibilities of starting in the Upper Bracket and finishing in the top 5 in the Main Event. Nevertheless, other teams like EG, VG, Secret, OG and EHOME still remain strong and are getting used to this Meta. This makes the Shanghai Major a really interesting tournament and no Dota 2 fan should miss this Group Stage, even knowing that no team will be eliminated in this phase.

GROUP A | Standings
1. TI5 MVP Phoenix Dota2 team MVP Phoenix
2. team secret Team Logo Team Secret 4-3
3. ehom Team Logo EHOME 2-5
4. CDEC Gaming Team Logo CDEC Gaming 2-4
Match Schedule / Results
GROUP B | Standings
1. alliance dota2 team logo Alliance
2. fnatic dota2 team logo Fnatic
3. Team Spirit Logo Dota2 Team Spirit 3-4
4. VG Team Logo Vici Gaming 1-4
Match Schedule / Results
GROUP C | Standings
1. OG dota2 team logo OG 4-1
2. LGD gaming Team Logo LGD-Gaming
3. newbee dota2 team logo Newbee 3-3
4. Team Archon Logo Dota2 Team Archon 0-4
Match Schedule / Results
GROUP D | Standings
1. EG Team Logo Evil Geniuses
2. Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Team Liquid
3. Virtus.Pro Team Logo Virtus Pro
4. TI5 complexity compLexity Gaming 1-4
Match Schedule / Results
Advance to upper bracket
Drops to lower bracket
Standings and results of the group stage get updated live.

Group Stage Betting Odds

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Shanghai 2016 Group Stage Schedule & Results

Group A Match Schedule:

Match #1 – February 25, 2016 
ehom Team Logo 
EHOME vs. TI5 MVP Phoenix Dota2 team MVP Phoenix   o   2  

team secret Team Logo Team Secret vs. CDEC Gaming Team Logo CDEC Gaming    2   1  

ehom Team Logo EHOME vs. CDEC Gaming Team Logo CDEC Gaming   2   1  

TI5 MVP Phoenix Dota2 team MVP Phoenix vs. team secret Team Logo Team Secret   2   0  

ehom Team Logo EHOME vs. team secret Team Logo Team Secret   o   2  

Group B Match Schedule:

Match #1 – February 26, 2016 
alliance dota2 team logo Alliance vs. Team Spirit Logo Dota2 Spirit   2   0  

VG Team Logo Vici Gaming vs. fnatic dota2 team logo Fnatic   1   2  

Team Spirit Logo Dota2 Spirit vs. VG Team Logo Vici Gaming   2   0  

alliance dota2 team logo Alliance vs. fnatic dota2 team logo Fnatic   2   0  

Team Spirit Logo Dota2 Spirit vs. fnatic dota2 team logo Fnatic   1   2  

Group C Match Schedule:

Match #1 – February 27, 2016 
OG dota2 team logo 
OG vs. Team Archon Logo Dota2 Archon   2   0  

LGD gaming Team Logo LGD-Gaming vs. newbee dota2 team logo Newbee   2   1  

Team Archon Logo Dota2 Archon vs. newbee dota2 team logo Newbee   o   2  

OG dota2 team logo OG vs. LGD gaming Team Logo LGD-Gaming   2   1  

newbee dota2 team logo Newbee vs. LGD gaming Team Logo LGD-Gaming   o   2  

Group D Match Schedule:

Match #1 – February 28, 2016
EG Team Logo Evil Geniuses vs.
TI5 complexity compLexity Gaming   2   1  

Virtus.Pro Team Logo VP vs. Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Team Liquid   2   1  

TI5 complexity compLexity Gaming vs. Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Team Liquid   o   2  

EG Team Logo Evil Geniuses vs. Virtus.Pro Team Logo VP   2   0  

Virtus.Pro Team Logo VP vs. Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Team Liquid   o   2  

The Shanghai Major Group Stage | Predictions:

Group Stage | Day 4 Predictions:

Day 3 has finally ended with the results that were most expected—even though day 1 and 2 weren’t what we are used to regarding the teams that performed best. OG managed to secure a spot in the Upper Bracket and only lost one game against LGD—the team that later secured the second spot of the day by getting a 2-0 against Newbee. Now the last day of the Group Stage will feature some of the remaining favorite teams fighting for the last 2 spots in the Upper Bracket. Here are our predictions.

