CS:GO DreamHack Open Summer Finals Valencia

CS:GO DreamHack-Open-Summer-Finals-ValenciaOnce again DreamHack Open Summer Finals were organized in Valencia for the 5th time where Feria De Valencia was the venue for the event with 96 players from all around the world. The prize pool was announced of $25,000 where it was to be distributed as the first prize of $10,000, 2nd prize $5,000, 3rd/4th prize 2,500 and 5-8th prize $1,250. One by one we saw names of those lucky teams who made it to Valencia. At the end of the day when all the teams who were capable enough to go to the main venue and play, the fight became more interesting with the prize pool becoming $150,000 which is 6 times bigger than what was announced.

The fights were pretty tough among all the teams in Oceania, North America and Europe but some teams couldn’t make it Valencia for complicated reasons. But finally the eight teams which made it to DreamHack Open Valencia powered by FACEIT were: Cloud9, Team Liquid, Fnatic, Virtus.pro, Team EnVyUS, Team SoloMid, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Natus Vincere.

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In Valencia this time the panel host was Nathan “Nathanias” Fabrikant. The show was to be an interesting one as once again it was once again joined by Yoan “ToD” Merlo for commentary and Sue “Smix” Lee who hosted the stage. Valencia also had the return of Kwanghee “Waxangel” Woo as the panel expert, and they brought out the ProLeague duo in Brendan Valdes and Andrew “mOOnGLaDe” Pende.

Vulcun esports betting bannerFor some internal issues, at the last minute Team EnVyUS was forced to drop out and the place was taken by Team Kinguin. But everything went well after that, the eight teams were divided into two groups and announced timely. Group A included the teams which were Cloud9, Virtus.pro, Natus Vincere and Team Kinguin. Group B included the teams which were Fnatic, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team SoloMid and Team liquid. The tournament Spanned over three days from Thursday, July 16th to Saturday, July 18th. The elimination matches were held from the 2nd day.

After all the battles between many of the best teams from all over the world, The best two teams which made it to the Semi Finals were two Swedish giants, Ninjas in pyjamas and Fnatic. The Fight was much tougher than expected but at the end of the day, Fnatic just picked NiP apart in the 30th round, taking the map, match and the Grand Finals slot with them, 16-14! While here Fnatic got to go to the grand finale and there the other two, most powerful teams, Titan and Natus Vincere were playing for their chance to be in the finals. Breath taking moments passed and it was Na’Vi who got the chance to fight against Fnatic.

Finally the Finals. The end of this amazing tournament DreamHack Open Summer Finals got near. The match got as hard as it could get. And after all the rounds it was Fnatic who won DreamHack Open Summer Finals. As always the whole tournament was outstanding, exciting and another great time for all of the players and fans.

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