Gamescom is set to feature a PUBG tournament!

It is safe to say that Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG from now on) is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. This battle royale multiplayer game has managed to captivate a huge audience all over the world. Even though we are talking about a relatively new game (it was released on 23rd of March

Another Huge VAC Ban Spike!

Bad news for hackers, and finally some good news for all other CS:GO  players. Exactly one month after the last big VAC ban wave, Valve surpassed itself and with the new monitoring technology for cheats. Needless to say, a lot of hackers are having a huge headache right about now…

Eyes on MSI 2017 – LoL Documentary

There’s a brand new eSports documentary series available on the world’s most popular video website – YouTube. The series is called Eyes on MSI and is based on the popular LoL tournament called Mid-Season Invitational. As its name suggests, it is being held between LCS Spring and Summer Splits (read

Future Seems Bright for Legal eSports Betting in France

During the last week of September 2016, France made a first step towards legalizing eSports betting. French Senate adopted a law which differentiates eSports from gambling, which provides a frame to professional gamers’ contracts and visas. This allowed the French eSports scene to flourish and, even though electronic sports was

Bet365 is maxing out betting markets for LCS 2017

It’s that time of the year again, guys… The partly new 2017 LCS season starts in just a couple of days, meaning that the spotlights of the entire eSports community are slowly shifting back to League of Legends. After a hectic All-Star weekend in Barcelona, there wasn’t that much going on

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