Day 4 – Match #1: EG Team Logo Evil Geniuses vs. TI5 complexity compLexity Gaming

It’s not rare to find that some teams start doing really bad after winning an International tournament, but this wasn’t the case for EG. Maybe it was because they didn’t wait much time to make a small roster change they believed they needed to keep driving the team further into more victories. EG is still considered at least between the top 2 best teams in Dota 2, even though it’s been almost a year since their victory in The International 2015.

CompLexity is another roster made from ex-HoN players—just like OG and former Fnatic—that has quickly become in one of the best teams in North America. Nevertheless, they still seem to need to work harder before being considered a tier 1 global team; they’ve lost all their latest matches against tier 1 teams (EG, EHOME and Secret). This should be taken into consideration when predicting the results of this game, but let’s not forget that other tier 2 teams like MVP Phoenix haven’t lost any game yet and are already in the Upper Bracket. This Shanghai Major has had already a lot of surprises and thinking a team like CompLexity could beat EG doesn’t seem as crazy as we could’ve thought the first day of the Group Stage.

Although the chances of CompLexity winning this series do exist, it’s very unlikely. EG is a team that is still playing at their best and hasn’t showed any internal issues lately. This certainly puts the tier 2 team in a bad position to win a spot in the Upper Bracket against the current International champion. This should end in a 2-0, although we might see a 2-1 result—but in any scenario EG should be coming out on top.

>> Result Prediction: 2-0 EG Team Logo EG

Day 4 – Match #2: Virtus.Pro Team Logo VP vs. Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Team Liquid

Virtus Pro has had a slow beginning this year. Not only because they haven’t won many games, but also because they haven’t been playing much. The main reason for this is that they could’ve been preparing heavily for the Shanghai Major. Everyone knows how fng likes to prepare his team really hard for these important tournaments. This is why it’s hard to predict how well will Virtus Pro do in these games; there is little evidence that meets the eye about their performance these past two months.

Liquid has been playing much more games against the same tier 2 and 1 teams Virtus Pro has played lately. They’ve been playing against teams like Mamas Boys, Digital Chaos, Vega and they have a recent game against EG—which they lost. To be fair, they are not doing that bad lately but are still losing some games mainly to tier 1 teams. Still, they are having better results than Virtus Pro against the same tier 2 teams.

This might be one of the hardest series to predict in the entire Group Stage. Both teams have had a similar performance lately and neither of them seems to have a really relevant advantage. Both teams have been losing and winning to the same teams lately. However, we have to consider that Liquid has been played a lot more competitive matches lately and have had slightly better results; not to mention that VP lost a game against Liquid at the beginning of January. Liquid has a slightly higher advantage, although it will all depend on how well VP prepared for this major since they haven’t had many competitive games lately.

> Result Prediction: 2-1 Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Liquid

Who Will Go to Upper Bracket on Day 4?

The 6 spots of the Upper Bracket were already claimed by MVP Phoenix, Secret, Alliance, Fnatic, OG and LGD. For the 2 spots left, chances are that they will be claimed by EG, Liquid or VP, with the first two having the highest chances. CompLexity is the weakest team in this last group, but let’s not forget that this Shanghai has showed a lot of surprises regarding the weakest teams having the best results in each group. We’ll see what happens and we’ll start preparing ourselves for the big games the Main Event promises to show. Remember that the Main Event will run from the 2nd of March to the 6th after a two days break from the Group Stage.

You know who will win?

Group Stage | Day 3 Predictions:

Day 1 and 2 of the Group Stages threw some unexpected results. Despite the delays, drama about fired casters and the audio problems the tournament is experimenting, the competition has gotten really interesting. Many teams that were considered much inferior prior to the last patch—excepting Secret—have already won a spot in the Upper Bracket: MVP Phoenix, Alliance, Fnatic and Team Secret are the first four teams that will have the highest chances of finishing in the top places of the tournament. There are now 4 more spots left.

Day 3 – Match #1: OG dota2 team logo OG vs. Team Archon Logo Dota2 Archon

OG was the shining star of the first Major. They started from the bottom and managed to go in a winning streak that allowed them to claim the tournament in Frankfurt last year. This is a really strong lineup that has showed that they are the kind of team that can pull something that seems impossible. They are still one of the bigger threats to the rest of the competitors.

