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With DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017 coming to the end on Sunday, 3rd September, DreamHack Montreal 2017 is the next major CS:GO tournament out there. Needless to say, we will be up for a proper spectacle since the likes of Cloud9, Luminosity Gaming, and CLG will all be competing for the grand prize.

Unfortunately, after the end of European and North American qualifiers, there were some issues over obtaining visas. More precisely, Space Soldiers (who've won the qualifiers and their ticket to DreamHack Montreal 2017) could not secure their visas so their spot went to 2nd placed HellRaisers. The troubles did not stop there as HellRaisers failed to do the same as well… which leads to 3rd placed Team Kinguin obtaining those precious tickets. With them, North American winners CompLexity Gaming along with 6 directly invited teams will do their best to get to the throne. In other words, there will be a lot of excellent matches, that's for sure!

Also, you can expect plenty of good CS:GO betting odds on popular eSports betting websites. Unsurprisingly, Bet365 already has bets available and they are definitely worth taking a closer look. As always, there's an entire section dedicated to betting odds and you can find it down below. For now, let's start off with the main facts revolving around DreamHack Montreal 2017!

CSGO DreamHack Montreal 2017 Tournament Facts

Betting / Livestream
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  • Date:  09/08/2017 – 09/10/2017
  • Total Prize Pool: $100,000
  • Teams: 8 Teams
    • 6 directly invited
    • 2 qualified
  • Location: Place Bonaventure, Montreal, Canada
  • Type: Offline
  • Format: Group Stage + Playoffs
  • Match Type: BO1 and BO3
  • Betting odds available here
  • Livestream will be available

Prize pool

1st $50,000
2nd $20,000
3rd/4th $10,000
5th/6th $3,000
7th/8th $2,000

Counter Strike GO Icon Montreal DreamHack 2017 Schedule and Format

On Friday, September 8th 2017, and Saturday, September 9th 2017, the group stage will be played in a best-of-one format. If there needs to be a decider match as two teams have the same result it will be played in a best of three. The day afterwards, Sunday the 10th of September 2017 will be the playoffs day and the semifinals and grand finals will be held on the same day. This day will feature only best-of-threes and will be played in a single elimination format.

DreamHack Montreal Playoffs


Semifinals #1:  North vs. Cloud9 Clood9 CSGO Team Logo                 2 : 0  
September 10th 2017, 07:00 AM PST / 10:00 AM EST / 16:00 CEST

Semifinals #2: Immortals CSGO Team Logo Immortals vs. Counter Logic Gaming Team CLG cs go team logo                   2 : 0  
September 10th 2017, 10:00 AM PST / 01:00 PM EST / 19:00 CEST

Grand Finals 

Grand Finals: North vs. Immortals CSGO Team Logo Immortals                       2 : 0  
September 10th 2017, 02:00 PM PST / 05:00 PM EST / 23:00 CEST

Counter Strike GO Icon Groups of DreamHack 2017 in Montreal

The 8 teams will be seperated into two groups for DreamHack Montreal 2017. Only the two best teams of each group will advance into the semifinals in the playoffs.

GROUP A | Standings
1.  North 2 – 0
2. Team CLG cs go team logo CLG 2 – 1
3. Team Kinguin CSGO Team Logo DreamHack Montreal 2017 Team Kinguin 1 – 2
4. gale force esports cs go logo Gale Force 0 – 2
Group A
GROUP B | Standings
1. Immortals CSGO Team Logo Immortals
2 – 0
2. Clood9 CSGO Team Logo Cloud9
2 – 1
3. Luminosity Gaming CSGO Team Logo Luminosity 1 – 2
4. compLexity Gaming CSGO Team Logo CompLexity 0 – 2
Group B

Will advance to the Playoffs 
Will be eliminated 

Counter Strike GO Icon Teams and Players

Here is the list of all 8 teams that will be participating in DreamHack Montreal 2017 CS: GO tournament:

Invited Teams

  • Clood9 CSGO Team Logo Cloud9: Skadoodle, Stewie2k, autimatic, RUSH, tarik.
  • Team CLG cs go team logo Counter Logic Gaming: reltuC, koosta, nahtE, FNS, Rickeh.
  • Immortals CSGO Team Logo Immortals: HEN1, LUCAS1, boltz, steel, kNgV-.
  •  North: MSL, k0nfig, cajunb, aizy, valde.
  • gale force esports cs go logo Gale Force eSports: JonY BoY, guishorro, tutehen, MarkE, tomi.
  • Luminosity Gaming CSGO Team Logo Luminosity Gaming: PKL, yeL, SHOOWTiME, chelo, NEKIZ.

Qualified Teams

  • Team Kinguin CSGO Team Logo DreamHack Montreal 2017 Team Kinguin: MICHU, SZPERO, mouz, rallen, Hyper from EU qualifiers.
  • compLexity Gaming CSGO Team Logo CompLexity Gaming: dephh, androidx23, Slemmy, yay, ptr, Warden from NA qualifiers.

Counter Strike GO IconDreamHack Montreal 2017 Betting Odds

Now that you know everything there is to know about DreamHack Montreal 2017 CS: GO tournament, it is time to check out the main betting odds on Bet365!

Unfortunately, Bet365 still does not have any betting options available, but that's not surprising considering the fact the group stage draw hasn't been released. As soon as it does, I'm sure the hard-working Bet365 staff will provide you with plenty of betting options.

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