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Intel Extreme Masters Sydney LogoAhh, the rematch between two powerful teams which seem to be without too many faults at the moment and is exactly what IEM XIII Sydney Semifinals need! Astralis’ road to the semifinals was a straightforward one; They’ve beaten all of the teams they faced in the upper bracket rounds with pretty good results. If we disregard the 19:17 victory against NRG Esports (which was too close for Astralis given their usual performances), Astralis looks perfect. Mousesports, on the other hand, had to take a different path to the semifinals. Astralis is the team which ‘eliminated’ mousesports from the upper bracket and sent them to the lower brackets where they had to fight for their spot in the limelight. mousesports have beaten Renegades, but not as easy as they thought. Renegades snatched round 2 which was played on Inferno (and it was by the skin of their teeth) with a score of 25:23. But, mousesports is mousesports and they eventually took the quarterfinals win. Mousesports are on a revenge spree; they want to try their hand against Astralis again, so this semifinals match will be fiercer than the previous one.

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IEM XIII Sydney 2018 Semifinals | Predictions

Astralis vs. mousesports Semifinals

Semifinals #2: Astralis Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo Astralis vs mousesports Mousesports Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo

Start time: Friday, May 5, 2018 – 11:00 CEST, 02:00 PT, 05:00 ET

Astralis seem unbeatable

We all know what Astralis is capable of and many spectators and fans are giving them the edge over Mousesports, but is this the real picture? Well, after watching all of their matches and seeing the confidence and passion they play with, it might very well be true. They haven’t been phased or scared at any moment and it looks like that they don’t have a weakness. However, we need to remember that even Goliath was beaten by David. Could the same happen here? Does mousesports have a chance at the finals and have they figured out how to beat this behemoth of a team? Time to analyze mousesports!

Mousesports seek revenge

Mousesports had to push themselves over the limit against Renegades since there was a lot of tactical play between them. Renegades gave Mousesports headaches with defuses, triple and quadra kills, and many other shenanigans. Fortunately for mousesports, Renegades just didn’t have what it takes to get to the next step of the tournament. And I’m not saying that mousesports played badly; ‘oskar’, for example, is a prime example of power and skill! So, they’re facing Astralis again. Will they try something new to defeat this nemesis; a team that is playing out of their minds and stands in their way?

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Who will reach the grand finals?

This semifinal match is a bit more one-sided than the one between FaZe and TyLoo, but it’s not exactly that simple. Sure, Astralis are, according to many, the best CS: GO team right now, but we shouldn’t underestimate mousesports. They don’t have anything to lose (so to speak) and they will surely use different tactics which could give them the edge they so desperately need.

I still think that Astralis will take this one away, but mousesports could surprise us. For now, I say Astralis goes to the finals.

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