DreamHack Leipzig 2016 | CS:GO Tournament

DreamHack-Leipzig-2016-Tournament-LogoSad to say that the holidays are over but that also means that the CS:GO competitive scene is back on. This will be the first big tournament for 2016 followed up by Global Esports Cup and it would be exciting to see what the players have been doing during the holidays. Most of the teams have played less than 10 games during the span of December – January and we would see which team could shake off the rust and start the year right.

DreamHack Leipzig 2016 | Facts

  • Date: 1/22/2016 – 1/24/2016
  • Location: Leipzig, Germany
  • Prize Pool: $100,000
  • 8 Teams (6 invited, 2 qualified)
  • Format: Group stages bo1, Single Elimination Brackets bo3
  • Valve Major: No
  • Predictions and Betting tips below
  • Tickets are sold at 15€ to 40€ online and 17.50€ to 38€ at the ticket desk. More ticket info can be found here: http://www.dreamhack-leipzig.de/en/tickets-en

DH Leipzig – Winner Price Pool


The teams

  • Team Virtus Pro CSGO Team Logo Virtus.pro – Snax, byali, pashabiceps, TaZ and Neo (1 game played Dec-Jan)
  • Luminosity Gaming CSGO Team Logo Luminosity Gaming – FalleN, fer, cold, TACO and fnx (3 games played Dec-Jan)
  • Natus Vincere CSGO Team Logo Natus Vincere – seized, Zeus, GuardiaN, edward and flamie (9 games played Dec-Jan)
  • Team Astralis CSGO Team Logo Astralis (ex-TSM) – karrigan, dupreeh, Xyp9x, cajunb and device (11 games played Dec-Jan)
  • FaZe (ex G2.Esports)  – Maikelele, fox, jkaem, aizy and rain (9 games played Dec-Jan)
  • Mousesports CSGO Team Logo mousesports – ChrisJ, Nikolinho, gob b, nex and denis (5 games played Dec-Jan)
  • Team Dignitas CSGO Team Logo dignitas – Kjaerbye, MSL, TENZKI, RUBINO and k0nfig (13 games played Dec-Jan)
  • SK Gaming CSGO Team Logo SK Gaming – Friis, AcilioN, MODDII, Magiskb0y and Pimp (11 games played Dec-Jan)

Groups: DreamHack Leizpig 2016

Group A
1. Natus Vincere 6p
2. Luminosity Gaming 6p
3. FaZe 3p
4. SK Gaming 0
Group B
1. Astralis
2. Team Dignitas
3. mousesports
4. Virtus.pro 0

DH Leipzig 2016 CS:GO Winner Bets and Odds

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Prize Pool Distribution

  • 1st place – $50,000
  • 2nd place – $25,000
  • 3rd-4th place – $10,000
  • 5th-6th place – $3,000
  • 7th-8th place – $2,000

 DreamHack Leipzig – Schedule and Match Odds:

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Full Schedule & Results – DH Leipzig 2016

Friday, January 22 – Results

11:30 CET: Show Start
12:00 CET: Group A – Match 1: NaVi vs. SK Gaming (Bo1)     1   0  
Group A – Match 2: Luminosity vs. FaZe (Bo1)    0   1  
13:30 CET: Group B – Match 1: Astralis vs. Dignitas (Bo1)     1   0  
Gruppe B – Match 2: Virtus.pro vs.. mousesports (Bo1)    0   1  
15:00 CET: Group A – NaVi vs. Faze (Bo1)     1   0  
16:30 CET: Group B – Astralis vs. mousesports (Bo1)     1   0  
18:00 CET: Group A – SK Gaming vs. Luminosity (Bo3)     1   2  
21:00 CET: Group B – Dignitas vs. Virtus.pro (Bo3)     2   1  

Saturday, January 23 – Results

11:30 CET: Show Start
12:00 CET: Group A – Faze vs. Luminosity (Bo3)     0   2  
15:00 CET: Group B – mousesports vs. Dignitas (Bo3)     0   2  
18:00 CET: Semifinals #1 – Astralis vs. Luminosity (Bo3)   0   2  
21:00 CET: Semifinals #2 – NaVi vs. Team Dignitas (Bo3)   2   0  