Team Archon on the other hand is considered a tier 2 team. They have played mostly against other teams that are around their skill level, and have lost recently to some of the lineups that didn’t manage to win the NA Qualifier, like Elite Wolves and Digital Chaos. Nevertheless, Fnatic, MVP Phoenix and Spirit weren’t doing so well and they still won against some of the top teams in this Group Stage.

After the results of the first two days it’s hard to tell if everything will go like we think it should. After all, both Team Spirit and Fnatic won 2-0 against one of the favorite teams of the past 2 years, and that happened just after EHOME lost 2-0 to a team that was considered tier 2 (MVP Phoenix). Still, seeing their recent matches is hard to say that Archon could beat OG. The Europeans should win this series without too much trouble.

>> Result Prediction: 2-0  OG

Day 3 – Match #2: LGD gaming Team Logo LGD-Gaming vs. newbee dota2 team logo Newbee

LGD is one of those teams that have a lot of trajectory, but that aren’t actually in their best shape. Nevertheless, this is a strong team that still wins a lot of games against other tier 1 lineups. These Chinese can have a few bad games and suddenly go on a really long winning streak. They only lack consistency to be able to claim important tournaments, which is something they haven’t done in a really long time.

Newbee is another Chinese team that has had other better times—specifically around the International 2014, which they won. Lately they’ve been improving and have won games against Team Secret and have got some draws against EG and VG. Seeing that they are working harder now makes this series difficult to predict.

This one is a close match and it definitely could go either way. The best evidence there is to tell who’s going to win this comes from a Bo3 series these two teams had on the 30th of January. This series ended 2-1 in favor of LGD, and it seems like it will be the most possible result today. This is why we are going to predict a 2-1 in favor of LGD once again, although this won’t be an easy match at all.

>> Result Prediction: 2-1 LGD

Who Will Go to Upper Bracket on Day 3?

Right now the 4 first spots for the Upper Bracket were claimed by MVP Phoenix, Team Secret, Alliance and Fnatic. The 2 spots that will be claimed today are more likely to go to OG, LGD or Newbee, and the first two are the teams with the highest chance. It’s probable that Archon will be the first team to go to the Lower Bracket in the Main Event as they look much weaker than the rest of this group.

Group Stage Day 2:

Day 1 of the Group Stage is now over and some unexpected things have already happened. First, MVP Phoenix managed to win 2-0 against EHOME, the tournament favorites. After that, they also went 2-0 against Team Secret, which gave the Koreans the first spot in the Upper Bracket. MVP Phoenix going to the Upper Bracket was already unexpected, but even more critical is that EHOME also lost 2-0 to Secret and are now starting from the Lower Bracket. Now day 2 is almost starting and we should be careful with our predictions; it might bring more surprises. You never know what will happen in this young Meta game.

Day 2 – Match #1: Alliance vs. Team Spirit

Alliance turned into underdogs just after winning Ti3. They’ve gone through many roster changes, but they finally returned to their old Ti3 lineup formed by EGM, LodA, Akke, AdmiralBulldog and S4. Luckily a short time after that a new patch that favors their style came out and they are now back to the top. They are considered at least one of the top 5 best teams in the world. This Swedish lineup looks as scary as that Ti3 where they won everything and walked home like if it had been another day in the office.

On the other hand, Team Spirit is one of those newly formed teams that quickly became relevant. Their difference is that this roster wasn’t formed by 5 veterans that wanted to make the best team in the world; they’re just talented players that earned their place in the Major through the Regional Qualifiers. This CIS team hasn’t had any problem beating teams with a long trajectory like Empire and Na’Vi, so they come with a well-earned spot.

Even though you will see that the prediction for this match is very one-sided, it isn’t that easy to predict. If there’s something that CIS teams are good at is at surprising everyone. They might look weak one day, but the next day they’ll beat any single tier 1 team they play against. However, Alliance is a very experienced team that remains with the same 5 members they had 3 years ago. They are also playing really well in this patch and have higher possibilities of taking this tournament.

>> Result Prediction: 2-0  Alliance

Day 2 – Match #2: Vici Gaming vs. Fnatic

One of the top teams in SEA is Fnatic, the bad thing is that SEA is the weakest region in Dota 2. This team’s new talents commanded by veteran Mushi are still having consistency problems. They sometimes lose to worse teams because of lack of experience. How well they do in this Major will depend on how they’ve prepared themselves these last few months; it is still a team that has a lot of potential, and Mushi is one of the best players in the world.

