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Steady yourself! Only 12 Hours left to start CS:GO Championship! As 3rd October, 2014 Valve and DreamHack announced of a CS: GO tournament with the prize money of $250,000. The event is co-funded by Valve, HyperX and CS Community. This Tourney takes place in Jönköping, Sweden at the remainder of this year, which is addressed “DreamHack Winter 2014 CS: GO Tournament”.

 DreamHack winter 2014 Cs:Go Championship is one of the biggest CS tournament. Valve and DreamHack have added one new thing in this tourney, where all participating teams are invited to prepare before the tourney at a unique boot camp in Stockholm, Sweden. The position of this boot camp is not declared yet. Nonetheless, Valve and DreamHack will also cover the accommodation expense for teams. However, the teams have to bear their own travel expenses.

Tomas Lyckedal, Head of eSports at DreamHack said, “This will be a unique opportunity to build hype before the event and give all teams equal training conditions.”

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Recent News:

  • 22th of November, 2014 –  CPH Wolves &  Flipsid3 Tactics joined to replace Titan and Epsilon in the tournament.
  • 20th of November, 2014 –  Epsilon eSports and  Titan eSports is disqualified from the tourney as Sf and KQLY received VAC-bans.
  • HyperX is the new partner of the DreamHack CS: GO Championship.

Head of eSports at DreamHack AB said “HyperX is one of DreamHack’s core eSports partners and we’re very happy to have them onboard supporting this upcoming tournament. The HyperX Cloud Headset has been received very well by our audience and visitors, and we feel that it’s natural to have this premium product presented with CS:GO”

DreamHack winter 2014 Cs:Go Tournament Facts:

Schedule Details:CounterStrike Cross

Venue: DHW 2014, Hall B, Elmia

The CS: GO Stage's audience capacity will be around 1,200 seats. DreamHack also released the stage design. There will be four projection screens and four team stage in the middle of the Hall B.

Special Boot camp: “Inferno Online” from 21-26th November

Inferno Online, located at Odenplan, Stockholm. It is one of the world’s largest gaming centres with over 400 seats.

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Group A – 12:00 CET
Thursday, 27th of November 2014
11:30 Stream starts
12:00 Group A1 – Fnatic vs. Bravado Gaming
13:00 Group A.2 – Cloud 9
 vs. HellRaisers
14:00 Group A.3 – Winner vs. Winner
15:00 Group A.4 – Loser vs. Loser
16:00 Group A.5 – A.3 Loser vs. A.4. Winner

Group B – 12:00 CET
Thursday, 27th of November 2014
11:30 Stream starts
12:00 Group B.1 –Team Dignitas vs. PENTA Sports
13:00 Group B.2 – iBUYPOWER vs. Copenhagen Wolves
14:00 Group B.3 – Winner vs. Winner
15:00 Group B.4 – Loser vs. Loser
16:00 Group B.5 – B.3 Loser vs. B.4. Winner

Group C – 18:30 CET
Thursday, 27th of November 2014
18:30 Group C.1 – LDLC vs. ESC Gaming
19:30 Group C.2 – NiP-Gaming vs. Planetkey Dynamics
20:30 Group C.3 – Winner vs. Winner
21:30 Group C.4 – Loser vs. Loser
22:30 Group C.5 – C.3 Loser vs. C.4. Winner

Group D – 18:30 CET
Thursday, 27th of November 2014
18:30 Group D.1 – Virtus.Pro vs. myXMG
19:30 Group D.2 – Na’Vi vs. Flipsid3
20:30 Group D.3 – Winner vs. Winner
21:30 Group D.4 – Loser vs. Loser
22:30 Group D.5 – D.3 Loser vs. D.4. Winner

Friday, 28th of November 2014
09.30 Stream starts
10.00 Round of 8 – Match #1 (BO3)
13.30 Round of 8 – Match #2 (BO3)
17.00 Round of 8 – Match #3 (BO3)
20.30 Round of 8 – Match #4 (BO3)

Saturday, 29th of November 2014
12.30 Stream starts
13.00 Semifinal #1 (BO3)
16.30 Semifinal #2 (BO3)
21.00 Grand Final (BO3)



Maps to be played:

  • Overpass
  • Inferno
  • Nuke
  • Dust II
  • Mirage
  • Cache
  • Cobblestone


There are total of 16 teams participating.