Sunday, January 24 – Results

12:30 CET: Show Start
13:00 CET: NaVi vs. Luminosity (Bo3)    2   0  

Preview and Predictions

Predictions Day 3 | Sunday, January 24

Natus Vincere vs Luminosity Gaming – Natus Vincere have been dominating the event so far with no close contest with their victories leading to the finals. You could argue that they haven’t faced Astralis or Luminosity yet to see how they would do against the other favorites to win this event. I do now believe on how Luminosity Gaming’s work ethic and their bootcamping before this event shaped them to become one of the best teams in the world and currently the best team in NA. They have been practicing non-stop and even thinking of strategies while on the plane and now it's paying dividends. I wouldn’t want to underestimate Na’Vi but the odds would probably go 50-50 considering how both teams have dominated the competition recently.

My odds: 51-49 in favor of LG

My bet: Skip or Low on LG (depends on the odds as I assume LG would be underdogs)

Predictions Day 2 | Saturday, January 23

FaZe vs LG:

FaZe defeated LG on the first game of DH and for me, it was just an overall bad performance by LG to say the least. They even almost lost a close one against SK to stay in the tournament, besting them 2-1 in the series. Na’Vi toyed with this SK team and won a round where they went for a 4 AWP set up. LG was suppose to be on par with Na’Vi and they haven’t been really showing up. Na’Vi is looking really good this tournament and are clear favorites to win the tournament. They made FaZe look like a tier 2 team and taking rounds with a serious disadvantage throughout the game. So basically, it’s more of a great performance by Na’Vi rather than a no showing by FaZe. LG still has the firepower and talent to pick themselves up but with odds favoring them it would be wise to skip or play the odds.

My odds: 51:49 in favor of LG

My bet: Low on FaZe

Mouz vs Dignitas:

NiKo went full beast mode on their OT loss to Astralis. He almost singlehandedly clear every A site take as a T from palace in mirage. Mouz had the game so many times losing 3v5 rounds against the T on clutch situations near the end of the game. ChrisJ whiffed a few aggressive awp plays that he should be clearly getting on those particular situations. Spidi also missed a crucial counter frag in the end and Astralis was able to force OT and take the game. For dignitas however, I wasn’t able to watch their match against VP but it looks like they were able to take the series in a close game 3 OT win against them. VP as predicted would look really bad as I suggested a skip or play the odds if it gets too one sided. They only had 1 game played together before DreamHack Leipzig and were clearly showing off the rust by getting dismantled by mousesports.

My odds: 60-40 in favor of mousesports

My bet: Low to Med on mousesports


Predictions Day 1 | Friday, January 22

Natus Vincere vs SK Gaming – Na’Vi could be considered as a top 3 team and obviously they would be heavily favorites to win this one. SK Gaming however, have somewhat stringed some good performances recently and if you have watched fnatic enter the csgo scene, you most probably know MODDII and most of the danish squad play. They have experience and could definitely produce an upset.
My odds: 75-25 favor of Na’Vi

Odds are bad so I suggest a skip


Luminosity Gaming vs FaZe – Luminosity is slowly emerging as a team to be reckon with. They were dismantling teams even with players like TACO not performing well. FalleN is becoming a force with the awp lately and it’s safe to say that they would be on-form for this international LAN event. On the other hand, FaZe has just acquired the old G2.Esports squad even with the disappointing performances against FlipSid3 and a string of losses against Na’Vi and fnatic. It would be exciting to see how they would perform with this new organization. jkaem would be doing a lot of carrying for them to take this one.

My odds 60-40 favor of LG

Skipping or Low/ICB on FaZe


Astralis vs dignitas – I am having this extreme gut feel that Astralis would be taking this one easy. If you still haven’t heard, they are ex-TSM or ex-”?” with a new player owned organization. dignitas have been performing well but these games they were able to pull were against low tier teams. Even with Astralis losing three straight games and getting kicked off StarLadder, we can’t consider them as off-form since fnatic and Na’Vi were red hot when they beat them.

My odds: 70-30

My bet: Med on Astralis


Virtus.pro vs mousesports – VP haven’t played much cs lately with only 1 game played within a two months span. They are a strong team nonetheless so you would be a fool to bet on this game on either team.

My odds: 51-49 favor of VP considering they are a top and title contending team for so long

100% SKIPDreamHack-Leipzig-2016-Logo

Live-Stream | DreamHack Leipzig 2016

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