Vici Gaming on the other hand have been very consistent at getting at least top 5 in every important tournament for the past 2 years. They are always considered between the top 3 teams in China no matter what patch we’re talking about, and this time isn’t the exception. This lineup—formed by highly respected veterans like BurNing, iceiceice and QQQ and new highly talented blood like Fy and Fenrir—has the perfect combination of experience and talent, and that’s the main reason why they are so consistent.

This is a match between a somewhat unpredictable and inexperienced team (Fnatic) and one of the best 3 teams in the world over the past 2 years. There are good chances of Fnatic winning at least one of the games in this Bo3, but still the players of VG seem to outperform almost every Fnatic player—excepting Mushi. If Fnatic doesn’t come particularly prepared to fight the Chinese team, VG should win without too much trouble.

>> Result Prediction: 2-0  VG

Who Will Go to Upper Bracket on Day 2?

This group’s favorites are Alliance and VG. The other two teams are somewhat inexperienced and have a lot of work to do if they want to beat the two favorites. The higher chances are that VG will go first to the Upper Bracket and Alliance will take the second spot. This would leave MVP Phoenix, Team Secret, VG and Alliance having half the spots of the Upper Bracket.

Group Stage Day 1:

We are all very excited to see the first day of the Shanghai Major-also called Winter Major-. We have two matches to begin with and that we’d like to predict. First, let’s bear in mind that these matchups are Bo3 series, so it’s more probable that the team that is better prepared will win. We’ll first see MVP Phoenix go against the favorite team EHOME, which is a matchup not so difficult to predict. After that we’ll see perhaps a more interesting and difficult match: Team Secret vs. CDEC. Let’s see exactly how we think these series will turn out.

Day 1 – Match #1: TI5 MVP Phoenix Dota2 team MVP Phoenix vs. ehom Team Logo EHOME

There are good reasons why EHOME has turned into the favorite team coming to this Major. Besides being the strongest Chinese team right now, they have also shown they can defeat the strongest teams in the West. Around the time of the Fall Major 2015, thinking that a Chinese team could win a tournament against western teams wasn’t a very common mindset, at least before EHOME started to show their full potential. Right now, any game we could predict where this Chinese team is involved will show a favorable result for them.

On the other hand, MVP Phoenix might be the best team in Korea, but unlike with other games Koreans aren’t very strong at Dota 2. They usually end in the last places of the tournaments along the rest of the SEA scene teams.

This series shouldn’t go any other way than EHOME winning the first 2 games. The Korean team looks amateur next to the strongest lineup in the world that is under de command of LaNm.

>> Result Prediction: 2-0  EHOME

Day 1 – Match #2: team secret Team Logo Team Secret vs. CDEC Gaming Team Logo CDEC Gaming

Team Secret came back really strong after the post-TI5 shuffle. They won many important tournaments and were the favorites to take the Fall Major. However, it was in that Frankfurt Major where their downfall started. Even though they finished second place, the following tournaments went really bad for them, and things started to get worse after the new patch came out with a new Meta game that didn’t favor them. Since then they’ve been struggling against the top teams when just a few months ago they were dominating them. Still, they are considered one of the strongest lineups in the world and have good chances of finishing at least top 5.

Similarly to Team Secret just after the post-TI5 shuffle, CDEC became one of the strongest teams in the world after Valve’s most important tournament. They were under the spotlight for the following months and managed to get a few important victories. However, they also suffered a downfall not so long after that. Right now they sit in a more difficult spot when compared to Secret, as they’ve been losing to the new young lineups from other important teams (NewBee Young, IG Vitality), and to some other teams that are not considered tier 1(TongFu). They come to the Winter Major with their moral down, which is something that will most certainly affect their results.

Both of these teams are in the middle of a disappointing downfall that puts them in a bad spot in this Shanghai Major. However, we must take into consideration that Team Secret has been fighting against top tier teams, and while they lost to most of them, they got some important draws against EHOME and LGD less than a month ago. We’ll also consider that CDEC has been in a downfall for a much longer time. Team Secret should have the upper hand here, although it will all depend on their mood coming to the Major.

> Result Prediction: 2-1  Team Secret

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