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    VoltCasino overview

    We’ve come pretty far from the first Esports tournaments. Starcraft, CS 1.6, Dota... These all feel like they were happening yesterday but many, many years passed since then. Today’s game and today’s Esports are completely different beasts to what they were. Just by looking at the number of fans, spectators, players, professional staff, tournaments, games, betting presence, everything – we can conclude that Esports is a sport. The presence of betting in Esports has also increased compared to before. People who want to support their favorite teams at the same time attempt to win some cash using strategy. Esports betting itself has come a long way too; it is nearly identical to how physical sports such as Football or Basketball function. It also makes a lot of sense; Fans and Esports betting enthusiasts can easily use the Internet to place their bets – it's all online! And of course, as time goes by, there are more and more Esports bookies out there. Sometimes, finding the right choice can be daunting, especially when facing a plethora of great bookies. It can get tough to pick out a favorite. Today, we’re featuring a young Esports bookmaker – Volt! Volt Casino is by no means a large Esports bookmaker. They’re still in the process of expansion and currently don’t feature many games. However, the trajectory they’ve chosen is an upwards one and will be exciting watching them grow. Here’s what it’s all about! Check our complete list of esports betting sites here.

    Available games

    The current available games list is good. People have generally been satisfied using this bookmaker for placing Esports bets since they support plenty of the most popular games.

    You’re looking at Dota 2 betting, CSGO betting, Hearthstone betting - you name it! If you’re a fan of any of these, satisfaction is guaranteed due to the odds associated with matches from these games. Volt has taken great care creating them and you could win more here than elsewhere!

    Volt Sports betting selection Example of betting screen at Volt Sports

    Types of bet

    Where other, larger Esports bookies skim out, Volt takes the charge (oh hey a pun). Depending on the game you choose, there will be either plenty of betting options or only a few. For example, there aren’t a lot of betting options for Hearthstone because of the game’s mechanics.

    On the other hand, CSGO betting is extremely satisfying. Still, the available betting types differ depending on the tournament. Here are a couple of betting options which are usually available: Match winner, Total maps (over/under 2.5), correct score, Ace (yes/no), even/odd rounds, handicap, pistol round winner, knife kills, etc.

    This is impressive given Volt’s size!

    eSport Odds

    As mentioned before, Volt has put great focus on preparing the best possible odds for you. Considering the size of the available game list, this isn’t unexpected. Volt is a great Esports bookmaker if you’re just starting out your Esports betting hobby.

    Everything is simple and you have better chances of winning bigger!

    Volt Sports eSports section
    The Results Centre offers easy access to previous match results! Ideal for helping you make the better choice!

    Available Payments

    Volt supports most of the frequently used payment methods. You generally won’t run into any problems withdrawing or depositing unless you use a lesser-known payment method. It would be expected that Volt will expand their supported payment methods list as time goes by but for now, these are the ones available:

    Customer support

    Volt’s customer support system is a rather unique one. There’s the option of a live chat and that’s exactly where things get interesting. Volt supports 4 different languages for customer support. When selecting the live chat option, you can choose one of the 4 available languages (English, German, Suomi, and Norsk).

    You can also contact them through E-mail and there’s even an address listed on the site! Their customer support team is also effective at dealing with user issues. Overall, a positive experience!

    As a young Esports bookmaker, Volt has already made great strides towards greatness. They’ve been working diligently and are always on the lookout for expansion. There’s no doubt that Volt is on a positive path; one that will make them well-known and respected around the world.

    At the moment, their website is great, simple, and useful. The game list is a bit lackluster (and payment options could use an overhaul later down the line), but with all things considered – Volt is an Esports bookie that is worth your time!
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