DreamHack directly invited the eight quarter-finalists from ESL One Cologne2014 to the tourney. The other 8 squads will be qualified through regional qualifiers.

The 16 teams are split into four groups. Top 2 teams in each group will proceed to the playoffs. The 8 teams play in a Single Elimination bracket. Not to mention, all matches are played best of 3 and no third place decider.

Not to mention, ESL One Cologne2014 had 4,00,000+ viewers, which is one of the most watched counter strike event. Ninjas in Pyjamas win ESL One Cologne 2014. The question is can this Swedish team have their position in this tournament again?

Invited Teams on DreamHack winter 2014 Cs:Go Championship:


Ninjas in Pyjamas

Country: Sweden

(Players: Get_Right, friberg f0rest, Xizt, Maikelele )

  • November 3rd – Fifflaren retires from professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  • November 4th – Maikelele joins the team.



Country: Sweden

(Players: jw, KRiMZ, pronax, flusha, olofm )

November 2nd, fnatic wins Electronic Sports World Cup 2014.


Team Dignitas

Country: Denmark

(Players: FeTiSh, Xyp9x, dupreeh, cajunb, device)

October 27th – cajunb returns to replace aizy



Country: Poland

(Players: TaZ, Neo, pasha, Snax, byali, pasha)


Cloud 9

Country: USA

(Players: hiko, sgares, n0thing, shroud, semphis)



Country: Ukraine

(Players: starix, GuardiaN, seized, Edward, Zeus)


European Qualifiers on DreamHack winter 2014 Cs:Go Championship:

 FACEIT organized the official qualifiers in Europe on October 18-19th 2014.

Five Teams were selected from the qualifiers to participate as European qualifiers.


Country: France

(Players: NBK, Happy, kioShiMa, shox, SmithZz)


Planetkey Dynamics  

Country: Germany

(Players: strux1, Troubley, stavros, alexRr, nex)


ESC Gaming

Country: Poland

(Players: innocent, MINISE, rallen, SZPERO, mouz)


PENTA Sports

Country: Germany

(Players: fel1x, kRYSTAL, Spiidi, r0bs3n, denis)



Country: Ukraine

(Players: Dosia, ANGE1, s1mple, markeloff, kucher)


North American Qualifiers on DreamHack winter 2014 Cs:Go Championship:

Only one spot is dedicated for North American. FACEIT also hosted the official qualifiers round in North America.


Country: USA

(Players: Skadoodle, AZK, steel, swag, DaZeD)

November 6th – The team dismisses DaZeD and steel, while desi is brought in as a stand-in. In addition, Irukandji joins as a coach.


International Qualifiers on DreamHack winter 2014 Cs:Go Championship:

The last two remaining slots are dedicated for the international teams. Details will be announced soon.


Country: Denmark

(Players: MSL, HUNDEN, AcilioN, Friis, smF )

November 2nd – myXMG complete roster, Friis and smF officially join.



Bravado Gaming  

Country: South Africa

(Players: Cent, Detrony, Deviant, Racno, Blackpoison )


LANQualifiers on DreamHack winter 2014 Cs:Go Championship:

CPH Wolves

Country: Denmark

(Players: Pimp, gla1ve, tenzki, Kjaerbye, cadiaN)


Flipsid3 Tactics  

Country: Sweden

(Players: berg, BENDJI, zende, twist, DUMAS)


DreamHack winter 2014 Cs:Go Championship Prize money : $250,000

This $250,000 is spread among the squads.

  • Team on 1st place – $100000
  • Team on 2nd place – $50,000
  • Team on 3rd place – $22,000
  • Team on 4th place – $22,000
  • 5th-8th place – $10,000 each team
  • 9th-16th place – $2,000 each team



From November 28-29th, 2014




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DreamHack’s Upcoming events: 

  •  DreamHack CS:GO Masters Malmö 2016
  • DreamHack Summer 2015 : 13-16th June 2015, Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden
  • DreamHack Winter 2015 : 26-29th November 2015, Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden
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